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We’ve all seen those terrible fake watches, and they’re easy to spot, right? But now there’s a new challenge: fakes are getting harder to tell. Here are two Rolex Submariner 116610LNs, one real, one not — can you spot the fake Rolex?

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Nick says:

I thought 116610 has a spacier “m” than 16610. Are you sure you are comparing the same model?

El Acido says:

This video conviced me to buy a fake roli now baby

2bit MarketAnarchist says:

It’s a shame that the makers of these counterfeit watches don’t go into business making original design budget watches.

Middleastbeast says:

Let me get the fake one

Seb Brussaard says:

Just let me know where you got the fake one

NightBazaar says:

Another difference is that the metal wrist band and the back of fake Rolex watches tend to corrode, especially if you sweat and frequently wear the watch.

Joan BT says:

The only way is to open the watch in order to be chequed out by a professional. The “m” spaced fact is not true. Is all about the “f” larger than the “t” (ft or Ft)

Soul snatcher Ezmoney says:

Idk fake it is

Pun Jab I says:

It is craftmanship. Fake one has shitty craftmanship.

Dimitrios Athanasiou says:

Winding an original feels like winding a manually wound watch while at ETA and co feels like winding an automatic one because you can feel the rotor engaging.
Also the sound of the rotor is different and the date changes instantly at the original and takes a couple of hours on an ETA like movement.

Maximilian Schäfer says:

Buy link?

timgraysontv says:

You would have to be an idiot to buy a real Rolex. #GetTheFakeOne

David Katz says:

where did you get the fake?

Gary Alcorn says:

Ive got a fake cost me £50 couldn’t be happier

Nikola Ljucovic says:

you are telling me that difference from fake/real cane be seen ony with microscope????

iWonPopular Tv says:

yeah so many fake rolex and some rich dude dont know they are rocking a fake rolex see how to spot a real rolex in my channel

Logan Neville says:

I’ll wear a fake until I can buy a real lol

Auto Aimed says:

Nobody cares what you wear… either fake or real, just be yourself

Mohsin Asif says:

The problem is you cannot detect fake unless you have the same model genuine Rolex to compare with. Some fakes are using high quality swiss movements and have good water resistance to last a decently long time.

kota ashok says:


Fahad Naeem says:

Obviously you would not walk with magnifying glass in your pocket and nobody else would ever…..

s302jzget says:

And this thing suppose to turn back time?

Daryl B says:

In other words, save your money, buy the fake, no one will tell the difference when it’s on your wrist.

Jay S. says:

Buy a fake Rolex, then buy a new Grand Seiko .. spend less and still get more value and quality.

The Roaster says:

It’s really difficult to tell which one is the fake even with all the differences mentioned. That says a lot

John Yang says:

Wow. They are so closely matched. Why should I spend thousands of dollars for the real one? I am getting a fake one then.

markyhabs says:

You helped the confusion by 1 minute having the fake on the left then moving it to the right !!!

Fresh Vital says:

okay I go buy a fake one now ^^

Pro Pro says:

I wouldn’t stand a chance lmao

233kosta says:

What if it’s being sold as a replica?

Neo Pantoja says:

Supposedly the Chinese version of the Rolls Royce (the Geeley) feels better at the passenger seat, I would never own it for 2 reasons.
1 I never support copies.
2 I never trusted Geeleys reliability.

Logan Neville says:

Where can I buy the fake?

jeek says:

Best is don’t even buy both

Shant Deravanesian says:

If it looks like a rolex, feels like a Rolex, and it will make others who I am trying to impress with my ugly Rolex believe it’s real, then who cares? Especially if I pay 1/3 price for it.

John Henrik Bergene says:

commenting 🙂

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