Buying Watches with Bitcoin – Crypto Playhouse Pays for Rolex in BTC

When Austin from Crypto Playhouse reached out to me recently to buy a watch with Bitcoin, I said to myself, “Why not collaborate on a video to show people how easy it is to pay with crypto?!”

The reality is that even though I never covered cryptocurrency as a payment option in our videos before, we have been accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for luxury watches and jewelry since early 2018. In fact, we registered our business as a crypto-friendly merchant on early this year as well. If you search for CRM Jewelers there, you’ll see that we come up as a company that accepts Bitcoin. You can even see the “Bitcoin Accepted Here” signs outside our store at the beginning of this video. Go crypto!

You can tell that cryptocurrency is gaining traction as a viable payment solution when you consider that I just helped facilitate a $100,000 transaction for a Patek Philippe in Bitcoin! We’re living in very exciting times my friends!

To make this video into a reality, I had our videographer come over and film when Austin Doyle, one of the leading crypto influencers on Instagram, coming by to purchase his black Rolex Submariner with Bitcoin.

The process was extremely easy. First, Austin set up one of the acceptable crypto wallets that our current payment provider BitPay allows. The wallets you can use right now to buy at our shop are BitPay, Copay,, Mycelium, Edge, Electrum, Bitcoin Core Wallet, Wallet, and BRD (“breadwallet”).

Austin preferred the breadwallet, so that’s the one he set up. After Betty from our accounting department sent him an invoice via email from BitPay, completing the transaction was a breeze. As you will see on the video, Austin was able to finalize the process extremely quickly. Oh, and when you buy watches with crypto in our shop, our fees are a lot lower than with credit card and PayPal purchases. That means that we’re able to pass on greater savings to our customers! We love it!

Even though BitPay allows you to use Bitcoin Cash as well for your crypto purchases, Austin said that Bcash is crap and refuses to use it, LOL.

While waiting for the BitPay invoice, Austin went ahead and talked about his background, how and why he got started in Crypto, and why using Bitcoin to pay for stuff is safe.

So have you ever bought or would you ever consider purchasing a high end watch with Bitcoin or another crypto currency? Why / Why not?

Let me know in the comments below and while you’re at it, go and follow Crypto Playhouse at the channel link below. They’re important pioneers that strive to accelerate the global adoption of crypto!

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Sonic says:

haha nice

Crypto Playhouse says:

It was awesome collaborating with you Eric and getting a great price in the process. Thank God that I did it before today’s market plunge! Lol

Prophet Lyndon Earlington says:

Great video Carlos

skkane says:

They knew it was about to drop and got rid of some your way ))

george varughese says:

Crytpocurrencies another bubble waiting to implode like today. See you at $0

ivan tan says:

I’m 19 and i built my dream collection on the back of the crypto boom. This is amazing Eric, I never thought the day would come when you guys would accept crypto payment.

Fredrik K says:

Nice video

Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore says:

HHahahahahaha he didn’t know shit about cryptocurrency Chris get your game up

Swymco says:

Everyone sold their cryptos to buy watches today. You caused the dip!

Stephen Rudberg says:

Great video! Eric, you are too cool! Good to offer clients different payment methods. As long as it’s legal, keeping up with technology is a great way to show your clients you up to speed with the latest innovations.

Daniel Tavares says:

I like the concept of bitcoin but I would never accept payments with it, specially at higher prices due to volatility. The profit you made by selling the watch might be gone in a second. Just my opinion of course, keep doing your thing man 🙂

makana n says:

bitcoin is at 52 low right now 11/14/18

Maurie Barnes says:

Oh man, I was waiting for the lobby wrist watch parade with Carlos…..seriously though another great, informative video.

Money Trigz says:

he is not a leading guy, nobody knows him lol

RT says:

I think this is great! And adoption is the key! You are miles ahead of the rest of the people.

Bitcoin POLSCY GÓRNICY says:

Great move! Bitcoin rulez!

m1 says:

Might wanna leave one watch in Bitcoin. When a Steel sports goes for 2 bitcoins today. I wonder what one will go for 2 years from now 🙂

JTR Diamonds says:

The next crypto bull run is coming! Crypto isn’t going anywhere but up.. we’re only in the early stages of it

Hsivak says:

Cool Video!

trdi says:

Terrible video. Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme, a scam. The only way you don’t get scammed yourself is if you scam other people. The video has many lies as well… perfectly safe? WTF. People have lost tons of money due to hackers’ attacks at exchanges and wallets. Come on now!

Artyom Fuhsk says:

Was the submariner he bought used?? Or new?

Because 8,4 is bellow the retail

And if you sell them for that price new, I will definitely visit you soon!!


Warren Buffett clearly side the Bitcoins are bad coins!!! It is easy to buy Bitcoins it’s hard to go out of it cashing it out


Great video fellas! Loving that collab.

Gebruikers- Naam says:

6:08 Never put down a watch on the crown, Eric!

Rami Abdelkhalek says:

That’s the best ever creative video I’ve seen about watches.

josh says:

I give zero fucks about Bitcoin I’d rather invest in real estate and healthcare but I’m so happy for anyone who has been able to use bitcoin to facilitate the achievement of their dreams.

Prophet Lyndon Earlington says:

Eric good video

BIRD574 !! says:

That’s awesome, I have a lot of crypto currency. And I love jewelry/watches

guitar911rock says:

Crypto is out lol

Marcelin Photography says:

Great video. Haters are already going all out Lol. Keep up the great work guys.

Kevork Nourian says:

Congrats for the new owner of the awesome watch

Roddy Rod says:

This guy looks and talks like he works at Hot Topic.

Shaf Serious says:

First!!!! First nigga on the scene!

Dan Alvarez says:

Great video gentlemen. Way to get the word out on crypto, something much needed to increase global adoption!

Aurelio Pennacchio says:

Interesting video as always! Really great video!

nax llik says:


felix.t says:

BCH is crap so we’re not gonna touch that

Buwsur says:

That RM is a bully!

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