I Bought My New Rolex!!! The GMT Master II, 116710blnr also known as the BLNR or Batman! If you’re reading this, comment below with: ‘’BATMAN”.

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Shot on a Canon G7X, Sometimes a Canon Legria Mini X or Go Pro Hero 4 Session


– How old are you? – 33

– Where do you live? – Abu Dhabi, UAE

– What Phone(s) do you use? – iPhone 7 Plus

– What is your job? – Educator/Lecturer and Working with brands on social media

– What editing program do you use? – iMovie, FCPX and Motion

– How long do your vlogs take to edit? – They vary from 15mins – 3 hours +

– Where are you originally from? – Born and raised in the UK, Leicester

– Are you guys Emirati? – Nope. We are expats from the UK

– Are you guys married? How long have you been married? – Yes. Just past the 5 year mark

– How do you wear your head gear? – I made a tutorial here

– What sun glasses do you wear? – Rayban Justins or Oakley Frogskins

– Can you get me a job in Dubai? – no sorry, I’m not in recruitment

Peace and Blessings

EMKWAN VLOGS is a weekly vlog channel set up by EMKWAN (Mo) to document life, lifestyle and living through video. (vlogs)

EMKWAN is an award winning YouTuber, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer who is regarded as “One of the UAE’s leading video bloggers.” (Esquire Magazine). Originally from the UK now based in Abu Dhabi. In 2015, EMKWAN was handed the Esquire Magazine’s Digital Influencer award and selected as one of AHLAN!’s Hot 100 Influencers of the Middle East.

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Noggsy Joggsy says:

What is that song love it?

Nick G says:

can’t go wrong with the batman bro…Congrats!!Great Piece!

robertgao521 says:

I honestly feel the skydweller is more of best of both worlds but batman would be my 2nd pick

Kc 85 says:

Fantastic video… and congratulations on acquiring a wonderful piece. It really is beautiful. Wear in good health. Keep up the good work with the videos – you’re a good role model. Best wishes, kc.

barca cule says:

It’s just a watch what’s the big deal about it?

mcrayfourd says:

nice watch

Paul Fearns says:

Unbelievable I was looking for the price of an entry level oyster and remembered you had bought one once so looked for the video found it watched it, and then this vid came as a recommendation, never realised you had an explorer as well must of missed that purchase, congratulations on the new watch very very nice, great to see you are all doing well and the baby is growing up big ! ! My Oldest daughter got married last year 2 girls still at University and one boy starting his new business but still at home ! so I was only checking the prices at the moment !!! Can’t wait for my first buy, hopefully one day God willing, keep up the vlogs always very interesting and informative have you ever considered TV presenting think you would be great. God bless your family stay safe.

jaime pereira says:

So, wait. Did you sell an explorer and the Oyster Perpetual as well? I am all for variety, but as someone who is in the process of selling his own Oyster Perpetual to fund the purchase of a BLNR as well, I think you did the right thing. Believe me, I wish I had another one to sell, for if I did, I would get rid of it immediately in order to do the same thing as you did. Take care. Great video. Great watch!

redazi1 says:

Well i ll keep two watches instead of one but the batman is great too

Richard Toombs says:

don’t let the haters keep you down, great video

le tiggo says:

Emkwan I honestly don’t know much about you, however, you look like a decent hard-working, down-to-earth kind of Bloke. Enuff Respect to you Rudeboy!!! ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS!!!

Brian Chase says:

Nice watch, I waited five months for mine here in the U.K., had it for 2 years and sold it for more than I paid for it, have now bought the blue two tone sub. May get another GMT some day though. Although spending my cash on omegas too .Enjoy my friend.

morten lothe says:

congrats on the beautiful watch. it looks splendid

LaSombra CS:GO says:

Thank god this guy isn’t a clickbait like that MoVlogs faggot

Matt Hatter says:

BATMAN nananananana

Ed Man says:

What makes Rolexs so expensive?

Yassine Diyadi says:

that baby face jesus i wanna slap you so hard xD

ARusso22TV says:

Im indecisive between the hulk and the batman, help me youtubers!!!

Tyler Peacock says:

Cyclops are retarded. Should of bought a Daytona bitch

Freddy U.B says:

The watch of my dreams!!

Rolex Phang says:

Prefer the LN version instead.

Ephraim Gerstein says:

Great choice Emkwan. Looks fantastic on you. I’d make the same trade in a heartbeat.

Also, if I may say so, I’m very proud of you. You are obviously a hard worker and a great husband and father. Peace and blessings to you, Zein and Belah.

Timo Boll says:

what do you think rolex Milgauss or Omega Seamaster?

forcex877 says:

Ein Moslem kanacke der sich ne rolex holt

Mohammad Khalifa Hassan says:

Wow, this is an incredible timepiece, excellent choice… Thanks for the video, I’ll have to try the bagels ;). I live in Dubai. I came across you channel by chance and I’m glad I did, really nice videos.
If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for the watch? Thanks

Thamir Khan AlHashemi says:

No doubt it’s a wonder piece. But in opinion, the datejust is more versatile and dressier.

W Greybacco says:

How is the 1st presentation coming out of the plastic box instead of the wooden box. Im worried abt it getting scratches and stuff. Is this a good service from rolex especially requested orders plus deposit. Hmmm

chriskila says:

its fake, he returns it afterwords

Nathaniel Laurel says:

cool… he’s not like movlogs

Mike Brown says:

Nice purchase! Enjoy and cheers……

Wolfer Wolfer says:

d fact u can video d rolex retailing experience is superb……

Michael Georgizas says:

I suppose you made the right choice if you find that much more value in the one watch versus owning the other 2 or waiting to be able to own all three…

cris2ivan says:

How much camel power u have under the hood?

everything MAGIC says:

im only 14 but I still know the first Rolex I’m getting a day date 4 white gold with a silver patterned dial no diamonds

stephen rhodes says:

Best of luck with your new watch. Looks great on the wrist 🙂

Pages Book Club says:

Best to have one great watch that you really love than a collection … you’ll always have your favourite

Fauzia Latif says:

Assalam O AliaikumBrother I m into watches since almost 25 years. I live in Amsterdam. With every rolex even with the steel models the hands the index markers, in case of sub & gmt 2 ceramic are made of 18ct white gold. I have consulted a couple of Shaikhs they is its not permissible to wear. There are other brands such as panerai who dont use gold in many of their steel models, a couple of jaeger le coultre like some reversos. I think if u go a little high end check out vacheron constantin Quai de Lílle steel but i dont know they use gold or not.

509critic says:

this a wanna be mo vlogs?

shae voyce says:

Well done lad, screw the haters bro. I found your channel through TGVs recommendation and its as rad as he said it was. Good on you man. Keep it up, go hard. Legend.

Kris Rifa says:


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