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Sinisteo Soxilano says:

lmao how is it our success motherfucker if only you get the rewards?

mike yan says:

ma man get a diesel wrist watch they looks alooottttttttttttttttttttttttttt much better and a looooootttt much cheaper ,  one love broda

David RealtorCT says:

bad jazz, dude, you had my heart racing for few minutes.

Koalas in the house says:

Buy a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon.

Absolutely Zero says:

first Rolex is always black or green submariner or GMT

LordDavid04 says:

“Casual one and the dress up one” HELLO! They’re both tool watches, as they’re both Submariners. One in stainless steel and the other two tone in steel and gold! There’s no silver! Silver tarnishes! Which is why if you want a “silver” watch it’s usually white gold! He doesn’t know what he’s on about.

The dress watch Rolex would be a Datejust, or a vintage piece or their own Cellini line.

You get a retail Rolex from a high end jewelry store or an actual Rolex boutique. Actual watch collectors who hanker for their first Rolex would probably buy pre-owned, having done their research on the piece they want, whether it be online or from an actual store. Only then perhaps they might get a brand new piece from a high end place.

vIMONST3RIv says:

“im a huge watch guy” calls a datejust “hulk” lmao dont forget to get them serviced kid, two beautiful watches just going to some clueless guy with abit of money

NSTAR7 says:

Lol, what a complete a-hole douche
All the phraseology of selfish, shallow, materialistic douchebags
“Wanna spoil myself” “I deserve this” “wanna inspire you”

In world full of havenots where even those struggling to live from day to day can access the internet – this is blatant brag trolling

Even broadcasts his insecurity “You’re a lot bigger in person ” X 3…


Mike Turberg says:

I have the submariner. : 4:00

John y says:

You just bought two fakes

Wilson Gurung says:

u shouldve gotten a datejust two tone gold with silver

Notice says:

“this one fits in with everything” tbh if im buying a rolex or a designer belt etc id want the one that stands out the most

Pussy Ass-ass-in says:

Nice 50k giant check in the background not showing off eh? Probably just a poster sorry man didn’t mean to think you actually make any money.

P.S. Smash that like button and I’ll buy my first bugatti to “inspire” 12 year olds.

Love forza Racinn says:

A have a Rolex Daytona cosmograph and I love it.

Shai Rohn says:

I think I almost vomited. WHY DIDNT THEY WEAR GLOVES. This guy has no clue, nether do the store people

Will says:

fuck a rolex lol cop a chain.

Disko H says:

No idea who you are but you’re hot

NJSM1995 says:

Dude why you don’t buy a Tudor? It was founded by Hans Wilnsdorf (the founder of Rolex) and is made in the same place like Rolex.

Ashton Beckham says:

All ever wanted was a folly rolly

alcaponed16 says:

My favorite Rolex of all time is that two tone Sub you got!!
And I’m sure other people have said it but the “Hulk” refers to the green Submariner.

1b@sicperson says:

the hulk is the green submariner not that LOL

Aggin Ym says:

1. Those are (“HQ”) fakes

2. The Hulk is a Submariner with a green dial and green ceramic bezel. The watch he was looking at is a Datejust II

I hate that Rolex nowadays attracts this kind of people.

Logan Kerr says:


Ezekiel green says:

That was kinda fucked up of you bro, 2mill subs 2 Rolex for yourself and didn’t get your old man a watch for giving you life and raising you? I mean not even a Tudor or a classic longines fuckit a Swiss. I hope you at least took your old man and uncle out for a nice dinner after making them watch you splurge heavily on yourself. Take care of pops bro

John y says:

I like the classic Silver Datejusts

Dominic Murmurian says:


Adan Bugarin says:

Not a real store Rolex doesn’t sell to other stores they have there own store and they wouldn’t let you hold it and touch it they would carry it with white gloves

Garrett Racer says:

I like the gold and black one

Zeflow says:

u bought a rolex please burn it

Surf Shop says:

what a douchebag video

Tom Smyth says:

Why do the rolies have cling film on them lol that’s not how they come

celliott0328 says:

If you were a huge watch guy you would have known exactly what you wanted, and you wouldn’t have bought a Rolex.

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