Buying A New Rolex ? Get What You Pay For ! – Federico Talks Watches


Buying A New Rolex ? Get What You Pay For ! – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about buying a new Rolex Watch from an authorized dealer. Some authorized dealers are holding back Rolex warranty cards for a set amount of time. Make sure you walk out with your Rolex warranty card. Get what you pay for!


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Arthur Redman says:

What you’re telling us is absolutely ridiculous. If these AD’s are going to start doing this crap this is going to just push more people to buy online and not worry about the warranty or getting a warranty from a non authorized dealer and just living with it.

PrivTrd says:

10/10 for telling it how it sir, thanks for letting us know. I have a friend with one from SHMAYERS, will mention it to him.

Ronald Stonecipher says:

I bought a datejust 41 from Mayors(One of the Atlanta locations). It took about 6 weeks for the warranty card to come in the mail. So it’s not just the Florida locations.

weerobot says:

Love your AD knowledge….I would say give me my warranty or I’ll take my money back and buy F91W..

adam madalien says:

Thank you for these insights, Fed. You are one of about five video bloggers I really enjoy watching, though I don’t feel the need to comment all the time. However, there are a couple of things I’d like to have explained, as I sometimes have misgivings.
(1) The Wristwatch Check: Are vloggers getting paid for this in any way?
(2) The Vlogger’s Rant: If one were to accept the premise that there is no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity, would a watch company pay a blogger – who has no problem castigating their product (because that is what he genuinely feels) – for the opportunity to have the watch displayed throughout the course of the screening?
Kind regards, AM

WJ Cull says:

Great video. That’s upsetting.

Mark Marin says:

I don’t think you are overreacting

azhawk516 says:

This is really lousy. This falls into the same category as dealer taking links out of the bracelets and selling them back. Shady practice indeed.

Jason Stinson says:

A Dallas, Texas, Rolex repair center said that the receipt with the purchase date is sufficient for your warranty servicing. Does this sound right?

El Chupacabra says:

I always skip the wrist check. Just saiyan

Juan Olmos says:

Slamming ADs way to go dude..smh at the end of the day it’s the buyers responsibility to make sure they have everything in the box , yes your overreacting.

Jesus cardonne says:

I bought a VC at Mayors and I was nervous because It took a month to receive the warranty papers. It was scary and weird, but thanks for bringing this issue up with the Rolex. I have learned a lesson.

Thanks again

Tim Bittar says:

Hi Federico, I’m new to the channel and I just subscribed, love the videos and I do appreciate your work, thank you! I do have a quick question regarding Duty Free, I live in US, and I’m waiting for an international trip to buy my first Rolex, that will be a GMT Master II. So, do you think a good idea to buy in a Duty Free Store, and perhaps even in an overseas Duty Free shop somewhere else? I’m going to Vietnam, Singapure and Hong Kong. Thanks again!

Dominik Ribi says:

Not at all overreacting. To any lawyers here: is it legal to do so?
I live in Switzerland and I’m fairly sure consumer laws protect you here against such practices.

E. Eeyore says:

Spot on Federico!

George Adams says:

A better way to deter quick flipping is to raise the price.

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

Fed on the grey market “unworn” which is essentially new because I don’t believe they can legally advertise as new do they provide a warrant card? I’m guessing its a crap shoot…

pocwiczcycu says:

Doesn’t new warranty card cost dealer 200 usd? Maybe ad want to wait until 30 days return period goes by and then they’ll send warranty when watch can’t be returned.

Dimitris says:

Great video federico, continue the good work!!

evan h says:

Wow. I would be dam pissed if they tried to holdback my warranty card or even an accessory like a hang tag. In the past Iv’e had AD’s try and leave out an outer box, manual or even the serial numbered green tag. Not intentional or nefarious but rather disorganization and laziness. I always make them find and include everything. If you sell the watch in the future not having all the accessories becomes an issue. Iv’e lost deals myself or passed on deals over missing papers. I agree with you. Not cool. Besides, it’s your watch after you pay your money. You can flip it, flush it down the toilet or whatever. It’s your watch.

I pretty much have stopped buying from AD’s anyway. This is just one more reason to buy on the secondary or grey market. They never have any SS Sport watches at the shops around my location anyway. 10% sales tax also is a deal killer for me at the local AD’s.

C.E. Parks says:

Give me my god damn warranty, now.

F Poynton says:

Fed. I agree with you – I would feel very uncomfortable not having possesion of the warranty card. Its as if your not getting true possesion of everything you actually paid for. Thank you for making us aware – this information is bound to be important to people interested in buying rolex.

Joan Veliz says:

I walked into a Smayors about a month ago and was looking at a Tudor Blackbay. The sales rep was very kind and helpful, however, when I asked for the best price available on the watch he said Smayors was not offering any discounts on any pieces. The price they quoted was the final price. Is this something to be expected with all A.D.s or is this a Smayors only practice?

Exhale says:

Is the Rolex hulk being delisted in march ? How true is this ?

Watch Geek says:

This and the missing links video is one of the best consumer information on ANY channel so far!!

DharmaTechster says:

Just say no. If they’re not giving you YOUR warranty card on the spot, tell them to fuck off and go buy your watch from someone else.

Seppi Luthold says:

Great video. Some really valuable info!

Jake Roth says:

I’ve easily spent six figures on Rolex in the past year or two. Not one of them from an AD. Way too much hassles, attitudes, crap prices on precious metals … f*ck all that noise. My gray dealer is awesome.

Janez says:

lol just one more reason to go preowned 😀

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