Better Value and Price Watches Than Patek Philippe and Rolex ? – Great Bang Per Buck Watches !

Better Value and Price Than Patek Philippe and Rolex ? – Great Bang Per Buck Watches !

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about watches that offer great value, watches by brands that are not Patek Philippe and Rolex that pack a horological punch. Watches that are priced very well and still are very well made. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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BlackDragon says:

This topic is exactly what I needed to hear right now! Thanks again, guys!

James Duffy says:

Great topic! For what it’s worth coming from a amateur dealer of shitters, I think the more oddball pieces are simply more interesting to people who aren’t serial flippers.

Big Chip On My Shoulder says:

I think your stock is far more interesting than the run of the mill Submariner stuff which litters the internet at stupid prices. It therefore offers quality at a greatly reduced price. Personally, I think it’s more niche and far more appealing. Good luck to you both!

Michael Paris says:

It was an interesting info on radon.

Paul Oshea says:

Totally agree on the H Moser. I was lucky enough to find a Henry Double Hairspring unworn at a ridiculous third of the retail recommended price. A lot of watch for not too much dough.
Keep up the good work guys, always enjoy your stuff

Watch Geek says:

Haha I can’t believe this video!! I just bought the Omega Mark 40 a week ago as I also thought it’s incredible value!! I can’t wait for it to arrive

mike c says:


Irving Escobar says:

Resell value is not a thing for me. My approach to watches has been watches that I’d want as lifetime keepers. This led me down the path of Breguet, Vacheron, and Blancpain. And even if I ever did plan to flip, I snagged each at steep discounts so I’d end up breaking even if I did flip them.

d9e9v9il says:

Brand image. That’s it. It’s worth ££££

Paul Gill says:

The Rolex wall clock needs some new batteries… or winding. 😉

Brian Kort says:

People who have the money to afford Patek Phillippe do not care about price, value, resale or anything. They just want to have that name on their wrist. IMO it is the same with Rolex. Sure Rolex makes a quality watch. but take an Omega Seamaster planet ocean and put it up against a Rolex Submariner and you are getting an equal watch for $3k or more less with the Omega. But people think they made it because they have Rolex on their wrist. That’s good marketing by Rolex. I’m not picking on owners of PP or Rolex. Like what you want to like, but your over paying if you buy either of those brands. JLC is one of the best bang for your buck watch brands out there, especially if you buy preowned.

rrp925 says:

John videos, always great!

Steve Rushaw says:

Unfortunately Horology has very little relevance in todays most YouTube channels are surfing and creating the current Rolex SS Wave..there are some great channels who steer well clear of mentioning Rolex every 30 seconds..but the fan boys are only interested in a quick profit and Horology suffers..

PBRstreetgang says:

I said the words “full disclosure” the other day and I thought…..damn I’m watching too much Fed!

William Evans says:

I own a Speedmaster Mk40 with the blue/black subdial, which I love but would consider selling. Would you sell now, or should I keep or hang on for a while?


Great Episode! What about Perrelet Seacraft 777 diver that you can get for less than 1,5K. I used to have this watch , and the quality is just amazing! And the clasp! Clasp is something unbelievable.

Parag Patel says:

Great video spoken like a true watch lover. Unfortunately in the luxury realm people are blinded by branding. Why else would people be paying prices for 5 and 6 digit rolex that are completely out of touch with objective reality?

george varughese says:

Glasshutte Original sixties in the green dial is a killer watch with an unreal movement for about $5500 used. That is a dam steal.


Hey Fed, great vid! I loved that H Moser strap, do you know where I might get that or a similar one for some vintage Rolex that I have? I cannot find a nice, persol-type strap but in leather.

baraboo24 says:

You guys advertise GP why never talk about JeanRichard in-house/ some of the watcher are really cool
2nd time zone diverscope

thepassionofthegoose says:

That Panerai pops like it’s in 3D.

James Swift says:

Finally, I found out the young man with Federico is his ‘business’ partner. Not sure why, and I was cool with it, but I always thought he was Federico’s ‘boyfriend’, partner. I seriously thought he was Federico’s twink. Aha. Great podcast anyhow.

Mohnnad Mercedes says:

LUC chopard with microrotor stainless steel! Is best high end dress watch compared to pateks

Kevin C says:

John reminds me of Finn Balor

Mario Lopez says:

Girard Perregaux and Blancpain are my “weird” picks

Randy Bridges says:

Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet used JLC based movements in their early Nautilus and Offshore models, jus like VC.

Tony Hill says:

Very interesting. I tend to agree. The problem is the more I spend the more I think about resale and that “R” word can’t be avoided. I buy affordable watches without a second thought. I should probably direct some of that cash towards the kind of watches you are talking about.. Finding a dealer of good used watches is not easy here in rural North Wales though. I’ve subbed to John and his content is good.

Sal_atx Conti says:

Love all watches can’t wait to get my tax return so I can buy a speedmaster from you guys.

Terry C says:

Umm, how is JLC an “off brand”? Here are some actual off brands in that price range: Chopard, Jaquet Droz, Glashutte Original. Someone alluded earlier, and I totally agree: true luxury is when you buy something beautiful you truly love and don’t have to worry about value retention. I see bankers sporting subs and Daytona’s all day long, but they’re dumbfounded when seeing a GO with a hand engraved balance bridge. I walked into an Omega AD in Manhattan, and the rep falls off her chair seeing my Jaquet Droz – she’s never seen one in person even though it’s still a Swatch Group brand.

Michael Paris says:

I love that Speedmaster you shown for thereabouts $2200. In all my life I always wanted an Omega, preferably a Speedmaster. And I want it for me, to wear and enjoy, not to use as an investment. Next time i go down to see my family in Boca, want to stop in.

Adrian Z says:

Very educational for a beginner watch enthusiast like myself. More videos on high value luxury watches please!

Ibrahim Salame says:

Great stuff guys and this what makes your website different. The pricing of your watches is reasonable as well

Joseph DeSimone says:

Great video Fed! Love the videos with John! His channel is great too! Cheers!!!!

Luis Osuna Compañ says:

Can you make a video about Edox? is bad quality? are they good?

Charles Nelson says:

I bought my mk40 for 1550 from Chrono24 24! 6 months ago. It is a excellent watch. I recommend it.

DEXVD says:

You pay a premium for brands that are stores of value and are more likely to see value appreciation. If you don’t care about that you can get better features or specifications for your money.

MrJimmy3459 says:

I’m probably gonna get crap for this but Patek Philippe is insanely overpriced for such dull looking watches………. Even if I were a millionaire I wouldn’t buy one

Lyubomir Gechevski says:

This video really speaks to me. I love the watches you pointed out and also think that JLC is truly great. Looking at some Geophysics recently. 🙂

Secretary of Cyber: FatfuckingLenny says:

But BetaM said MVMT is better than Rolex

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