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Dylan of Bijou Diamond Jewellery discusses the best entry level Rolex watches. He talks through the different options and why he chose them to be a part of his line up. He concludes the video with his top three entry level Rolex timepieces. Stay tuned for more watch reviews and videos.

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alfonso luis alfaro marroquin says:

Oyster Perpetual 34 Rolex silver dial
Date Oyster, 34 mm White dial
And the Hulk for me !!!

Bill Clifton says:

There are so many options with the Datejust, I think there’s one for everyone. IMO the Subs are above entry level, I’d go with the Explorer 1 though.

No One says:

Great video… I’m glad I stumbled across it. Subscribed.

Don Cetrulo says:

Best top level reviews.

Stephen Rudberg says:

Great video. I have a Submariner with date and a Datejust 41 in white dial. Two perfect watches to rotate back and forth.

bikerdude1375 says:

The term “entry level” should have ended right after the Air King. Nothing else is considered entry level in the world of Rolex. Just my opinion.

Truthfears Guilty says:

ROLAIDS is the worst watch in the world.

ZCT808 says:

What about the DJ41 with the silver dial, how do you like that option? You seemed to like it on the smaller piece, but no mention on the larger piece.

Cyrus Sataravalla says:

Absolutely superb are your videos. I assure you they are spot on. I have a collection of 11 Rolex. My gold Daytona 116528 Diamond dot a 2005 D Series my best piece. A Deepsea blue gradient 116660. A 2018 Pepsi BLRO 126710. Hulk 116610 LV. Sub 116613 LB. Gmt 116713 LN. Datejust 11 Ref 1166334 Rhodium Arabic. Both Explorers 42mm Polar And Satin Black. Just bought a 2018 Air King 116900. Awaiting a Batman 116710 BLNR. Considering a Explorer 1 Ref 214270 in 39mm with the lumed 3 6 9. I do look forward to your thoughts on Rolex mostly as that’s tge core of my collection. Have a few Zenith 36000 vph and some Omegas as well including two lovely pristine Flightmasters. Cyrus

Asipath Edirisooriya says:

Do you think fluted bezel on a DJ looks good with oyster bracelet ?

Eddie Dominguez says:

Great video My first Rollie was the date just 41 blue so I was happy to see it in your video salute

Nolan Freeland says:

I bought a Hulk at retail 2 days ago. That’s​ my first Rolly

G Sting Dingaling says:

Daydate40. Don’t be soft

Peter Brimer says:

Hello Dylan, this is the perfect review for anyone buying their first Rolex as it’s giving the buyer an insight into all the options. This is the best review I have seen on YouTube going through what you call the starting range. My choice would be the Submariner no date with ceramic dial a watch for most occasions. Any news on your new watch?

Halfmoon67 says:

Great vid, thanks for sharing! I never paid attention, but I find it quite funny that the Sub date is actually more expensive than the GMT master 2 that has actually more complications. Interesting… Cheers !

Gorgeous George says:

My wife has the Red Grape version 39mm OP , ace watch . I have the new 39mm Explorer 1 , an even acer watch .However my Hulk is up there in the favourite watches in my collection .

mrg1911 says:

Great, great video, thanks so much!

oxysoxos says:

Would you really like those watches if they were not Rolexes? In my opinion that’s the question you should ask youself if you really think about buying one of those. I kinda have a feeling that many people may answer this question with “No”. They might be cheap for Rolex standarts. But they still cost pretty good money. For the same amount you may get more exciting watches from other manufacturers. Again, great video btw. 😉

Daniel Fjäll says:

I think the value at this price range vintage/second hand is probably the best bet

Tim Girian says:

Sub no date, pay more but you
Can always sell it for a great price

Amir58 Bedi says:

Amazing… but can you also pls do a review on Daytona Rainbow?

Christopher Hoffer says:

Terrific video.

TriforceRich says:

Went with the Submariner “No-Date” myself. Not a fan of the cyclops on a Sub so it was the perfect watch for me.

McManus Watches says:

M 6105-8110 200 metre automatic dive watch Indiegogo campaign is now live!

Roddy Rod says:

41 Datejust white dial is perfect

Arfan Hussain says:

Most balanced watch reviewer on YouTube. Great and informative!

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