Baselworld 2018 – New Rolex Watches that I Like the Best!

Overall the new watches released by Rolex in Baselworld 2018 were a hit. Here are the models that I liked the best!

Every year Baselworld is a time of excitement as the big watch brands release their new models.

My favorite 2018 Baselworld Rolex release was the rose gold Rolex GMT Root Beer. I wasn’t too crazy about the two-tone version though.

I also liked the white gold Submariner with the sapphire and diamond bezel. I think that both of these new watches look great and I can’t get my hands on them.

Rolex also changed up their Sky-Dweller lineup. They eliminated all the Roman and Arabic markers and went with stick markets for all the Skydwellers. They also got rid of the white gold model.

Rolex also cannot seem to let go of the Deepsea, which I don’t personally like [and prefer the Sea-Dweller] and they released a new model for Baselworld 2018 with slimmer lugs and case.

New Baselworld Rolex models also included a new Daytona Rainbow with colored rainbow baguettes for indicators and and the new Rolex Submariner that I mentioned before.

What were your favorite Baselworld models from Rolex or any of the other brands? Let me know in the comments below.

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srbell67 says:

Nothing was better than last year’s video when you BLASTED Rolex for their “changes” on the YM2. Lol

Abdulla MA says:

Hey Eric, I think the omega dark/blue/grey side of the moon deserve a review. Thanks for the great content!

Thanasis Tselios says:

Do you think that by next year a new sub version will appear?

Maurie Barnes says:

Agree the coke would have been better for the GMT than Pepsi in steel. Good luck getting a Root Beer (although you have a better inside track on that than most of us. Thanks for the video.

rk702 says:

The Deep Blue revision basically confirms that Rolex produced a poorly designed Deep Blue 1. Seems to me to be a slap in the face to those who purchased the original version and this decision has likely devalued the first version. I feel this decision might come back to haunt Rolex if a large portion of people interested in the Deep Blue purchase the devalued first version vs. the new Deep Blue with the new subtle changes. Nobody can see the new movement and the changes are so subtle that hardly anyone will be able to distinguish the old from the new version. Rolex should have just let this model die and everyone would have been better off.

ryvr madduck says:

Roman Arabic should be a choice in the Sky-Dweller. The jubilee works better on the white gold, oyster better look on the steel, if Rolex would have just thought about it more.

Pippinm7 says:

These videos are so epic!

Thomas Russo says:

GMT is awesome but believe it or not the most popular watch is the 36 mm datejust

Eric Johnson says:

I think the blue dial pepsi looks dope. It flows better than the black dial imo

Trashawn Wilson says:

Welcome Back Eric!

Nosimpin2 says:

Root beer gmt solid rose gold. 32000$I wish my wallet could stand it.

George Saluto Girsang says:

Eric, I totally agree with you lets protest to bring back that coke

Corey Core says:

I’m so pissed. No more chocolate dial skydweller


Love the Deep-Sea most little guys don’t like but you wished they could sport it. Everyone says the 50th Anv Sea Dweller is the perfect watch but I would say this Deep-Sea will be that watch because it doesn’t look like a Sub!! The blue and green sets it off and it’s a 44mm

Stephen Rudberg says:

GMT Master Rootbeer beautiful.

lecorsaire says:

I don’t like the change on the PM Sky-Dwellers. The roman and arabic numerals where a nice way to differentiate them further from the SS. The SS Pepsi is fantastic. I love the choice of going with an new jubilee with Oysterclasp and easy link. I called the AD as soon as it was announced. Now just have to wait like everyone else. I’m not feeling the blue dial WG BLRO at all. I think the WG BLRO was a mistake by Rolex tbh. They obviously think it was a mistake. I guess they wanted to be able to cash in on both the Batman and Pepsi bezels by not offering both in the same metal.

Rafiq Suhd says:

What about da niggah??!!!

Cinar Gey says:

Eric Don’t you think rose gold watches are girly?

Sam Smith says:

Love the vids

Oscar A. says:

The new GMT two-tone with brown and black bezel would look amazing on a black rubber band live Everest or RubberB. What do you think? Have you had on your hands the red Sea-Dweller? If so please make a video on it. Also what is your opinion on the Explorer II “polar”? Keep up with the good work!!

AngolaCel says:

i like your Tsirt amigo where can i get one

Muzz Milk says:

That TT GMT is hot.

Thomas Russo says:

The rose gold GMT is sick

Damien Wright says:

Eric is it fair to say the the SS Pepsi will kill the BLRO market as the SS sky dweller killed the white gold sky dweller ? . Im not a fan of the PM sky dweller stick, the previous roman and Arabic looked amazing . I wonder if the new dial for PM sky dwellers is a little more cost effective for Rolex . The rose GMT looks amazing !

Georgie Bungle says:

Your taste my son is simply bling and garish !

Stefanno Dias says:

new movement “ohhhh ohhhhh” lmfao

Brett Patton says:

Seems to me getting excited about these things is pointless since no one will be able to buy any of them unless they go through secondary grey market. You still can’t get new Rolex releases from two years ago. LOL

Carlos Agon Ruiz says:

What’s your opinion on the hublot smart watch?

jleyland says:

its stupid that would update the sky-dweller dials and not update the bracelet to be the same size at the steel models.

Nepo Nepomuk says:

Why is de Deep Sea Blue a bad Wach ?

Andrew Holt says:

Didn’t realise there was a new Submariner, albeit a gem set one. The coverage from most outlets of Rolex releases has been poor, with just the GMTs featured and not the new Datejust 36mm and 31mm. Do you happen to know how Rolex will update the other models with the 32XX Chronergy movements? The designation for my favourite 126715CHNR Everose GMT-Master II, is 3285, from 3186, which according to Rolex and Revolution watch has a bezel colouring from those used on gold GMT-Master from 1957.

george ahmet says:

Nice one Eric!

Rodrigo Carrera Drums says:

What about the date just 36?

srbell67 says:

It seems like Rolex is so stubborn and won’t admit it made a mistake w the Deep Sea and let it go

Daniel Campbell says:

Have to agree to disagree on the new Deepsea. Like you I had an old version but sold it because of how it looked on my wrist. Off the wrist it was a thing of beauty; it literally looked like it was carved out of stone. So (obviously reserving final judgement until I see it in the flesh) I think they nailed the revised look and it will now ‘sit a lot better’ with Deepsea fans; myself included. Keep up the great work on this channel! (Frm the land of oz)

darthjackn says:

Ladies and Gents. Would you guys go with the new Datejust 36 or the 41?

MrThemorningsun says:

im a tad upset you’re not in the ufc anymore gabriel

Jude Meler says:

Will you do a video on Omega 2018 Baselworld

James Smith says:

Great video Eric. I just got a Deepsea James Cameron new in January before this newer movement. I’m still super happy with mine and the watch has now changed mine is out of production and holding its value. But end of the day I’m happy and not selling. I now want a sky-dweller and expect all new subs to admire this time next year 2019

Buwsur says:

“This is Eric, reporting live from baselworld!”

Nick G says:

Great Vid cuz!!

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