Are Rolex Watches Any Good?

Are Rolex Watches Any Good?


Oh Ha says:

Links! Please

BigThumpr1 says:

First off, a Rolex does not have to be made of precious metals for it to retain value or gain value. That’s the biggest misconception. There certain modes model Rolex’s in Stainless and ceramic that hold and command a higher resale value than say one with Stainless and 18kt. Also with higher end brand watches, you can send them in to have them refinished. Second, saying that people are gonna recognize and like an Invicta over a Rolex is purely your opinion. I have seen people laugh there asses off at guys bragging about their Invitas out in public. And third off, taking the badges of a Honda and Mercedes, sit in the interior and you would not notice the difference, that’s delusional. I am no a fan of Rolex, personally there’s other high end brands out their like AP, Hublot which I think have better styling than Rolex. The truth is Rolex is a horological and important part of the watch world. No one brand is more recognized in the world than Rolex. Get stranded in a foreign country, you lost your wallet, you have a Rolex, you have instant money. Bond wore Rolex’s in the movies. When it comes to high end watches versus more budget minded watches, you can tell the quality in not only the machining, but in the finishes, the fit of the materials together. Every watch has its place in the world, from the no name gas station watches all the way up to the $500,000 plus Pateck Philippe’s, in the end it’s all up to what one likes. Same thing with cars, boats, houses, does one need a Bugatti, or a multi million dollar 12 room house hanging of the cliffs in Orange County California, no, but if someone worked hard for it, and that’s what they like then good for them. It all comes down to what you like in the end. Some people are ok with driving Honda’s and not having a need for higher end stuff, and some guys go over board with the snobbishness lifestyle and won’t have anything but the best. I go for the middle ground and call it a day. For me, I find nothing attractive about Invicta watches, they are too cartoonish, clown like and goofy looking. Like having Flav A Flav’s tic tock clock he wore around his neck on your wrist. They remind me of something a high school kid would wear. They look extremely cheesy, but thats my opinion. In the same retrospect, I do not like Rolex, I think they have the same boring, outdated style and have a snob like following. Hublot, Linde Werdelin, Corum and AP are my go to brands and ones I keep in my collection. Are the most expensive watches out there, no, but are they budget minded, no. I don’t need a monster collection to make me happy, I have 4 high end watches, and it’s all I need. End of the day, only impress yourself and get what you like.

MrMRTmustang1 says:

I like the channel and I watch all the time.. But ill tell you I have many different watches Invicta included. I have omega.. Rolex.. Audemars Piquet.. I have a 1967 omega speedmaster professional pre-moon 321 movment and it is now worth over 30k . also have bought and sold many different omega and rolex and I make money doing so.. The market for these watches are huge. If you know what your doing and what your looking for you can buy and wear a watch and sell it for profit.. Plus two watches I think you will like from omega and Rolex that are big and heavy 1-omega planet ocean chronograph 46mm and 20mm thick and the gen is heavy.. 2- rolex 44mm sea dweller deep sea again 20 mm thick its a heavy watch that has a real presents.. The omega is coming in around 8k but you can find them in the 6k range.. The rolex is coming in around 10-13k depending on model. I own both of these and many more. I have over 40 watches in my collection. I used to only buy invicta watches but my taste has really evolved.. Yes the price of my typical watch now is over 8k.. And there worth ever penny. In closing I use to only buy invicta I have prob 10+ invictas for the price you cant beat them that is true. But I don’t wear them anymore the only one I wear from time to time is my hydro max only because it looks like a huge rolex.. Invicta basically copied a rolex deepsea challange. There was only 1 made and it is 52mm and almost 27 mm thick its basically a copy of the deepsea challenge.. With an inferior movment. I won’t wear a watch thats not an automatic anymore. Sorry I’ve rambled on for ever but just want you to know from a guy that has many different types of watches I love my omega and Rolex watches more than anything. Thank for the great vids man have a awesome day.

Adrian Wright says:

great video!!

K B says:

Maverick watch reviews (Mavs Dad) loves your invicta’s!

Timemachine Eddie says:

You are amazing phatkat. Love the video and Love the Invicta’s. Thanks for sharing.

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