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Johnny Johansson says:

Of course Rolex is one of the best but yes, they are boring

twoscoops says:

but you LOVE Rolex, Roooooooolex!

Leonardo Aragao says:

I agree with you, archie

DPC says:

When will you realize the final redpill is the multi-colored world of G-shock shitters.

Steven Monash 62 says:

Archibald the Servant.. the Rain Man of Horology.. 16013 160223….MOTFM MOTFM… To be honest wif ya… gotta be honest with ya….lets back up the truck….16234…3 steel stunners…wtf

psm1167 says:

The one thing I can’t stand about Rolex is that to a non watch person a Rolex is considered the greatest watch in the world. You literally could put a 100k Patek next to a 8k Rolex and 9 out of 10 non watch people will say the Rolex is nicer/better.

Denny says:

Just like everything in life, craves for something you don’t have or can’t afford.

Zeddington says:


TheAscendedbeings says:

The Ingenieuer should not have been the way to cross the IWC bridge.

BitterPoetMadman says:

Rolex’s residuals make it one of the most fun to collect for since you can usually get your money back and put it into another Rolex.

Archie, you’ll be back praising Rolex in no time.

Lawrence L says:

Go buy a Seiko Archie much better bang for the buck.

nejjk says:

Way to talk down your merchandise when you just offered 3 Rolexes for sale, Big Boy. 4D marketing. This is some next level shit.

evaninnewport says:

I agree, they are mostly boring. and they’re super common. every meeting I go to, the try-hard execs all have their subs on show. other brands are better value & more reliable

CavsAllDay says:

those damn rattley, rattlesnake bracelets!

44 0 says:

got to have at least one rolex. but they aren’t very interesting.

44 0 says:

you state those model numbers like an autist

Thomas Williams says:

how is the leaking roof?

44 0 says:

rolex didn’t cut you a check this month?

Mr Mallinson says:

Aesthetically unappealing.

Purplehaze5995 says:

People who start off with Rolex will enter a phase where their love might wear out and possibly turn into a Rolex hater; leading them to venture into other brands out of boredom or snobbery. In the process, it makes one appreciate Rolex more from all possible aspect of what a “luxury watch” should be and the value prop which it offers when they’ve had something to compare with. Eventually once you go full circle, you’ll end up with a Rolex again with a more refined appreciation & understanding.

Tree Corleone says:

Rolex is overpriced for what you get? What about, let’s say: Patek? 20k plus for a 3 hand watch that looks like a Seiko but is much more delicate than a Seiko… look Arch: nobody likes your IWC. It’s hideous. It’s not that it’s a bad watch or brand, it’s just ugly. Get over it.

Clyve says:

So, the polar explorer is phor sale then?

The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly says:

Bored of Rolex? Bored of shitter videos?

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

People just don’t seam to understand. What makes Rolex great is they just keep refining what they already have. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every year just to release a “new” model. Any Rolex piece you buy will never go out of style and that’s why people buy them. There value is unsurpassed by any other brand period. Once you own a Rolex you will always own a Rolex.

austin longenecker says:

You should get an Audemars Piguet Diver

tom magnum says:

Grapes are sour when you can not afford them.

Mad Stevens says:

so. a video with the iwc sales pitch will follow soon.

44 0 says:

hey, don’t sell any of your pieces, sleep on it.

frieswithmayo says:

Great vid, Arch… The problem with a modern Rolex is that you pay a lot for something that is not rare, or is kept rare artificially, but has no story or history. Buy a 1954 Breguet Type XX, a 1964 Speedmaster Ed White, a Swedish Air Force Lemania Flygvapnet chronograph to die for, a Heuer Autavia 2446C, or a Reverso and you have watches that mean something more than a price tag. They tell a story about achievements, performance, passion. I know a rose gold Daytona is very expensive, but what does it suggest in one’s imagination ?

xpusostomos says:

We all go through a Rolex phase. Then we move on to more interesting territory. Better move onto shitters Archie.

I roll a Stoney. says:

Viewer confessions…

LA90004 says:

Get an Oris or a Longines for your daily wearer and a gold Zenith for dressier situations. If you need something for the outdoors or working on your cesspool, get a Victorinox INOX and you’re all phucking set with a three-piece combo meal deal that’s perphect for all situations. And buy brand new, phuckas; don’t buy a watch that might have been phisted up someone’s bunghole for who knows how long and how many times. Phuck all this Rolex bullshit. Phuck all this MOTFM bullshit.

John David says:

I find Rolex exiting have you got rocks in your head Arch

The Greek Decca Millionaire says:

The only people who don’t like Rolex, can’t afford one.

xpusostomos says:

You think Rolex is boring now with their fancy ceramic bezels, think back 10 years ago when they had folded steel end links and stamped clasps with crappy printed bezels. That was inexcusable even back then.

Mad Man says:

Rearding design Rolex is more like Audi – both have so called “evolutional design”. I like it but have to admit that I prefer non-ceramic Rolexes.

hcavn says:

ARCHIELUXURY CONFESSIONS – I find ladybois on the streets of Bangers, and phuck them in their shitters.

Antonio Littera says:

That gold sub wasn’t fancy enough? Well, why don’t you get a Squale… That Blue sunburst dial will make you happy

Clyve says:

So, the Breitling Navitimer is okay then?

Bison News says:

Wow…what a cutting edge bore….i mean video this was…

Dia Beetus says:

You find Rolex boring? Fine. Why is that news?

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