Appreciating 2 Time-only Rolex Watches

The Watchmaker’s Overview on Rolex Movements:


brandon bajek says:

I agree about tromping around in the woods.

James Duffy says:

I prefer the OP 36 over either of these but were I fortunate enough to have to choose to own one, it would be the Explorer because it is essentially an OP 39 with Arabic numerals.

Alex Bizzarri says:

I agree with you on the 36mm. The Explorer 1 definitely has a classic understated charm.

eco8gator says:

If you happen to get a Batman then if you wear it enough you’ll quickly make those polished links brushed from daily use:) Desk diving has caused the center part of my Batman’s clasp to look brushed. I really don’t care that it gets scratched (i do care about dings though) though it will look new after a service. I agree it does deviate more from original but the black and blue color selection makes more sense for day/night…

I like the new AK Ive seen a few in the wild and they look sharp. The green really pops. Between the 2 I would get the explorer because I feel that these are flickers so I want the one that can be flicked easier. I’d get the same joy out of either of them…

But for that style of watch (no date, clean dial, no bezel) id get a blue milgauss. Ive tried all of them on and the blue milgauss is extreamly sharp. I will say though that any of the Rolex watches with the parachrom hair spring will have good resistance to magnetism.

But from your collections stand point you have an Exp 2, and a GMT. I’d say your good in regards to Rolex…try something else. For the same price of the Rolex you can get a new JLC Geophysic with sector dial. Stick with a GMTs since you travel so much but try a different style. Besides you can set the second zone and possibly select your destination which is cool… Or how about a geophysic true beat world time in steel.

Abby Wallace says:

The Explorer. I’m not a fan of the 8 hour markers on the Air King being printed on the dial plus the lume shots I’ve seen aren’t as attractive as that of the Explorer. Love the channel.

Andy Garton says:

Good video. The lugs look wider on the Air King too, at least in the comparison images you used here. I think that contributes to the impression that it’s larger than the 1mm difference in diameter would suggest.

Wherecar 54 says:

I commented on that prior air king vid, I really like the new Air King, that would easily be my choice it has a more practical dial.

flukom says:

The watchmaker does a disservice to the time keeping significance of the date function by relating it an optional car add-on. Date is just as much a core time keeping unit as seconds, minutes or hours, just a larger one.

From his perspective, mechanically it is true Date is an “add on” but I would liken the different time keeping units, including date(d:h:m:s) to various gears of a manual transmission. Depending on whether you are a city or highway driver, missing a specific gear (time unit) could make the basic necessity of going somewhere (time keeping) very difficult and would render the car (watch) practically unusable to that person.

It all depends on how much importance each individual places on the accurate readout of a unit of time. Many people can live without seconds, some even without exact minutes (e.g. Meister Singer watches), others cannot.

Also I agree with the BNR, its like a badass Jeep with giant chrome wheels.

Lycosa says:

Austin we are the same. I cant choose between em lmao…..

Dupondius1 says:

11:54 Archie doesn’t like the Air King.

Lycosa says:

Yep, Austin. Explorer 1+AirKing (2016++ new model). Yes you lambasted it man…. You didnt like it. You and many others had to switch around on the opinion of AK.

I am one of the few people, that liked the new AK when it came out, in that year it came out, already back then. I really like it!!!! I prefer GMT MASTER 2 to it, but it’s a damn nice watch!!!!

I’m one of those forward thinkers, genius’. 🙂 And now that the dust settled, everybody is liking the new AK haha 🙂 ;).

I prefer Explorer 1 perhaps…. barely. both are so nice.

AjaxForever says:

I own a 2016 Rolex Explorer I and i have to see that it is a stunningly beautiful timepiece.
Time only is perfect. 39mm is perfect. The watch is beautiful.

Bob FromBrisbane says:

I would take the Explorer. The Airking is more of an acquired taste perhaps.

Robert Marshall says:

Love the air King not sure about the yellow and green

harry cronos says:

The Explorer would be my choice.

Hugh Janues says:

I had a explorer I 39mm, mk1 with shorter minute hand and pure white gold 3, 6 and 9 indexes. Owned it for a year but didn’t bond with it and traded for a Sub c. My personal view is that the explore I tend to lean towards dress watch territory, difficult to wear it on either nylon or nato, it just didn’t look right. I had it on a burgundy Horween two piece leather strap for a while and it looked great. Very under the radar which is very good. I like the 39mm mk1, shorter minute hand was not an issue at all. and 3, 6 and 9 without lume looks more like the original 36mm. If you have the Sub and GMT then explorer 1 is a great addition to the collection, wear it as a dress watch.

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