Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers

In Tucson, we learned it’s important to keep the box…and your receipt! Peter Planes appraises a rare GMT Master Model Rolex from 1960, one of the highlights from Tucson Hr 2.

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Derek Avalos says:

I’m so happy for him god bless this man

Kv C says:

Did he sell it in the end?

FamousPixels says:

His watch must have some sort of sentimental value to him, whether that’s worth more than $70k is up to him haha. Whatever he decides to do with it he deserves it 🙂

RedThebigOneInfantry says:

I really do not understand people that do not even wear a watch these days since they have a Iphone?(my friend)
A watch is more than a practical thing, it has sentimental value say if given down the generations.
Sadly this beautiful gentleman died:RIP,
” me: poppop wore this rolex every time he hugged me. he passed last week
antiques roadshow: oh I’m sorry for your loss
me: thats not a number”
Dan McKenney on Twitter.
I will inherit my granddad’s which my father has. Simple maintenance and it will last forever.

George Paul Demos - CDOT says:

Brought tears to my eyes! Good for him..

nipzilla says:

I’m looking at my Casio and sighing disappointedly.

Javan Faith Agol says:

nowadays it would take 3 years of not spending my entire salaries just to buy a ROLEX

AfterShock777 says:

Over a months pay in the military? Try over a years worth.

Tai Bui says:

Vô luôn

Hitler's Magical Carpet says:

Why am i WATCHing this?

John W says:

He served in the military. Deserves much more but can’t be any more happier than for this man.

dereksbooks says:

I hope that he kept it to pass onto posterity.

Kirby Park West says:

Keep your box & papers.

Kent Löfgren says:

65 000 biltemakorvar …

Joseph Connolly says:

I would say that since this watch is owned by a veteran that defended our country, it’s worth even more.

Achraf Abbes says:

I wanna know if he soled it !

David Spin says:

And people say Rolex is expensive.

FreshlySnipes says:

Keep all your paperwork everyone!

Taxtro says:

A pity watches are obsolete now.

emilyshmelimy says:

ZWEIBRUCKEN! I lived there as a kid right before they closed the base.

Handom1 says:

thank you for your service in WW II!

La Bella Damir says:

hehe dont give him a heart atack now

Higgs Boson says:

Nice old guy.

Kwatro Pogi says:

thats the best thing when you keep your own things in years

Tony Hill says:

Good for him and good for his sergeant. When I was a young recruit in the Royal Air Force many years ago I thought many of the SNCO’s truly good and wise men. Forty years later I realize they were the best men it’s been my privilege to know. None of them advised me to buy a Rolex but they gave much good advice which I followed. I’m now enjoying a very comfortable retirement and some thanks to them. 🙂

Emmanuel Alonso says:

The army veteran deserves it after all the strife he endured. I feel happy for this man 🙂

kwrx says:


Decoy says:

What a sweet old man. I’m happy for him.

John Gonzalez says:

If PBS wants to appeal to people under the age of 108+, they may consider giving Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Julian Assange their own show and let them produce it.

Now that would be a show people would be willing to watch.

Joe Shoe says:

He looks like Moe Szyslak

Geni-us says:

The first video I have seen on youtube today, where people are being genuine. I probably watched 18 videos before this one.

Everyday it is becoming more difficult to find AUTHENTIC representations of human social interaction.

Lavaman3682 says:

When people say “Why would you ever buy a Rolex (or any other high end watch) when my $20 Casio keeps better time (which it may).

show them this.

Alondra Labute says:

He should’ve had the man sit down before telling him that! He looked ready to keel over. What a pleasant shock! Bless him!

L Goodwin says:

Well done fella for buying it in the first place, despite its relative cost ! BUT, very very well done for keeping all the paperwork, box and the original bracelet. This is actually a little piece of history and it makes you wonder what it will be worth in another 30 years :+) !

ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ says:

I don’t usually buy a watch but when I do, I keep everything that comes with it!

Antonio Montgomery says:

There is another Rolex guy who spent $120-500 in the 7’s saved everything it was worth $100k

Mysterious Laptop says:

how come its not swiss made?!!?? is it a fake watch???

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