aBlogtoWatch @ Baselworld 2018 Vlog 1: New Rolex Watches & First Day Of Show Recap

aBlogtoWatch @ Baselworld 2018 Vlog 1: New Rolex Watches & First Day Of Show Recap

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Live from Basel, Switzerland at the Baselworld 2018 watch tradeshow the aBlogtoWatch team takes you through new for 2018 Rolex, Tudor, TAG Heuer watches and more. Look for further installments of our Baselworld 2018 vlog videos series on the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel.

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Ruben Lotz says:

Ariel needs to pants on, accent guy needs to take those diarrhea pants off.

Anthony Dimaano says:

You guys need to bring back James Stacey from last year. His video coverage was much better.

Gavin Cheng says:

a very messy table

Lino wong says:

Do not follow the trend, Be the trend. I think it is just like fashion. The “people” do not know what they want, get them interested in a sort style. It all depends on rolex marketing. Plus the two tone rolex GMT watches look really sharp in my opinion. Excuse me for my bad english.

Jake Roth says:

*what’s with all the cisgender looking hipsterfags?* black socks pulled up to the knees, boy short-shorts (or just underwear because millenialworkethic), un-ironic 80s cop mustache-slash-mom-pubes, skin tight fruitboy dress shirts, and dude who can’t be bothered to look up from his laptop browsing grindr … although that new GMT bracelet looks perfect for all of these “guys”

Ian Woollard says:

Rolex and their manufactured scarcity really grates on me. They certainly can make more and cutting back production of the most popular pieces merely frustrate’s the consumer. As much as I’d love a Submariner or Sea Dweller in Stainless it’s become to much of a hassle to get one. I’m saving for my next watch and will likely buy an Omega Planet Ocean. It’s a great watch too and I can have one whenever I want. Rolex is a mass produced product, give some of it over sooner rather than later or I’m going to go elsewhere.

Invictus Dominatus says:

The most boring men at Baselworld all living together, what are the chances.

Mario Perry says:

Ariel Luxury…no pants

NChin241 says:

Very lazy content. Unorganized and underdeveloped discussions with poor audio to boot.

ryvr madduck says:

My grail two tone – a 904 and a 314 steel watch. Pure class.

Drone says:

Does anybody know if they’re going to upgrade also steel and white gold/steel datejusts? it’s not so logic that if you buy a yellow gold/steel one you buy the new movement and design whereas if you buy steel only you buy old stuff…

Northstar says:

Someone, tell Ariel to get his pants on !

YouTube ED says:

Where is ur pant

UXXV says:

Saw a lot of decent quality prosumer grade video equipment in that video … though to watch the actual video you wouldnt know. Up your game guys! You’re in the watch world and at the biggest event of the year so day 1 coverage shouldnt be this bad.

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

Some of worst shit I’ve ever seen.

roll x says:

Batman looks much nicer!

treehouse722 says:

Guys, you really need to sharpen up your presentation and focus if you want people to watch.

Sami Al Shekaili says:

Does the new GMT movement have quick date setting?

rk702 says:

I am surprised that nobody feels like Rolex screwed the owners of the original Deep Blue JC edition. We all know they dropped the ball on the original design and now with the updated version there isn’t any way to distinguish the DB1 visually from the revised edition outside of CORRECTIONS made. I know the Pepsi GMT is a completely different animal and the market has been foaming at the mouth waiting for the SS version but the owners of the White Gold version retain exclusivity in not only the metal but the visual cue of a completely different bracelet on the SS version. The secondary market will look favorably on the white gold version because the visual cues that distinguish one from the other is obvious. On the other hand the link. lug and bracelet width on the revised Deep B JC edition is much better ergonomically and will certainly be appreciated by the person wearing the watch but it is to subtle to distinguish visually and only serves to devalue the DB1 and illustrate that Rolex made a terrible mistake in its original design and corrected it at the expense of its DB1 owners.

Matt Ashe says:

Clock bait; this is just a circle jerk video and should have been on red tube and not YouTube.

Thomas H says:

As long as the content is right I don’t care about who’s wearing trousers or not.

indytim says:

What with Captain NoPants!?

fully mechanical says:

I just want to see watches rather than watching four dudes blathering on. FMD.

Yellow Bandit says:

You guys are in dire need of a couple of ladies in your team.

Maarten Slaets says:

Why did you say that blnr is being discontinued??

Nima Golfeshan says:

I really enjoy this kind of critical discussions, don’t understand where the dislikes coming from?!

nervosa1901 says:

Just when I thought the SIHH coverage was as low as you could go, you give us this. Whatever AA did to piss off James Stacey to jump ship and leave for HODINKEE will prove to be fatal for ABTW. This video was worse than ArchieLuxury.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

What about Tudor? What about Cartier? What about Breguet? What about Glashutte Original?
I need more!! 😀

Just thoughts really says:

No pants! Just like Archie! XD

frieswithmayo says:

Phuckmedead, Ariel dressing like Archie now !

Leif Dehio says:

I really miss the quality content from James Stacey on ABTW…

Jay Remi says:

That is embarrassing.

Edwin Jansen says:

Bad sound, sounds like an empty Pepsi-can.

Miguel G says:

This group shot looks just… weird.

Gerold At Large says:

I didn’t care for the upholstery on the chairs.

Paul Joannou says:

What about new dial OP39 black and white. Please cover it no one else has. It will be first for BTW. Great video.

elmin2323 says:

Band looks terrible we are in 2018 not 1970s

Tom Lucas says:

Hi guys, be honest. The new rolex gmt looks a bit gay. Pink with purple. The bracelet is nice though

gamebred26 says:

no one wants to watch a bunch of dudes sitting around talking.

Roberto Rizzo says:

loved a blog to watch but this video rambling about two tone watches + bad sound quality really was the lowest point on the site. The other thing is that you cannot understand half of the conversation.. very disappointed … I know is a blog but please try to be more professional, Hodinkee is killing it..

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