A New Rolex Milgauss?? Rolex Baselworld 2019 Predictions

Baselworld, one of the watch world’s most anticipated and prestigious fairs, premieres the years newest watches. So what’s in store for the hottest brand, ROLEX? Some changes to the Rolex Submariner? The Rolex Explorer? And (PLEASE) the Milgauss??

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In today’s video, Christian dives into some of his predictions for what Rolex might release at Baselworld 2019. First up, we have the Rolex Submariner, which will definitely see some kind of change after a pretty solid period of not being changed in any meaningful way. What kind of change? Well, It seems highly possible that Rolex will introduce the Oysterflex bracelet on the Submariner, an option until now only available on precious metal models (namely, the Yachtmaster 40 and Daytona). In addition, there may be the introduction of a matte dial back into the Submariner range.

Next, we have the Explorer, which Christian hopes will see the introduction of a white dial, something not necessarily revolutionary, but definitely enough to cause a bit of a stir. Also in the line, Christian believes we may just see a ceramic bezel implemented on the Explorer II, something that has been rumored for a number of years now, but which has yet to come to fruition.

Last, we have the Milgauss, a line that is long overdue for a facelift, and one that, we hope, Rolex will look to the past to update. There are two references that might inspire some of this change. The first is the 1019, a generally unremarkable and, to some extent, not very different from the existing references. However, the reference 6541, the predecessor to the 1019, is a watch that Rolex should really be looking toward. It features an acrylic bezel, dauphine hands, a honeycomb dial, and dagger indices, making it one of Rolex’s most unique and beautiful models, and one that would feel right at home in their updated range.


Daniel Katz says:

good god , i think yrr dead on with Rolex Exploere

gmshadowtraders says:

For god’s sake Rolex, listen to what Christian is saying! Vintage inspired Rolex Milgauss, White dial Explorer and Matte dial Submariner! Ya get me blud!

Napoleon Suarez says:

A ceramic Explorer II would be pretty sexy!!!

JoeyJiggles says:

Can someone please explain to me the bezel on the milgaus? I still don’t get it.

jeppep95 says:

Ceramic explorer 2 would be dope

Daniel Katz says:

usually sway away from quartz, but , what do you think of Grande Seiko 9f that had the bezel similar to explorer 2 while not stealing the Rolex design , they actually made the quartz look attractive ,……. plus , i’ve been bad, i got sucked into the seiko blue LE, on my wrist that is an affordable alternative also , on my wrist as we speak with metal bracelet……..excuse the verbal diarrhoea here, should fit in your Rousseau case i got from you

Buwsur says:

I hope nothing you predicted comes true.

Daniel Katz says:

whoops , misspelling

hervé Chretien says:

Man, a matt dial Sub would be a great move, for a watch without AR coating on the sapphire

rkowed says:

I think the sport watches are all going to get an upgraded movement, that’s why I think they are hard to find at AD’s lately…

ElimRem says:

5:30 SEXY!

sean puffy catacombs says:

they’re going to have no new releases and just display all the existing models telling people they’re taking a year off to reflect on their achievements. Media will call it genius

Korism Korism says:

Rolex Milgauss with Green glass is Art. Only certain people would understand the style of the watch. The only unique rolex made why update it to look like a sub.

Scott McLinden says:

Can’t wait till March 21st.

jishnu renugopal says:

A reissue of the 6541 would indeed be a sight to behold. Hope it happens. Love the symmetry of the dial and the bezel.

Bob jones says:

Great another rolex not available unless it is for a ridiculous price

Denis Spratt says:

You are a part of the hype around Rolex.
Not everyone is actually waiting to see what they release.
I know that i don’t care about them and that some others don’t care about them.
You can stop hyping them up so much.
They really aren’t that interesting, and certainly not for people that really love beautiful design.

VerticalMind says:

Hehe. It sounded like you said “teenage fan”. Guess I’m out then… =P

Luis Centeno says:


Hasin Inan says:

These are not predictions. This is a wishlist. None of this will ever come true.

Marc Sotos Richard says:

Giveaway watch looks like a MAEN Husdon. Which is a great watch!

Ricardo Chaveste says:

love your predictions my friend ,i just came a subscriber hoping i win the fantastic watch…

Dmitry Belyakov says:

cool jacket

Franco Abenojar says:

Agree agreee agreee!!!!

Will Spencer says:

I would love am Engine turned bezel on black or white dial OP and Arabic numbers at 3,6,9. think this is more likely than modfied Explorer 1’s…… Basically a 76030 in men’s sizes 36-39

mrg1911 says:

I disagree with everything you’ve stated (but still love you anyway)
Explorer lineup is perfect As-Is!….NO CERAMIC BEEZELS….(yes, I said BEEZEL, you phukkaroonies)
I would buy, however, a 1019 re-tooled Milgauss!
Thanks Christian!

Thomas Burnett says:

HUGE fan of the Z-blue Milgauss. Such a classy watch. It would be sad to see it replaced by a ceramic beezeled model.
A white Explorer however would be a lovely addition to the line.
Only a few days left until we find out! ✊

Dean Cooledge says:

Love the passion…well done.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Last year, Rolex/Tudor co-released Pepsi GMTs…this year they’ll co-release new Submariners. Upgraded movement with new color combinations.


I love the white dial explorer .
Thanks for content .

gmshadowtraders says:

If it is indeed a joke that Rolex has taken so long to do this… should we even buy it? Fuck Rolex I mean like?

Wing Yip says:

Some great predictions and wishes. The only thing I can see Rolex teasing is what looks like a black dial Perpetual date Submariner.. Which they already have. But, they are also teasing the lug shape of it as well (assuming it is the same watch).. I want to say maybe the profile of the lugs are slimmer and they are moving back to a more classic case shape and size and away from the bulky maxi case that many have disliked? And/or it could be a movement for the sub?

Or, it might be a new SeaDweller as it actually has a slimmer case than the Submariner despite it being a larger watch.

Idk, something in the Submariner line for sure as u suggested.

Travis L says:

Honest question, would you let Mandingo take your ass for Paul Newman’s Daytona? No one would have to know…

MIAthe305 says:

Do we have to renter the watch drawing every month? Or once we sign up are we signed up for all subsequent give aways?

Stromboli says:

I want a white dial sub

CC P says:

The teaser by rolex was not about a Sub! It was about a steel black Yachtmaster with an Oysterflex rubber band.

Walevolence says:

i love to see milgauss in honeycomb and ceramic bezel!

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