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If you want a chronograph from Rolex’s stable, you can part ways with about £10,000 and get yourself the latest and greatest ceramic 116500LN—or you could pay a quarter of a million for one of these instead: the ‘Paul Newman’ 6263. How can it be worth 25 times more?

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Nicholas Bakewell says:

Hey guys – another excellent review/comparison, as always. I love that you refrain from things like numerical scores and outright judgements, instead letting the watches, their historical or aesthetic contexts, and interesting features speak for themselves and thus letting us judge them on their own merits. It’s how reviews should be done, I think; after all, your experience of a given product might differ considerably from my own, and it’s almost a certainty that our tastes won’t run exactly parallel. Put it this way: there’s a reason why I come to you guys first any time I want to learn more about a given piece.

So, with that in mind, I have a request. I know that the watches you showcase are limited by your inventory, and that harder-to-come-by brands probably don’t make it across your workbench(es) very often, but recently I’ve developed a fascination with automatic watches that have cartwheel-style rotors. For example, the Grand Seiko SBGJ021 Limited Edition (link below). In searching for other watches with similar adornments, I came across Speake-Marin, and fell instantly in love with their designs. So, if you ever happen to get one in, I would be beyond thrilled to see your take on it. Also, just a thought, a video showcasing automatic watches with unique/interesting rotor designs. I realise that it’s perhaps a little too narrow of a focus, but just a thought. Thanks again, as ever, for another beautifully shot and produced video; keep ’em coming!

GS SBGJ021: https://imgur.com/a/LYZgv#d3zJECC

Kostas Papadakis says:

Captivating story telling! Kudos!

Anton Bandillo says:

The more I like my Speedy!

Dan Jones says:

£9,000 for a new Daytona?! Find me one and I’ll give you 10…

maome kat says:

I need into this watch luxury business. Such a rip off…really. objectively to the point it hurts my feeling as a watch affectionado & collecter

Beetleything says:

If joan hadnt bought it & Newman hadnt worn it. It would nt sell for 1/4 Mill. Simple as that.

John Galt says:

Daytona just never did it for me…great video as always my friend!

Garzy Garzy says:

Si vous me trouvez une 116500 à 9000 p je fais un cheque dans la seconde.

JayeBird says:

I heard a similar story about Paul Newman’s Rolex, but it wasn’t told as eloquently and thoroughly! Please read me a bedtime story?

lol thanks

Viriatvs of Lvsitania says:

The Paul Newman Daytona is the Ferrari 250 GTO of the watch world.

Way, way, WAY overrated…

hiraiwan 911 says:


Chris_Audittr2108 says:

£9k? More like £15k if your lucky!

UniSkibum says:

Who’s paying retail for a 116500LN?

Hendra Gouw says:

Is it me or the hands of the Paul Newman are sevice hands?

Mike K says:

What an amazing end to the video by stating, “Omega got the moon, but Rolex got the world.” So true!!! Well Stated Sir!!! Cheers, Mike K

forkandknife says:

I’ll take the Daytona any day of the week. Keep the extra $225,000. Paul who? I don’t give a shit. That’s just dumb money.

Jake Roth says:

One word. HYPE.

Jimmy split 77 says:

Love the pn Daytona, I don’t know if I’d pay 250k for this particular example, case and dial is nice but I noticed the lume plots are crumbling, common problem with many vintage Daytonas due to such small lume plots being used.

SleepEatDrive says:

Please do a Zenith movement Daytona! I just bought one and would love to see a video on it as your cinematic shots are amazing!!

ullas babu says:

@ 4:39 The underside of the second hand looks unfinished.

mister pets says:

It fetched nearly 20 million because rolex bought it

Jonathan Land says:

Fantastic video that explains that originally the ‘Daytona’ was meant to go to the Moon and maybe beyond – hence the name ‘Cosmograph’ as in Cosmology – the study of the origins and evolution of the Universe.

Douglas Ladowski says:

Bravo guys! These films are great.

Chip Wong says:

I would gladly pay 10k pounds for a ceramic daytona…..

MAxx MAxx says:

27.77777 times the value not 25 times

RGA1 says:

The new Daytona is brilliant… Paul Newman is ok but not a wow to me to support a investment this size on my collection.

Atheist Orphan says:

Is that camera a Pentax K1000?

BR Trigger says:

I wish they would get rid of that ‘Swiss made’ on the bottom, looks cheap

Seraj Wheda says:

Please name of the music

Woo Teck Ang says:

Amazing video as always! By far one of the best productions on close-up watch videography + factual information to boot. As a hobbyist photographer, I’m very curious as to how you get so close to the watches. Any chance you can share a tip or two? 🙂

Mohnnad Mercedes says:

The hype,,, AGAIN!!!

Matt Hatter says:

It’s 25 times more expensive because stupid rich people want it.

Michael Gomez says:

For you Americans, a 3-bed “semi” means a 3-bedroom semi-detached house. The UK calls a semi-detached house what Americans call a townhouse, or a residential building with 2 or more units in one building that is not a vertical apartment style building, but rather one stretching horizontally.

Anoni.mouse same says:

Rolex got a bubble that is going to burst with a loud pop.

Suresh Obhan says:

Loved it – Omega May have got the Moon; but Rolex got the World….!!!

BubbleWhip 341 says:

Don’t drop that Paul Newman…

Ben Sona says:

Amazing video! It’s hard to give honest facts without sounding disrespectful but Watchfinder always seems to get the balance right.

stockegsix says:

We never went to the moon. But I’ll take a Daytona over a Speedmaster any day.

j0nnyism says:

People who buy the newman should be renamed sheeple

CK ROY says:

It sold for 20 million dollars because that is what someone was willing to pay for it due to less supply and more demands but certainly the £9k Daytona is more superior like a rabbit is to a rat. We live in an era of excessive wealth where the rich are using all sort of medium to store wealth such as wine, cars, arts, watches, along with other conventional assets. The £9k Daytona is a realistic proposition.

Chris says:

Daytona’s are ugly af.  There’s a reason they sold like dog turds back in the day.   Continues to be an ugly turd watch.  No thanks.  Let the lemmings keep lusting after them.  It’s a watch from Rolex with no real heritage of its own.  The Ultimate “Me Too” watch from a brand that otherwise sets the standard for OTHER watch brands.

Tim Girian says:

Nice video mate

grasla1 says:

Can you review tag heuer carrera day/date calibre 5…thanks

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