$8,999 Rolex Watches Vs. Fake Rolex Watches: Don’t Believe The Hype

Complex’s weekly series Don’t Believe the Hype takes a look at what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. On this week’s episode, Speedy and the Complex staff see if one of the most hyped items in hip hop culture – the infamous, shiny Rolex watch – lives up to its $8,999 price tag, when compared to a much, much cheaper bootleg version. Find out in this episode of Don’t Believe the Hype.

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Allan Morris says:

wtf is this BuzzFeed bs

watefalls says:

Y’all couldn’t just say 9k Rolex

ToastyE (Returning Soon) says:

idiots don’t even know what arm the watch goes on

DarkSider17 says:

Do Ovo 12s Creamy white gold edition next

Caleb Mitchell says:

0:38 why tf did she hold it to her ear

Hottest Tracks says:


Preset1 says:

Rolex do tick tho. Rolex make quartz movements

ByAmir says:

Rollies glow in the dark? Wtf I want one now

DAB LORD says:

Where can I buy the fake one?

Arif Ahmed says:

why complex office look so boring and dead and buzzfeed office looks fun and cool

Patrick says:

don’t believe the hype beats by dre

Joaquin Silva says:

Rolex don’t tick easy way to spot

triniman1219 says:

what….. no dyke?

Mike M says:

Grand Seiko > Rolex

AG E-Ben says:

The nigga who said he own a couple of Rolex…what you doing working at Complex my brotha?

gvi341984 says:

Why would anyone want a rolex; when the rules state that Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total for swiss watch movement

Jonathan says:

Tupac had a rolex that ticked I don’t know why people came up with that assumption.

Tares G says:

Ask Meek Mill

wee jobbie says:

1:04 looks like Damien from homeland

Bryan Le says:

How about you show the people the god damn Rolex close up

808 ___ NOAH says:


Jackson Marsh says:

Do another video with a better fake.

Alex Jean-Baptiste says:

JLP making enough to throw down on a Rollie I see. Those sneaker shopping checks must be good.

Lachlan Perry says:

“Real Gs move in silence” ahahahha

Epic Screen name says:

Since when did 8999 = 8000? That’s nigger math


Rollys that can’t tick tock

trenton mackey says:

finally more don’t believe the hype series. Shout out to speedy for doing them

King_blah101 says:

My rollie dont tick tock it just glide

Denny says:

Host: How do you know which is a fake Rolex?
Co-worker: I can tell by the lume because I have couple of Rolexs….

PlayBoyStress says:

Bought a £2500 rolex the other day, wore it for 2 days, realised it made no fucking difference to my life and returned it. Rapper make us do stupid fucking things, would rather invest 2500 into ethereum

Juan Alej says:

Do one with an AP watch

takitezy7 says:

$50 replicas are easy to tell, break easy and are just pieces of crap – don’t bother with low end pieces. If you are in the market for a replica, AAA fakes are much harder to distinguish. I bought a Michael Schumacher AP Royal Oak Offshore (RRP $88,000) for $900. My mate who has a real AP says its a very good replica. Almost impossible to tell because they use real sapphire crystal and real 18k plated rose gold. People freak out and are intimidated by the watch, i feel bad because that is not my intention. I don’t flash it around and sometimes I forget I am even wearing it. But I wear the watch because I just like the way it looks (99% identical to the genuine piece) for less than 1% of the RRP price.

Be4ImaginationDies says:

who’s the cute small black girl with the bob? she cute af

Dupree Addison says:

The girl in the background at the beginning of the video .. lord woman fix your face

Icensnow says:

there are some really good fake rolex’s but there are some distinct things you can look for. weight and the inside has writing around it.

junito1008 says:

That Rolex is FAKE like the News on Complex !! Lol

Trevor Arndt says:

If it ticks that means it has a quartz movement and nice watches don’t have quartz

Jamie Webb says:

of course it was joes

Marco Rodriguez says:


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