$500 Watch Vs. $5000 Watch Part 1 | What’s the Difference? Hamilton Khaki & Rolex Explorer

What are the significant differences found in these watches, 1 of 2? Detailed description below ↡
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In this two-part series I take an in-depth look at two watches of similar design and see if their differences merit their great differences in price. In Part 1 we take a cursory look at the 38mm Hamilton Khaki Automatic and compare it with the 39mm Rolex Explorer. This first video is a “impressions” video, seeing how the watches compare without taking into consideration the significant differences considered in Part 2 of this series. In Part 2 we investigate the manufacturing process as well as a number of other factors which may or may not justify the differences in price of these watches.

Rolex Specifications:
-Reference number: 214270
-Movement: Manufacture Caliber 3132, automatic
-Case: 39mm w/ 20mm lugs, 904L stainless steel, fully threaded screw-down back, flat sapphire crystal, screwed Twinlock crown, water-resistant to 100 meters
-Bracelet and clasp: 904L stainless steel, Oyster band and Oysterlock safety clasp with Easylink extender link

Hamilton Specifications:
-Reference number: HML-H70455133
-Movement: ETA 2824
-Case: 38mm w/ 20mm lugs, 316L stainless steel, fully threaded screw-down back, domed sapphire crystal, screwed crown, water-resistant to 100 meters
-Bracelet and clasp: 316ll stainless steel, button folding clasp

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zcharg0 Harry says:

Rolex 10 x the price. 9x due to the brand name, 1x due to superior quality

Emperors Ordeal says:

No date lol

nathan lawrence says:

so their the same but you paid 5,000 dollars in a couple of grams of gold

Ronald Nixon says:

Poor people watch versus almost respectable. Only solid gold $20k+ are bottom range for me.

Chris Lansdown says:

I really like the style of your reviews – like Archie Luxury without all the swearing and random attacks!

I am a watch collector and own a large number of semi to high end watches. I was very surprised to see the Rolex Explorer’s wobbly crown.. I own a 1992 Explorer 2 and the superb 24 hour movement adjusts as firmly and easily as my 18ct Blancpain. Wobble like this is usually a sign of a fake. Whilst being picky, I really dislike the Arabic numerals on the new Rolex Explorer.

NewPlay says:

i wonder if a chicked made an egg that had the rolex logo on it , how much would people pay for it like 50 k 100 k 1 million xD dumb fuck retards an apple watch has way more features than that war age technology watch

JP JP says:

if the problem si the braclet buy a new one, its only 50 bucs and are good steeelll, and you find very nive pieces.. so whay bother?

An-D T says:

I think everyone seems to forget that rolex watches are notorious for NOT keeping accurate time, there only bought to show off how much money they just wasted on a watch

Andrew Burke says:

I don’t mean to nit pick, but the case tube has come loose on the Hamilton and is coming away with the crown. You should get that seen to.
And yes, I do know what I’m talking about. 🙂

Rodolpho Valentim says:

I prefer the Hamilton to the Rolex.

Titaniacs says:

How will my $9k watch and I ever recover from all of the backlash from the haters?

David Viner says:

The Rolex is overpriced for what you get

Nicknacks Nicknacks says:

I am amazed you even compared the two watches in the first place. It makes me wonder how tough the Hamilton watch really is. I just got it. My first true Swiss movement.

Caustic_ says:

So, let’s be real here – you’re really paying for the brand name if you have money for that sort of bragging rights. Especially in the case of the $500 one, which is literally just a steel watch without its name if I’m not mistaken.

Wasek Salam says:

screw both these watches.. . my casio and chisel and unlisted watches are the best….

blase1101 says:

Rolex movement vs Hamilton movement is like Space Shuttle engine vs Cessna engine 🙂 This is 4500$

none of your business says:

why do people buy rolex? for the name. theyre fucking ugly

Im Free says:

Love how sporty the Hamilton is. The Rolex explorer went too dressy.

Robeon Mew says:

no rolex crowns should wriggle like that. not EVER.

Alpay Bayraktar says:

Let’s see now. A $5000 watch doesn’t simply tell you the time, it shows you how you spend your time and how much you value your time. The same goes to a $500 watch. The difference between a $500 and a $5000 watch is the craftsmanship, brand history and brand name behind it. Ofcourse Rolex will be sitting at $5000. Rolex has it’s own wide-range history for innovation (despite Hamilton being found 13 years before Rolex). Another thing is, the craftsmanship is very appreciated in horology. All of the watch enthusiasts would never buy a cheap Chinese quartz watch or an expensive designer watch. All of them would go for solid brands who actually take their time and design, build and craft a beautiful timepiece. Both Rolex, Hamilton, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Blancpain, Breitling, even Patek Philippe (the prices of PP are ridiculous for a steel watch) take their time to craft a life-lasting timepiece. In one thing they differ: the quality of the craftsmanship. That determines whether your watch will worth $500, or $5000.

YouTubeYouTube says:

The best value automatic watch is the Orient M-Force. For $300 you get sapphire glass, ISO Certified 200 M, shock resistance, anti magnetism, and power reserve indicator.

Giannhs Mp says:

my fathers 80$ festina watch has a better clasp than the x4 times more expensive hamilton does

larhonda burger says:

Ah fuck it. I’ll use my phone.

Sweet Kicks 12134 says:

I have a mk and a invicta

Sighthound Studio says:

Nice job synchronizing the second hands on both watches! Gives the comparison an extra edge.

Bodo Wuensch says:

The difference is as simple as that: After 10 years, the 5000$ watch sells for at least 5000$, the 500$ for nothing.

m22404 says:

Could you make $10,000 watch vs $100,000 watch difference video?

George David says:

rolex is much more expensive than it actually worth.. i shit on it..0 complications? fuuuuck them…Never heard of Hamilton by I would go for it… it has a 0 less to the price, at least it shows me the date, and has a transparent back. One more thing, why you americans are naming the 24 hours “military time”? I’m from old classy Europe and we use the 24 hours system. There is a difference between 7 and 19! Is not bothering for you to add AM or PM? What the fuck is this? And the day has 24 hours not two parts of 12 hours.. dooooh… You people are really behind, starting from the way you’re telling the time to your imperial system of measure. All the civilized world is using the metric system, is more precise, is better! Even Britain is going to the metric system slow but certain, (that’s why is called imperial system and not colonial US system, you are a colony of Britain who revolted). Move on people… move on… Once I was looking to US like to the future, now I’m looking at USA like is 100 years behind of us in thinking, dressing, houses architecture, materials, cars, you name it! What a shame! P.S. you should listen Smashing Pumpkins – Shame after you read this. I will after I finish writing..

TheLoxionKasie says:

Is there a Khaki without arabit numerals? I think I’d love a Khaki like that. Off-topic: What part of the US is the narrator’s accent from (just curious)?

Aaron Andrews says:

All these people in the comments need to layoff people who spend more money on watches than they would. They may not be jerks or are not necessarily being ripped off. You just may not value the product the same or buy it for the same reasons. However, these videos showed me, that the most value for your money is in the 300 to 500 dollar range. I could really see a stark contrast in style, durability, and quality from the 30 to 300 dollar watch. The Rolex was defiantly a jump up in quality too, but 4500 dollars worth? At that point you are buying the brand and not just the product. I can see why some people might still prefer to buy a cheap watch if all they care about is telling time. I can also see why someone who wants the best and is willing to pay for it would buy a 5000 dollar watch, but I think most guys should look for the best value in the mid-range.

Great Videos with thoughtful analysis that broke down watch values for someone like me who is not a watch enthusiast, but wants to own a few watches.

Kamaal Katariya says:

the similarity in both the watches : I can afford any one of them

De Vincent says:

Hamilton is very nice watch !

Gina Gina Bumbum says:

Can someone tell me what the little number on the side measures? The one by the dial or whatever you’d call it

Lunar0Strain says:

That crown wobble… If I spent $5000 I’d expect a bit more than that. I thought the idea with rolex was that every minor detail has to be perfect, that kills the whole thing.

Ehdgk137 says:

I’ve owned couple of Rolex and Omega watches, these underdog watches like hamilton or Edox are flawless and identical to their primal.

Jpman 276 says:

What do you think about the Hamilton jazzmaster Open Heart ?

Christopher Damata says:

You should really just compare the heads of the Watches. Who cares about the bracelets, high quality after market bracelets can be had for not that much money and they really can match the quality of Rolex bracelets IMO. The value of Rolex cannot be physically measured, it derives from brand desirability. If desire for the brand went away so would the value.

Emperors Ordeal says:

I walah wonder why do the put the crown on the right side it always seems to dig in your hand

Russ Campbell says:

I have a Rolex DateJust stainless steel model with a Jubilee bracelet. I acquired in 1985 for my college graduation. It has been just been repaired and I love it very much.

Jason Ong says:

There is a lot of f**kin difference. I know because i have been through it. It felt like $500 down the drain when you compare. It is a $500 lesson.

Lukeozade 217 says:

tbh i prefer the Hamilton. it looks as though it would fit and feel better on the wrist. i personally feel that it looks better and is slimmer than the rolex. ohh and its $4500 cheaper…

RobertKaydoo says:

I own the Hamilton Khaki shown here except my watch has a leather strap, I do not own nor have I ever worn a Rolex Explorer, so my opinion is biased and not fully informed. If I had the $5k to spend I would still buy the Hamilton over the Rolex and here is why.

1. The numbers are easier to read vs. the Rolex indexes.
2. I actually use the 24-hour scale.
3. I actually use the date scale.
4. The large Hamilton crown is the easiest crown to operate that I have ever come across.
5. The Khaki is my daily wearer watch. It is not intended to be a status symbol but rather something that is appropriate in the widest range of settings possible. The Hamilton Khaki is appropriate in a “corporate casual” environment to weekends with jeans and tee-shirts and everything in between.

I am not putting down the Rolex. If that is your watch, great, enjoy it. But for my needs the Hamilton is the better choice.


Joe Joe says:

I’d like to get a second hand Rolex, just to have one and wear every so often when I want to feel fancy. outside of that… I love my Orient Moderno, Seiko SKX pepsi dial…and my 30$ Timex quartz field watch…oh and my Casio calculator watch haha

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