5 Shocking Ways MVMT Watches are BETTER Than ROLEX!

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How dare you, Alpha, compare MVMT to god of watches Rolex !?!? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro asks you to give this analysis a chance before you give this video a thumbs-down.
Alpha is a watch slut — this is opposite of a watch snob. Alpha will bang (aka wear) any watch he deems sexy, sleek, and sick. But sometimes it’s a MVMT … sometimes he likes to bang a high-end Rolex.

Why MVMT Beats Rolex Five Out of Five Times
1. Heritage – Rolex was started in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. MVMT was also started in 2013 by two dudes, Jake and Kramer, but they were poor college students who loved watches but they didn’t have money to buy sick-ass timepieces. So they researched possibly starting a company to change the watch game. They went to Indiegogo and raised $200K+. After starting the company, they grew through the Internet social media and started to dominate. They are normal dudes like who did something amazing! WIN!

2. Quality – Rolex’s quality and reliability are amazing including materials, sapphire crystal, and in-house movement. But because they are an automatic watch, they are less accurate and have to be reset. MVMTs are a more accurate watch because of the battery power. It keeps perfect time. WIN!

HOWEVER, MVMT has a new release that is automatic! The new Arc Automatic Series has a domed crystal which is retro cool. You can see the automatic movement from the back window, the case is stainless steel, and the band is quick-release 100% leather. At 41mm and Miyota 821a, MVMT is killing it!

3 MVMT is affordable! $300 versus $12K – an outstanding price for the quality and movement of the MVMT Arc Automatic. WIN! But the regular MVMT watches are EVEN LESS expensive than that! WIN WIN! Paying thousands for a watch is something that some people can’t or don’t want to do.

4. MVMT is accessible – and you can’t find Rolex watches right now. Authorized Rolex dealers don’t have them, and if they do have them, they are charging more than retail. Another WIN! for MVMT.

5. If you lose a watch that costs thousands like a Rolex, you will freak out! You’re pissed! If you lose a MVMT, you will be upset but you can get another one. WIN!

** BONUS MVMT are affordable so you can afford to buy a variety to accessorize! They are dope, sick, and sexy so you can get a few to compliment different outfits. WIN!


CozzyB says:

The final negative mark for me, the videos have become more and more about sponsors and less interesting of late, but this video was just pure BS to spin a sponsor. I’m out.

Mohammed Zeeshaan says:

So you’re saying 2 young adults built this booming fashion business by learning about wholesaling, overpricing and alibaba?… and you think this is horology. Sometimes i wonder why you own a rolex when you talk shit about Patek Philippe in the video about overpriced items and constantly promote and wear low-quality MVMT watches.

Brennen May says:

MVMT must have given this man a FAT check for this one

LAR -A says:

Reason 1”I’m sponsored “

CheeeezPIC says:

Did you seriously stoop down to this level? Very fucking disappointing…

Vita Shatin says:

So cool!

João Campos says:

I have a MVMT and a Rolex DJ. There is absolutely nothing MVMT is better than Rolex. Unless you are Aaron and got a big paycheck from them

Aaron Avalos says:

Is just his opinion… Chill the fuck out

B MC says:

I gave this video a thumbs up! But then read the comments from people who are more knowledgeable than I on watches. They educated me more than the video. So thumbs down.

Erwin Foong says:

China watches.

Lovee scars says:

Beta m.

Pedram Bn says:

You’re videos are all full of ads stop this

sdmp78 says:

Credibility is gone out the window with this video

OmniscientIgnorance says:

Unsubscribed. You’re a shameless sellout.

pratik rijal says:

Used to watch some of your contents . It was good, but this is trash .

Mr Natuur says:


Mark Zingerburger says:

I have been a fan of your channel when you had only 440K subscriber and actually followed you at that time. But now there are more ads/commercials on your channel than (any) original content. You really have become a sell-bag who would recommend anything to his audience for a buck or two. I mean to say that you worked hard to earn this audience but now you are pushing people away.
And I also hope that Youtube should formulate a new policy regarding these huge number of sponsored videos. It is destroying the originality of the platform.
Peace V.

SenseiKai says:

Not you Aaron! Come on! We had the fucking sellout Jose. But,you?

Wow. You just lost my trust.

RedRedMCmusic says:

I love my mvmt watch

Kittisak Imduaikiat says:

Be careful dude

Mihla says:

Exceptional quality and a unique style. I received an MVMT watch for the birthday. Wonderful gift. Great!

Fexy1s says:

I completely agree with alpha!

pegauracheii says:

Timex / Orient / Seiko / Citizen / Certina (battery or automatic) – ANY OF THESE ARE A LOT CHEAPER, WAY BETTER, WITH MORE HISTORY BEHIND THEM, than these ripoff mvmt watches. A watch does not have to be as expensive as a mvmt to be good. The extra money you pay for a mvmt, goes into marketing, but the big, historical brands won’t tax you for that because they already have a name on the market and don’t need an introduction. I’d rather pay for quality, than marketing. But if you really want a watch that is all about looks, order one on aliexpress and pay the real price of a piece of quality that is equivalent to mvmt timepieces. THAT is what “cutting the middleman” actually means.

simon mo says:

Whatever Alpha is smoking, I want some

GioCris says:

Wow I never thought this day would come. Ive put up with your bullshit of doing sponsors in every single video for a long time now but this is a whole new level of sellout

NY152A says:

This video can easily proves that he isn’t really authentic to his audiences that much. Quite fake to say the least. Way to ruin one’s reputation and credibility just for the money after having created for so many years.

Monsieur Mike says:

Sorry mate…but this is wrong…you cannot compare this watch with ROLEX…there is no comparison whatsoever…

Samuel Golson says:

I get it’s an advertisement but damn even a timex or casio at half the price. Lov ya Alpha just can’t get behind this video

Phil Hanson says:

Buying a watch is personal choice.For people who don’t have the cash or desire to buy an expensive swiss made timepiece, I get why they’d consider MVMT. Personally though, I prefer Breitling over Rolex or MVMT, but that’s just me.

Riccardo Caffagni says:

I totally agree, people are getting tired of Rolex or AP on everybody wrist. MVMT has done light and fine design watches, affordable for everyone and you can buy one in a second. Deal! I own 3 and personally love them all.

Morgan Sullivan says:

I have Rolex watches and I have no problem with what you say. When you commented on the dealers restricting sales you are 100% correct. You say that you should do your own thing at the end of the day again 100% right. People love watches for different reasons and have the capacity to buy what they can. Thumbs up from me.

David Brown says:

I hate Rolex…generally worn by people trying to impress others. I think they look tacky and cheap.

Tibo Van Snickt says:

What a dumb sellout cunt

Jeffrey Yehezkiel says:

Comparing these 2 brands and saying MVMT is better? Come on man you’re better than this.

Placeholder says:

Look I don’t fault you for taking their money but I would hope nobody watching this actually buys one

Nadia Gabriele says:

“Il fascino degli orologi: rendono concreta e visibile una cosa astratta come il tempo, che non si vede e non si tocca, eppure c’è”. Ecco, questi orologi rappresentano la vera essenza del tempo grazie soprattutto al loro design. Favolosi!

Julius Chalissery says:

Is this an out of season April fools joke?

tsok tsak says:

In my opinion, it’s a wrong title. Rolex is way betttter than MVMT. No question about it. The video is more of why would someone should consider MVMT than rolex.

موسيقى و افلام تركية جديدة says:

• affordable price for people who can’t afford expensive watches

Ardenchan Cosplay says:

I prefer mvmt watchers because I love their style. The quality is fantastic , infact I want to buy another for my boyfriend becouse it’s a perfect gift for anniversary. There are very type of watchers a good price for men and woman. You love their if you watch it.

Joe Kay Gh says:

It’s quite apparent rolex watch are famous but do they suit an average persons wardrobe? Going with the MVMT all day because not only does it look simple, it looks classier and much affordable

Cameron Cooper says:

If I had the money for a Rolex watch, I’d buy 2 or 3 cheaper watches and keep the rest in the bank. Keep in mind they’re all designed to do the same thing. I’m a happy owner of a Skagen watch its never gone wrong and it looks good. 🙂

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