$300 ROLEX Vs. $30,000 ROLEX – WORTH IT?

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$300 vs $30,000 ROLEX – WORTH IT?

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will gillis says:

My $1300 Bulova Precisionist is accurate to 1/10 of a second per year Parker!

Coffeeslap says:

pls, do watches like edifice, g-shock, seiko, Breitling etc. i’d love that <3

eco8gator says:

You should have purchased a Blue Dial 5711 from Patek…holds value and is a little more discrete. If you bought that GMT M2 new you got fisted by Rolex; they are worth in the 20k range on the secondary market.

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Kevin Mayeda says:

wouldn’t the common sense test be whether the watch costs 20K and above vs. less than 2K? Stainless is where most people get scammed….not too sure there’s a huge market for people getting scammed on PM watches.

ibidu1 says:

Just buy a Seiko 007 if you cant afford a submariner, the mechanics are high quality and is a good diver watch that reaches 200meters.

Dilley_Esq says:

Parker is an 80 year old man in a 25 year old’s body. Old Man Mercedes and a Gold Rolex…..haha. Luxurious.

StillTrying2GoPro says:

i fought not subscribing to your channel for so long then I saw how you hated the Lyken and how much you love the Agera R

Jamaal Warren says:

Dope Vid Loved It. Now Off To Buy A Replica Rolex. Lol

SuchyMakaron says:

Imo you have 30$ “replica” not 300$. JF/NB factory replica watches got the same weight as geniune rolex watches.

Jarrod Bolon says:

* used to wear fake rolex *
* proceeds to shit talk everyone who wears fake rolex *

Edward Rosario says:

please do it, take a couple of obvious replicas and really good replicas to a rolex dealership and dont say anything… it will be awesome. drive on some exotic car on the way there for channel theme resons

Om God says:

U should definitely do these type of vids

OldM8Alfie says:

chapter ring

miami flow says:

if it’s not deep and percise, that’s what she said it will not work ( L o L

1738 1738 says:

Have ArchieLuxury review your watch collection and see if two douches bags are better than one.

godzela80 says:

U are a car guy stick with cars ,, u said sooooo man wrong things about these 2 watches ,, u have to know the history of these watches and Rolex to understand the true different ,,, plzzzz stick with cars after reading the manual lol

Cryptomentum says:

Why would anyone under the age of 60 want a Rolex?

Worthless Gamer OLD says:

He talks with his hands alot

Pieter Mons says:

Yes I love watch related videos

Dewey Crowe says:

Next time make a shorter video buddy.

peterah7957 says:

Watches look garbage …pretty ordainary …give me a casio steel watch any day

Alex Chavez says:

Yes make more watch vids

Chris Johns says:

I call mine a Frolex 😛

Shane II says:

Give it a few days
“5 things I hate about my GMT Master II”

Hugh G Wrection says:

Nobody wanna see that face.

PcTechGuy says:

300 dollar? Thats a $50 replica.. why.. why.. why..

Brennan Houran says:

Anyone know a good place to buy a fake Rolex?

Big Daddy says:

I think yu have the fake one the bezel doesn’t make noise going either way

Sir Hauge says:

Fine to get a diffrent video sometimes, and i like watch’s so i would like to see your collection…….. and how about a watch give away hehe

muhammad musa Taulani says:

yes 100% like your watch video… a fan from Kudat Sabah Malaysia

Motleymick says:

Great video. I learned things about my Rolex I never new.

Samuel Charpentier says:

More watches videos please 🙂

david stern says:

Actually, Rolex does make a quartz watch.. Not very common, but you can check with Rolex

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