3 ROLEX WATCHES WORTH $1.3 MILLION (6200, 6204, 6538)

In this video, we take a deep dive looking at some of the most iconic Rolex Submariner references that helped change the industry forever. Oh yeah, and Lange makes a guest appearance as well.

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Anirudh Kallakuri says:

Awesome video. Few suggestions for videos I would to like to see:
Storing watches safely / best watch boxes. Your take on watch winders.
Majority of the vintage pilot watches have black or dark colored dials. Also they have mostly numbered markers.
Same with divers watch, in addition powerful luminance as well. I presume this is because dark colors absorb light, avoid reflection and have better readability. A little history about this would be awesome.

81nur4 says:

This is really cool. Upload more of these please!

mdunawaym says:

Will you start doing videos on watch straps, accessories and care?

Chase Thorn says:

I just got a Rolex Oysterdate precision 6694 from Bob’s a few days ago! Bob’s customer service and quality is on point!

Geo Apopei says:

Not sure how you’ve done it, Teddy, but partnering up with Bob’s Watches is amazing. I often catch myself just scrolling through their website and I think that they really have great deals and stunning watches. Good job and keep up the great work!

RazorRon says:

I can’t say enough good things about Bob’s watches. I bought my 214270 MK2 Explorer from them not that long ago.

Pedro Saenz says:

Nice video makes us enjoy our toys!! Watches are toys to enjoy.

Jim Moyer says:

Fascinating and valuable history. I know you realize the production values on this one (inconsistent audio especially) need a bit of polish, but keep up the good work.

sgr_skll says:

am i the only one, who cant see the vid in my sybscription feed?

Bill Bochnak says:

Once a quarter visit with Paul, highlight a specific piece, interview or show off some of the other staff and product Paul sells, especially if the watch has a story on the vintage side, great stuff Teddy

Brian Kim says:

Teddy — your content and production value are getting better and better with every video! Appreciate that you’re mixing up the content between watches that are more affordable and these crazy expensive vintage watches that teach us about some history about the watchmaking world, even if 99% of us will never come close to owning any of them. Surely, both types of content are important for creating a community of watch lovers and collectors.

Alex the Lego guy says:

On the opposite end of the spectrum. I’d love to see you review the “Bradley timepiece” it’s affordable and has a GREAT story behind it!

BBaIL says:

What alternative for a Patek Philiippe Grandes Complications REF.: 5496P-015 would you recommend, because unfortunatly that watch is out of my reach. Thank you for your great videos, keep it up!

Daymond Talley says:

Great video Teddy

David Clinton says:

Awesome video, Teddy. Love all of your work, and you just took it to the next level with this one.

Jörg Klatt says:

I will never get the „value“ of these; it is completely discoupled from the product + demand and supply meet on low volumes (not many people would articulate their price at these levels). Crazy, amazing, … however you call it; hearing interviews, 90% of the time it comes across as snobbery to me personally

Rodrigo Gutierrez Reyes says:

Love it!!!

mark1nyc says:

He’s like a skinny Jay Pritchett

TheSkatereel says:

Rolex is so overhyped and the submariner design is boring. I dont find the submariner design as tasteful as say the Speedmaster. Speedmaster has a truly timeless design. Only Rolex watch I would buy rn would be the Milgauss Z blue.

Tim Yo says:

Three terrific watches.

Soliman Salem says:

Dude, you’re sooooo, SOSOSO LUCKKYYY

purple turtle says:

Do a video on watches worn at the Oscars.

Vavazelus says:

Teddy next topic for you and Bob is the history of the 50th Anniversary Submariner AKA the Kermit.

Brian C says:

i would like to see you review some iconic vintage models. there are loads of reviews of modern watches on youtube. we need more reviews of vintage stuff.

César Martínez says:

Now that’s how you take care of your sponsors. Congrats, Teddy, what a great and entertaining video to watch.

Rich West says:

Is that Archie luxury’s arm in the thumbnail?

sernsin liang says:

good content! well done

JSPUBG says:

Say, teddy, you know something about Hmt ?

Pabro says:

Some ugly ass watches. I’ll stick to my AP

razvanon says:

Is this a review for the elites or something?

sean smith says:

Great video. Will be looking at Bobs site. Paul seems like good person to do business with.

Wolverine X men says:

Excellent video man your production is getting better with each video
The Rolexes I have in my collection are a gold Daytona with a green dial and a yatch master 2 with a black dial and I’m soon gonna get a submariner two tone

J D says:

Jesus, these are beat to shit.
doesn’t spending a million afford you some polywatch to clean up the crystal?

Vavazelus says:

Outstanding video Teddy! So educational.

lolshitshappen 110 says:

Hello and good evening. Is your name Teddy? I honestly don’t know. But I need to say something. I’m just picked up Orient Three Star for about Same price as Seiko 5 SNK809K2. and I think Three Star is better than Seiko 5. Here why:

1:Hacking feature.

2:More accurate(I test it through watch accuracy tool) 17+/day

3: In house hackable movement and assembly

4:more unique design.

I know I couldn’t really count on you. But I need peoples to know that this is better. I swear.

jeff anco says:

Great video. I have the feeling this affiliation with Bobs watches is going to cost you $$$ one day! Lol. Also love the Steve McQueen pic in the background

Thugtung says:

Great video. Enjoyed his thoughts on watches and the market. You did great interviewing too, let him do the talking cause he is the guest. Love bobs watches too.

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