In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian discusses his three favorite luxury dive watches!

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**Christian’s Top 3 Luxury DIVE WATCHES | RANT&H**

In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into his picks for the three best luxury dive watches! Was the “diving into his picks” line a pun? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

His first pick comes in the form of the JLC “Tribute to Deep Sea” Chronograph. I know, I know, diver’s chronographs might be a bit of an oxymoron (see the linked “Watch 101” post to learn why), but this 42 mm automatic chronograph features a 65 hour power reserve and a system to signify the chronograph actually being engaged. Is it slightly redundant given, y’know, the chronograph seconds hand? Obviously, but screw it, it’s JLC.

His second pick is a Rolex Submariner, but not the standard, steel and black bezel combination that you were expecting. No, Christian picked a whopper in the form of a 1680 yellow gold Submariner, because why the eff not? The reason is simple: it’s a true oxymoron in the world of Rolex, as it evolves past its point as a tool watch and becomes a fashion item.

His final pick is the least obvious, but arguably coolest pick on this list: the Nomos Ahoy. When I say “Nomos”, you say “Bauhaus”, right? It’s hard to separate super refined, minimalist dress watches from the Nomos name, but the brand is responsible for one of the most interesting divers of the last decade at least. It features magnificent lume, crown guards, and 200 m of water resistance, all hallmarks of a true tool diver, and yet does it in a way that forgoes everything you expect when you look at one. In that way, it stands for something truly innovative and unique, and thus worthy of a spot on this list.


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Raksak Sukontatarm says:

Love that JLC…so beeautiful!!

Paul Smith says:

Christian what is song used for your intro its so awesome

Ben Sona says:

This page feels like a used car dealership. Anything we have at the time is the watch to buy. BEWARE!!!


Keep the videos coming my man!!

gardehusar24 says:

My God. you really need to stop making Gary vee movements as shown at 2:50

Ryan Lennox says:

Nomos lol

JMDSC1507 says:


Tim Brum says:

Great vid! T&H has been my go to for watch info! Can you guys do a quick vid on History/Info and take on Bell&Ross? I would really appreciate your opinion on the brand and model lineup.

JungleEddie says:

James Cameron Sea Dweller Deep Sea

Mr. Edmiston says:

That Nomos is awful in my opinion!

xBanana8 says:

Yes, these are extremely interesting watches.. But I wouldn’t wear any of them diving. Not the best title you could have chosen imo. I know you say luxury, but still…

JMDSC1507 says:


Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

JLC as number one dive watch? A Nomos on the list of dive watches? This shit is funnier by the minute. I’ll have what your smoking this morning.

MIAthe305 says:

How can you pick the Nomos as a dive watch when it doesn’t have a rotating bezel… that along with deep water resistance are the 2 pillars of a dive watch. Take your Nomos diving in the bathtub but it’s certainly not a dive watch

JMDSC1507 says:

I give up

Fat Boab says:

never sure how I feel about dive chronographs but I liked this jlc. it’s entirely possible i’m being dazzled by the shiny shiny coz i’m pretty shallow.

Lewis says:

The fact fifty fathoms or even the bathyscaphe has been missed out is a tragedy

TheArithrix says:

Love the Ahoi. Wearing mine right now.

panagranit pana says:

What happens to the band ???????????? on these watches … Do people eat them??

Patrick Chip says:

Luxury? Yes, Dive watches? No, Well,technically the sub is but the other two? Missed the mark on this one Christian. Big fan of T&H.

JMDSC1507 says:


Ashish Pyala says:

Clicked in a heartbeat when I saw the vintage Sub

Jay Sikes says:

Gold Rolex Sub dive watch was invented because gold is non-corrosive and it’s better for the working diver than steel. The popularity of Goldie Sub with real divers dropped though when they discovered game fish were attacking them due to mistaking the gold watch for a shiny lure.

The Marquis says:

Video sponsor at 1:58

Moonlight says:

you just made this video to sell that sub

Bradley Morris says:

Props props props props props props props props props props props props

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