15 Things You Didn’t Know About ROLEX

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is the best Rolex watch?
Why is Rolex so expensive?
Is Rolex the most luxurious watch?
What watches are better than rolex?
How much does a rolex watch cost?
What are the best rolex facts?
Which is the best rolex documentary?
What are some things you should know about rolex?
How to tell if a rolex watch is fake?
Which rolex should i buy first?
What is the most expensive rolex in the world? Answer: https://www.alux.com/expensive-rolex-watches-sold/
Is Rolex a charity?
Where was Rolex founded?
What makes rolex watches so premium?
How much is a diamond rolex?

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Brent Railsback says:

Hey Alux.com a new Air King is $5850.00 not 2200.00.

crazy creeper22 says:

where do i find a brand new air king for that low price?

Michael Fecto says:

Rolex collector.

Rito Uzumaki says:

Rolex collecter

The Vk says:

Rolex collectable

Thomas Santos says:


Edik Minasyan says:

ROLEX DateJust is a masterpiece.

Aldo Susanto says:

Rolex with quartz are growing in popularity because of its rarity..

Dildos4Africa says:

rolex collector

Thomynator 600 says:

This is porn!

Jason Green says:

195x Rolex GMT??? @ 6:31

Ronnie Loco says:

nice video

P Last says:

Geez ..get your facts right you CANNOT buy a new Rolex Air king for anything close to $2’200 as if …maybe a Singapore knock off !!! all the effort you put into producing these slick uploads and you continually get basic facts WRONG ….what’s the ;point if you can’t check the basics …

jeffreym131313 says:

Rolex collector

Mohen Prosper says:

No.8 is incorrect. Not all Rolex watches are chronometer certified. The Rolex Cellini models are not chronometers.

mohammed abdul Quader says:

Casio Dup Chorono, Tag, DKNY,but we want Marquis Thraii ate at Starwood.

Chava Ayala says:

Rolex entertainment environment

Jason Green says:

looks up “cheapest” Rolex Air King…. Rolex site $6200 now $2,200 or as alux put it “2,200$”

Glitching says:

Rolex collector!!
Fake ones tho.

Jk, I fix watches for my friends, and of course they’re fake, but I own one Rolex watch which I use to make sure the timing is right on my other watches

Shreyas Gujaran says:



I seen Rolex replicas so aunthentic that even the rolex watch makers will get fooled! These Chinese bootleggers are fucking AMAZING!

Esteban Terrazas says:


Tricia Bieber says:

Rolex Collector

robert bishop says:

A Submariner is as expensive as I’d go.

Howly -CSGO says:

My dad bought a rolex 40 years ago, Its now worth 7000$

Karsten Siegmarsson says:

Hello Aluxers, GO BUY A REAL LUXURY WATCH, not cheap stuff like this… :O))

Cetsh17ntuli Cetsh says:

Gold thats still from africa

Boris Katic says:

What a load of bullshit,they are like an asshole everyone has one.They make over one million watches a year and sell every single one. THEY say that it takes one year to make one, utter total bullshit.

Jubaer Rahman Shish says:

Rolex Collector

marijn cortooms says:

Rolex collecter

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