Why are Patek Philippe watches so valuable in the auction world?

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Regarding vintage and second-hand watches, there are only a few brands that manage to stand out in terms of holding value or even increasing it. One of these brands is Patek Philippe; indeed, it has been the superstar of the auction world for many years, setting record after record. We talk with Aurel Bacs, watch specialist and famous watch auctioneer, about why Patek Philippe watches are so special and what you should pay attention to if you are looking for one.


felix pinto says:

patek have high auction results because they send people to auctions to make sure they don’t sell below a certain price. its a known thing in the industry and all the big brands do it but patek is certainly the most agressive

LadyGagaChannelVideo says:

Dude it´s still just a watch…

Lions Fan says:

Something about this guy. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

Arman Saadatkhah says:

Model watch at 1:44?

brianplummy says:

Has this man got a girlfriend? I think he is spending too much time with his waches………………..

Lawrence Lugar says:

We all make excuses when we can’t afford it — but if we can afford it…we would buy it, and appreciate it.
he has a nice suit — was that custom made?

christian sister says:

I really appreciate their commitment to quality. But in terms of design and style the brand is seriously lacking

mrtimjitsu says:

i like listening to him talk.

Chris K says:

So much BS. I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy a watch from your company, then I could show it off and be admired by all my friends and make them so jealous.. I know this refined gentleman doesn’t want to hear this but here goes.. I bought a fake Patek for $200 15 years ago , i wore it for about a month everyday, nobody cared nor was impressed, I got tired of it and put in a drawer. It still works , loses about 2 minutes per week. The real watch was about $18,000. I don’t wish I had the real one because it also would be in the drawer, and I have my money in stocks which have given me a very good return, instead of in Patek ‘s Swiss accounts. The luxury watch market is the most bloated hugely overpriced market in the world. A watch that costs a million dollars or more? Why? I will never be convinced that a watch costs that much to make. As I said this is arrogant snob BS brainwashing.

jon smith says:

Well my Casio has a calculator on it. Let’s see Patek top that.

Mono Shah says:

His accent sounds Scandinavian….

Nether VoiD says:

Its very hard to tell if one is wearing an expensive watch these days. Not unless you bring a magnifying glass and let everyone see it up close. So what’s the point.

John James McCartney says:

a good product. but overrated and totally overpriced. they are not very robust.

Louis Caruana says:

I do own a gondolo Patek & I treasure it….I love prestigious workmanship…

Christian Flores Guinto says:

how can I spot if fake or original my watch patek Philippe NO 07? kindly reply… thanks.

yonkynose says:

what a load of crap a watch is for telling the time be it 99p or 20 million the worlds gone mad

Super Real World says:

Why they reduce prices few years ago for range of watches….

englishsteel2347 says:

Because they’re great.

arnis zargarian says:

“I am Swiss”….. Ok.

JDOE Doe says:

I see now why this guy has the job he has… he is excellent at justifying a watch being priced at over a million dollars.

ferw swer says:

Stainless Steel patek, oh noo :(( patek always must be gold. 40k for steel patek :((

Pample Moose says:

Just because a Hollywood celebrity or a Royal owned a watch, does NOT add ANY real value to the watch whatsoever. Real or intrinsic value, quantity manufactured, condition, and age are what gives ithe watch it’s value! Anyone that would pay more for the same watch as another identical watch, just because someone famous owned it, is a FOOL!

cookingprof says:

My Patek was made in 1947.I wear it to impress nobody. I own it knowing that the best example of watchmaking is on my wrist.I own two,(2) Cartier watches for show. I own a Rolex DateJust in 18k @ Stainless for show.Vacheron Constantin  ultra thin integrated 18K case and bracelet is my evening wear watch, My daily watches are my ,Vintage Gerard Perregaux, Vintage La Coultre, an antique Waltham Railroad Grade pocket watch,(ca.1877); and a Baume Mercier Capeland Chrono. These watches all stored in a climate controlled environment.

4subvoid4 says:

These parameters are the same for all brands. Why is this brand special?

Riya's Collection says:

Thumsup to this video..
Get some information here..

Andy L says:

Fantastic listening to Aurel Bacs .

Sir Alfred Powell says:

0:43 Ehm, I think you’re forgetting quartz.

Hertog von Berkshire says:

OMG, is that a giant Swiss Army Knife on his mantelpiece?

Andres Herrera says:

Well, sorry but I want some orientation about a wrist watch that I think is exotic because the case is jewelry stone, burgundy beautiful color, the cristal is a saphire, the knuts are pure gold and is 36000 vhp or someting like that.
The brand is chrono and is just perfect and amazingly beatuful.
Does anybody know, by any chance how to trace the factory or someting about it?

callarnie Smith says:

Only watched the first minute but how come they’re not wearing any watches?

sergeant5027 says:

Patek philippe is just a bunch of idiots, stealing money from people that can buy same quality shit in China fo 200 USD

flyingphoenix113 says:

Patek is the haute horology equivalent of Rolex. They experiment in terms of engineering, but rarely do they change design. And thus, the watches they produce are timeless aesthetically, yet relevant mechanically. This is also why I will never be a Patek or Rolex man. Their resistance to creativity and dogmatic conservatism mean that they will never produce anything that really harkens back to a time or era (other than, maybe, the Henry Graves Supercomplication). Vacherin Constantin is, arguably, the only one of the “Holy Trinity” that continues to push boundaries and make designs that set themselves apart. AP has seen fit to sit back and coast on the laurels of the Royal Oak.  A. Lange is as dogmatically conservative as Patek and Rolex. JLC and IWC are primarily relying on throwbacks to older models. And, even the futuristic Richard Mile has stopped innovating in terms of design! Only Vacheron has continued to show that making history requires making bold decisions. That is why their 250+ years of horological history makes them worthy of the title “best watchmakers.”

Xiang Fan says:

some people like watches and wear them, some people like watches and make money out of it, some people even no idea what is quartz and automatic stands for…………………………

Mina Kamel says:

what about Lange watches ?

Garon Young says:

He sounds like the dentist bounty hunter from Django Unchained

bent540 says:

the emperor’s new clothes

J88go says:

This works the same way as limited edition cars. You produce limited edition of something and sell it only to those you find to be collectors. Collectors aren’t those guys that actually collect stuff but actually resellers that have a deal with company they are buying goods from that they won’t sell it in certain amount of time or for less than at least a double of its official resale value, making the prices skyrocket and demand to go up while supply remains limited. That is a proven way to sell your stuff at much higher cost than its actually worth. You know when you see a new limited edition lambo or a ferrari, they don’t even get built and are already preordered and sold in advance. Yeah right. That is just a way to make artificial demand to boost value of you regular products from which you actually earn most of your income. Thats like diamonds yeah demand is high and supply is low but try selling one you have and you won’t get half of the market price if you even find a buyer.

Nazeaver Ali-Raines says:

Rappers: $pends right under a million $dollars$ on this bull$hit wrist watch$$$$

Me: 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith + 2014 Mercedes Benz G Wagon + 2015 Land Rover Range Rover + 2017 Nissan GTR + Lamborghini Countach + Lamborghini Huracán + Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X + Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX + Garage = $900,000.

Patek Phillipe < Dream Garage.

Andrew Piatek says:

There are two things missing in Patek Philippe watches though, things without which I don’t feel comfort and serenity. These things are 1) battery 2) tunning fork shaped quartz crystal vibrating at 32,768Hz. Okay, I can also have solar powered cell, or kinetic movement charging the capacitor, but I definitely need quartz in my watch. If there’s no quartz, I feel conned by the corrupt greedy watch dealers 🙂

Nithish Pranav says:

These Swiss ppl know how to brainwash you……

brianplummy says:

Watches are for wankers.

Jack Againski says:

I have a vintage Mickey Mouse watch….but he’s wearing white gloves, so it’s fine for evening wear.

yowza says:

The swiss accent is crazy. It’s like a german french combination but sounds better than both.

A KM says:

find it hard to understand how can you find unique? non-polished? celebrity..50-100 year old brand watches??

E I N S says:

so besically i buy a 100 000 euros watch that is not new, it’s old and a dead man was wearing it

Faizul Adlan Anuar says:

In shor
– the certificate
– the mechanical
– and supply and demand
that makes a Patek Philippe so valuable.

Murtaza Kandil says:

you know its best way to turn your black money into white. and since it swiss its convenient. people arent crazy to pay millions for sill watch but this is all about turning your black money into white.

ptube1514 says:

Aurel just oozes “douchebag”, but you can’t fault his knowledge and passion.

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