Watches of United States Presidents (Patek Philippe, Rolex, Timex)

In today’s episode, Christian and Anna dive into the notable watches of three recent US presidents!

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Wasi Ahmed says:

Clinton wore a Timex Ironman…not a Casio.

William Wong says:

Great video!

mrg1911 says:

You left out the coolest pic….DDE Rolex….
Almost as cool as Chuck Yeager, who was way WAY cooler than any president.×442-c-center.jpg

Jack Wakeman says:

I would say that your videos together are getting better and better everytime. Keep it up!

Dawn Keebolz says:

Get a new microphone, that sound drives me up the walls. Thumbs down!

Vertigo says:

Teddy Baldassarre?

billy copper says:

Clinton’s watch was a Timex Ironman

Jose Casillas says:

Interesting topic and a good discussion. Thank you.

Galahad says:

That painting isn’t classic at all and that’s what I like

DiscoFalcon says:

Theo & History? Nope. I don’t think that Clinton wearing a digital watch is a landmark for political dishonesty or even Bill’s own political dishonesty. Just read.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Anna looks as pretty as usual but Christian’s tan steals the show, I hope he’s wearing sunblock 🙂

blazinmark1 says:

The reason Bill Clinton wore a Casio, was because the “otherside” scrutinized him under a micro scope, and he had to walk that thin line of being relate-able

LockTest says:

I agree Clinton wearing that digi “everyman” is so obviously a pr move its disgusting. I’d respect someone in power wearing a watch that they enjoy not a watch that they’re trying to play to a certain optic.

Kevin Pascual says:

Lol…poor Ted Kennedy

Jaime Duncan says:

Great video, but it was unsettling seen him invade her space all the time.

Tim Schubardt says:

Great video. What do you think about Tutima as a brand?:)

Adhar Gupta says:

I think President Obama regularly wore Shinola when he was still in the office, as a sign of respect to american manufacturers.

Alex Montez says:

The flowers in the background of the Obama portrait represent plants from Hawaii and Illinois. The portrait was done by a world famous African American artist.

Kevin Lipson says:

Please. Stick to watches. Sappy sentimentality coupled with a truly juvenile historical perspective is beyond your ken.

Fabio C.G says:

Christian, you look gay man…

The Ironmonkey says:

I see you’ve watched Teddy Baldesarre’s video

Phil Maltese says:

Where did you get that long sleeve

charlie dunne says:

wow never seen the Bush family wear nice watches. Good find!

Mr. Airflakes says:

Are you two related?

Q Nguyen says:

Teddy already did this…

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