Up Close With The Patek Philippe Platinum 2499 Owned By Eric Clapton

This could the most important and valuable wristwatch in public hands. Its estimates reach over $4,000,000, and here HODINKEE explains what makes this so special….beyond the fact that it’s owned by Eric Clapton: http://www.hodinkee.com/eric-claptons-patek-philippe-2499


BeskidteEngel says:

Truly a fine piece of art and horology!

Talha Niaz says:

can you do an episode on audemars piguet and the history of their royal oak offshore line ?

KegPatcha says:

Why did God make me poor, but give me such a good taste for watches I cant afford? That is it! I want out!

Stranded Alien says:

No display back, don’t want it

Alvin Koh says:

It’s over acclaimed ! You desire it because it’s Patek, as you have been conditioned by smart marketing and peer pressure into the world of pretentious shit!

Bas Q. says:


Sam Man says:

Love hodinkee videos but this watch is overrated imo or I just don’t understand it for 4 million usd. I think most people admire this watch because they see other people admire it. I would much rather get an mb&f no2 if I had the money

Rover Waters says:

“have it and sell it”

mustang77ism says:

Beauty defined.

sargent rock says:

Patek Philippe designs are conservative , a humble way of flaunting ones financial prowess ; signature’s of the elite.

John Edgard says:

I have one. Its nice.

killamist666 says:

Someone tell me whats so special about this watch, Is it just down to the fact that there are only 2 models? If thats the case its Patek Phillipe creating they’re own hype, I mean how many perpetual calendars in precious metal do they make? “Loads” I DONT GET IT.

Giry Ilham says:

do you know that Patek have been using few “secret agents” to trade its own products so the price of certain products can sky rocketing? With a little marketing technique like “Eric has dreamed of this watch..”they could sell watches for millions of USD. If I am a buyer, and I’ve been told that only 2 of this watches were made, then it must be an oversell product.

they have the fucking machine, they have the fucking tools to make watch like this, they can just make another one -____-

Alvin Koh says:

Shallow Bulls!

Pulsonar says:

Thats interesting, a watch that is more important and famous than its celebrated owners.

John James McCartney says:


timwins31 says:

I get it. I dunno why but I just want to stare at that watch. Its amazing looking. From every angle.

metropolitan6C says:

‘since 1989 i dream of this watch’, i don’t believe you at all, in the better case you first heard of this watch by internet in the early 2000’s.
i do remember well the auctions in the 80’s and the magazine and documentation available these days, the interest for pricey exemplary were in the pocket watches and the first wave of rolex (bubbleback’s, prince) wich were about to leave space for the post 1954 steel ‘professional’ second wave (sub, daytos). Only an handfull of italians, french, japanese collectors were seeking complicated Pateks and VC, just remember the launch of the 3972 or the total lack of interest meet by the nautilus line in the 80’s.

Mr100duke says:

this utube vid sums up what is so fucked with the world we live in

m4mario says:

This is what is called pure BS. Do you know who is the biggest buyer of vintage Pateks? It’s patek. This bubble is one day Going to burst so bad.

Mar Da says:

I love all watches of Patek Philippe,..

FerrariDMC says:


floodo1 says:

the didn’t explain anything about what makes it special other than it’s 1 of 2 in platinum and it was owned by Clapton.

Barking Spider says:

This Watch brings tears to my eyes

Ultima893 says:

Most beautiful watch ever made imo. Well worth $4 million

Gonzalo Parisi says:

Does this kind of super expensive watches uses batteries or something?

phototristan says:

I wish you could do a Talking Watches video with Eric Clapton. 

ssaannddrro says:

24.99 isn’t very expensive. lol

mandelmale mandelmale says:

Well, he’s a salesman

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