Up Close With The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

In October of 2014, Patek Philippe presented a collection of pieces that the world had been waiting 25 years to see. It was Patek who in 1989 launched the very concept of commemorative watches with its 150th anniversary collection and who today still garners more attention than anyone else in the world of haute horlogerie. We have already shown you the basics of what comprises the Patek 175 collection (see here, here, here, and here) but today we will go hands-on with all the pieces, as well as break down a bit more about what this collection may or may not mean long-term. And yes, we do break down the $2,500,000 Grandmaster Chime for you. For more, go to: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/patek-philippe-grand-master-chime-review


manoman0 says:

Very nice, very well made….but too much.

Michael Manukian says:

lmao he went “HOP”

Mario Nicoli says:

Very elegant!

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Work of art.

TheScape55 says:

That’s a beautiful watch, but, even if I had that kind of disposable income, I don’t think I’d ever wear it. It doesn’t belong on a wrist, it belongs on display.

Captain Noah says:

Very elegant time piece

Gavin McElroy says:

$2.4m and the year is wrong. I’d be asking for a refund

Mr. Gong先生 says:

does this watch has insurance and free service forever?

Picasso Phasakda says:

i wanna have a 3 some with this and a koenigsegg

Rolando Acosta says:

petek phelippe they Playing with too much sauce

Shashank Laur says:

It’s a bit Vulgar.

Mr. Gong先生 says:

But it so like lady’s watch

Ronald Nixon says:

This thing is a piece if fucking garbage.

Mad Penguin says:

To end up on the wrist of some asshole like Floyd Mayweather lmao

Chucky Summersby says:

I don’t understand why so many people dislike the look of this watch. it goes for a classic aesthetic, the word “classic” inherently meaning it is a style well liked by many, over the course of decades. personally, I think the watch is gorgeous, albeit quite thick. the engraving is simply exquisite and the double faced rotating case feature has been integrated into the overall design seamlessly. maybe all of the commenters who say it’s ugly just have poor taste? I do not know or understand and I never will.

Ahmed Mamdouh says:

Will It Till The Time Better Than A CHINESE 2 DOLLAR WATCH?????? NOPE!

az96001 says:

bet those who made those watches goes mental every day working to the smallest detail imaginable.

Fahim Ahmed says:

Impressive…I think Ill stick with my skeleton Rotary watch for now xD

John Moore says:

That’s HUGE. It looks to be the size of a Uboat watch.

stefa4k0 says:

i bet my house that the people who bought this watch put it just once on their wrist, check it how it sits, take a photo, and then put it somewhere in a vault to just sit and wait and appreciate.

Fernando Melgar says:

this is such a beautiful watch

Mahlik Mills says:

that’s too much sauce.

Darius lily says:

this is not watch just art

Babba16 says:

Why is the year on 2104? engineering failure? 😀

49fiori says:

whoever makes will it blend edition with this watch will own youtube.

NewPlay says:

seems like alot of bullshit to me . that watch shouldent cost more than 29.99 pesos

Louie Lambretta says:

Can someone please explain to me why this watch has an alarm? makes it seem gimmicky

KegPatcha says:

I am selling my soul for 2.5 million dalla
Anyone interested?

wwu124 says:

Beautiful masterpiece indeed. Just has one comment though. They spent 100,000 hours to create this masterpiece, yet, they ONLY charge $2.6M to the buyer, at a rate of $26 per hour. Sounds very cheep.

MrStrongmuscle says:

It’s a shame most people can’t afford a 1 million dollar watch like this.

John Eli says:

impressive, i think i will stick with my casio

Madson Jean says:

Beautiful watch! Beautiful!

John Kang says:

Can it blend? that is the question

CWx Daf says:

The faces and movement are amazing but I don’t like the case, it’s too fussy. I think it would have looked better with a plain gold classic type of case.

Josue Ranieses says:

1:19 What the hell is he saying?

The Triggerati says:

The only watch you have to have armed guards to wear in public.

51st State says:

People should see what the 2020 will look like. People will go nuts.

leon mcveigh says:

Ugly as hell

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