Unboxing – Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990/1A-001!

Unboxing the Patek Philippe Nautilus reference number 5990! Let me know what you think and visit my channel for more watch reviews.


Brr Lazr says:

Too much saus

MAX Percentage says:

so if I ever have 50 grand lying around I can either drive a nice car and wear a cheap watch or drive a shit car but wear this fancy watch. LOL. Do “would you rather…” on this one, guys lol

voxer99 says:

The box is a major part of the marketing. These watches are priced at many, many times what it costs to make them.

lam19bo says:

who needs to wear watches anymore

Grayfox988 says:

Jesus, that box!

jon jones says:

imagine if i put my $80 watch in tat box!

Johnny J:son says:

very ugly watch, nice box though

zinos zinos says:

that was a review of the box case if the watch…thanks..

Union Blacksmith says:

57 grand for a watch… years salary for lots of folk…

Karan Zoroaster says:

my $200 Timex shows the same time with some extra features.

moa lami says:

this box is more expensive than my future coffin where I’ll lie till the end of time so sad

Azadirachta 79s says:

Very beautiful timepiece. Must be very very expensive. Love the box too

Darren Cossey says:

Its all about the flashy box and paper work…nothing about the damn watch……probably plastic anyway

alain lefol says:

ugly watch look at the poor hand

John Martle says:

How do you afford these watches this is most expensive watch brand in the world?

Robert Borowski says:

Erik not on you but the watch is expensive and nothing special paying for a name I personally think that a decent breitling is alot nicer and 1/10 the price nothing personal just talking watches dude.

ichise says:

They didn’t give me a manual like that for my new car.

RUNNER X says:

Why am I watching an unboxing video of a watch? I have no time for this…

Ray Dominguez says:

The box looks more special than the watch.

Jørn Liverød says:

a 55k usd watch…

It's Not Jerry says:

It looks like a sports car

sargent rock says:

Patek Philippe designs are conservative , a humble way of flaunting ones financial prowess , a signature’s of the elite

Im Free says:

This piece of junk cost more than 300 bucks?

Rob Higgs says:

Does anyone else HATE the way this guy fumbles to open the box…shakeshakeshake…for fucks sake man, take time with it, enjoy it, your like a new born baby with a fucking rubix cube!

Julián Gil González says:

I didn’t know this brand exists! And I thought owning a Fossil was cool.

MyKC99 says:

prefer a casio than this crap

Rizky Nath says:

this is unboxing the box, not the watch ☺

Alexander Vic says:

Pretty overrated and ugly watch just like the AP Royal Oak

Decent Person says:

Man, you didn’t review the watch! You just reviewed the box!

djmocok says:

Not many people can pull off this Patek on their wrists – really it is suited more for a larger, fit, tall gentleman. Unfortunately this stuff is found more often on flabby uncles’ wrists.

grahamyodude says:

Yo for upwards of 100 grand a watch my watch better fucking shoot lazers

Jack Ryan says:

How does Patek Philippe compare to Fossil watches?

Serge Zerkin says:

why would they not issue another one ? thats bad service in my honest opinion.

hozyain says:

nice box, bad watch(

MMX2 says:

How much is this? Would it fit jn my budget of 2000?



antonio cortes jr says:

ill trade my GShock for it lol

Hector Arguelles says:

the box is better

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