Unboxing PATEK PHILIPPE – 5196 G

Feb. 2014


Mad Man says:

Shitter of a Review – not a single sharp sequence of the watch.

btx s says:

great looking replica…almost had me fooled.

Marc o says:

Cam fokus is not sharp 🙁

sasuke3690 says:

I muted the video and suddenly I found that the video was really pleasing to watch

djvartan says:

got to love the mute button!

Zee Omega says:

I love the way you hold the Calatrava like a fine piece of precious artifact. I would probably do the same given the chance since I still have a long way to go before I even deserve to even touch one. Your son is one lucky boy once you give that to him in the future.

semperanticus says:

The music killed it all

Bill Paxton says:

Nice watch…. Looks about a fiver from the market

raspberry says:

This music is great and I want it to be played at every single special event in my life including my funeral. Haters can fuck off.

Goran Farkas says:

My Apple Watch is better 😛

Fabio Mattetti says:

bello….peccato sia una replica ma molto ben fatta.

mikeje305 says:

Nice timepiece but I’ll take the Rolex

Notorious Nate says:

Too simple for a $20K watch for me

JC Mello says:

Beautiful watch indeed. But you should learn how to properly focus before making a film.

supersawaf says:

he is wearing a rolex though

Thomas Williams says:

The close up isn’t even in focus you stupid cunt. Make another video on the watch.

mayhem1974 says:

With the music, I feel like I’m watching the pink panther and inspector cluso’s gonna bust in a fight with kato.

Waleed Rezq says:

Breguet better thaaaaan patek

Jay says:

ppl seem really hate rich asians

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Work of art!

Mr Patek says:


Eugene Tsvetkov says:

LOL hands are so shaky

Norbert Szabo says:

everyone in the comment section is a millionaire but who cares*drives away in his aston martin while wearing super elegant boss suits

КоТэ says:

What is more stunning guys? Patek Philippe COMPLICATED WATCHES 5396 white gold or Patek Philippe GRAND COMPLICATIONS 5140 white gold?

zipitar says:

you can own a ford/ jeep suv in the price of the watch ???? checkmate

MyDeimudder says:

Not one second of sharp close-up of the watch plus the “amazing” sound…oh boy…

Arcord10 says:

So many pathetic people commenting, if you cant appreciate art and quality engeneering, go back to your casios, you probably cant afford anything else anyway. Just as it is supposed to be

Eren Bingül says:

Anyone know the name of this music?

akula1055 says:

Too much of a Patek things in this video and the guy is wearing a Rolex !!!

Gdragon Mishal says:

fucker haters

Lawrence Lugar says:

This background music sounds like it belongs in Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure 1985 movie.

Eric1HBK2 says:

that boink sound tho…

Diogo João says:

This unboxing music felt like something was dying on the background .-.

KegPatcha says:

That music must serve some kind of ritual, or maybe just bad taste for music. But good taste for watches thats for sure.

SuperMj244 says:

Anyone that says the music is awful should get their ears checked. I guess you would like some stupid dubstep song in this vid hah? JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

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