Two White Gold Patek Philippe Watches – $300,000 vs $30,000 – Which is better?

Two White Gold Patek Philippe Watches – $300,000 vs $30,000 – Which is better?


Amaya Zelaya says:

Correction, it’s flooded in diamonds!

Shahram Mazkoory says:

I agree Paul. Well said.

jan jensen says:


Damu Lov3 says:

that’s too much sauce

Peter Smith says:

The Patek Nautilus with diamonds is too parvenu. You don’t want to look like an instant lotto winner or a celebrity who suddenly made it big. You want to keep your Calatrava and look like your family has been wealthy for generations.

dischyd1 says:

These watches may be expensive but are they good quality. Why is it you need to spend just under a grand every 3 years for a service? Nobody tells you that when you but them ! Isn’t it better to buy a fake and replace it every year? Just asking..

Arman Malik says:

You suck bloody mother f*** Archi!

Chacho Guevara says:

If I may say so, diamonds on a Men’s Patek Philippe, in my humble opinion, is sacrilegious to the craftsmanship and history of the brand. I think that this $300,000.00 watch is made for people desperate for the attention, to them the attention is worth the $300,000.00 price tag. For the money, I rather have the Patek 5004, as you also said you would prefer a perpetual chrono. ” it’s not about the jewelry, the bling factor…its the factor of the movement itself” Well said Arch!

Mark D says:

diamonds add nothing to the watch.

untone 123 says:

you speak like an obese illiterate fuck. get a better mic and stop deepthroating your mic cunt

II3rdII says:

looked awesome when you put it on your wrist Archie, I think that’s way too many diamonds though, def not my taste but still so nice

gnarlysurfingdude says:

I’m wearing my gold vintage Patek Philippe geneve while watching this. Very prestigious watch brand. No one I know has heard about a Patek lol

Awesome Guy says:

patek philippe the plain one

T Baby says:

Your watch is very much less of a watch because it looks like a old man watch compared to the one with all diamonds

ah072965 says:

good vid

IFechi Music says:

trying to get sponsored by these rich jewelers . for my music video

Joseph Verderico says:

Coul you breath any louder ?

Walter Lee says:

looks ok if you’re a 90’s drug dealer or Vegas performer!

Lance White says:

Archie. Sell all your watches and get a deal on the blingy diamond Patek. It looks awesome on your wrist

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

Nautilus is a way nicer watch than the Calatrava in my opinion, but those diamonds just make it look retarded. Not only is it not visually appealing to me (at least not for a man) but it screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I GOT THE MOST EXPENSIVE WATCH I COULD FIND AND COATED IT WITH THE MOST EXPENSIVE MATERIAL I COULD FIND!! For gods sake man, you don’t put 25 inch rims and a turbocharger on a classic Ferrari, if anything those diamonds completely destroyed the value of the watch itself and made it only worth whatever you can scrap it for.

ossimjew says:

There would nEver be an occosio0n to wear it without looking like an absolute fuck wit!

search my vision says:

300k seems over priced for those small of diamonds

Alex J says:

That diamond Nautilus is so gay and ridiculous. Only a rapper like Birdman or Elton John would wear it and that says it all.

Those tiny pave set diamonds on the Nautilus are worth fuck all. Doesn’t matter whether they’re IF or VVS1. Patek are taking the piss.

Diamonds shouldn’t be anywhere near a man’s wrist watch. The only borderline acceptable cases are diamond hour markers and baguette diamonds on the bezel.

Your Patek is in a different league. That’s a watch you can wear with pride. It’s a beautiful item. Whereas anyone who wasn’t black and a rapper wearing that blinged out Nautilus would look like a right fucking tool.

shrekt ogre says:

god can you stop breathing into the microphone. fucking idiot.

Troy Lee says:

Beautiful diamond watch.

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