Top 5 Gangsters & Their Watches – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hamilton & Bulova

On the Urban Gentry channel we often look at movies, celebrities, positive role models, and the watches they choose to wear. Today we turn to the dark side as we look at the top five gangsters of all time and what their choice of watch reveals about them.

In this episode I share Bugsy Siegel’s stunning Bulova and the Patek Philippe that Lucky Luciano gave to fellow boss Joseph Bonanno who was the main inspiration for The Godfather books and movies. We also look at a very special Hamilton timepiece used by John Dillinger to time his robberies, a super classy Rolex that belonged to mobster don Al Capone, and finally, a Rolex in a completely opposite style owned by the king of coke, Pablo Escobar.

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BBnose says:

Do you guys dare to wear their own watches?

no name says:

Don’t even own a watch , But this was really interesting . Going to check out some of your other videos .

Johnathon Castro says:

I’m a gangster in South Florida and I wear a Fossil watch

Jay Bee says:

Cool thx.

Fernando Gonzales says:

17:33 so you’re telling me Pablo was the first person to “ice out” a watch? if so , that’s dope! (no pun intended)

Priyojit Saha says:

casio F91w

SC Brown says:

He must be a British Italian he pronounces Italian words well

J O says:

Have been absolutely busy but Hugo is baaack hahaha I love it! Should do Q&A with him for examole you asking diameters and then Hugo giving the specs etc hahahah. This was an interesting angle. You should do more of these with different “important” and historical figures.

The Jonboy D.i.Y channel says:

Man,this video is really well done! Keep it up!

The Doggy says:

Alllllllll fake lol

Greg Rowell says:

Such a well done video. This is a familiar topic, but done from a unique perspective. Bravo!

John Holder says:

Capone also had pocket watches on vest chain.

clipdrift says:

the patek is the best

Saul Urraca says:

Bugsy and Capone those watches for pure class

Adan Romanoff says:

Excelente video

Don B says:

Watching this channel for the first time and subscribed right after intro. Seriously coolest intro i have ever seen.

Michael Lebowitz says:


Billy Breitling says:

Excellent commentary.

Joe Asuncion says:

Che Guevara wore a ROLEX watch when he died in Bolivia.

Jimbo Star says:

He cooks the steak incorrectly he should reverse sear it

Interior Design says:

Pablo wins fuck the watch all that. Money

Brenick Andrew says:

I actually won Al Capone’s ring in an auction for 2k and I wear it alll the time

Yanai Mas says:

Toni’s watch is the best

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