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If you’re lucky enough to own a Rolex Daytona, you may find yourself wondering where to go next. After all, when it comes to luxury sports chronographs that balance a high-end feel with a laid back informality, there aren’t really too many avenues to go down—most other watches either lean more towards function, or the other way, to luxury. Maybe there is nowhere to go? Maybe—until now.

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A-001

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Geoff Longford says:

After a daytona…?
I wouldn’t buy anything that crass.

Bill Clifton says:

Everything from Patek is just amazing.

A. M. says:

the “overseas” panda

frieswithmayo says:

Speedy 321.. and then Patek 1463

Seth Moyer says:

Wow, a Seiko 6139 but incredibly expensive and almost 50 years later! Where do I sign up?

Tony Hill says:

I don’t get AP or PP at all. Lange, JLC, Zenith do more attractive chronos.

eco8gator says:

The travel time is the best Aquanaut.

I would not even consider this because there are so many better chronographs out there.

I think this PP looks like an old Seiko 6139.

SpaceG95 says:

I am new to this this channel and truly enjoy. My only complaint is that the videos are only in 1080. Watches of this caliber should be recorded in the the highest quality

Robert Ellul Micallef says:


Danny Wong says:

This is the one, but again, it’s a watch on long waiting list that at the moment, money can’t buy 🙁

Tomas Longa says:

Fantastic review of a fantastic watch. Thank you!

mateo beeney says:

can you review the Van Cleef and Arpels planetarium watch?

Przemysław Jan says:

What kind of lense did you use to do those cool closeups ?

Watch Geek says:

When a YouTube channel has access to incredibly beautiful watches AND equipment and knowledge to capture that beauty you get THIS!!!
AMAZING video as always, and personally never liked the AP ROO although I am a huge fan of the AP RO Jumbo. If it had to be a Chronograph I would definitely choose this over the AP, if not, the regular RO would beat the regular Nautilus in my collection

Bogdan Bălan says:

Hi, would love to get your thoughts on JLC Polaris range.

Aasa yo says:

If it’s around 30k, I’ll do it
But close to 50k … no way
I’ll go with others in Patek or other brands

mrjoeyzaza says:

A VC Overseas. The lack of a running seconds hand is a dealbreaker for me and frankly, the Aquanaut is barely attractive in its original iteration, but this one is homely.

Ricardo Vallot says:

My next watch after the Daytona is the Pepsi GMT

gmshadowtraders says:

Does it hack? Sorry just trying to decide whether to get this or a $400 Seiko

rhodesiano says:

Another interesting watch to buy after the daytona is the grand seiko spring drive chrono…

Big Picture Thinking says:

Eh…..maybe for 1500 or so.

Paul Akradejadhama Walker says:

Still on the hunt for Daytona Steel white dial…. 🙂

Alfredo Rivera says:

I would like to see a review of the Omega Speedmaster with moonphase in color blue either in steel or in ceramic, thank you!
This channel is in my top 5 of YouTube it’s great

eRZé says:

To begin with, I wouldn’t move to the Daytona so there would be nowhere to move on from. 🙂 As for sporty PPs, I’ve always liked the Aquanaut better than the Nautilus with its silly “ears”. However, if we as watch fans criticize $1,000 watches for a mismatched date wheel we shouldn’t let PP get away with it so: PP, you are lazy bastards, put a color-matched date wheel on your big-buck watch.

rhodesiano says:

Personally i would much rather have a patek 5170P than the Aquanaut chrono. I think it is almost perfection. And i also think it looks like the Daytona’s big Boss. I had a Daytona in the 2000s and i have an aquanaut, but the 5170p just makes me shiver and shake with excitement. Absolut presence and balanced beauty.

H Jones says:

Rubber straps on such nice luxury watch only cheapen their inherent worth. Why don’t they make a strap from paper or garden twine?

SpaghettiKillah says:

I would take this over that fugly AP Offshore anyday

M. Milo says:

There’s no way you can convince me that non-crazy people think this incredibly stupid-looking watch is worth the money. For that dough, you can get legendary watches which look WAY better.

Greg Arends says:

A stunning watch. Why after the Daytona ?, get it right now !

G V Thiriet says:

PP anytime !

scott satren says:

The Stern family has done more for horology then most people realize. As for AP, god forbid if you ever need service, the most horrendous customer service ever, too bad A Lange doesn’t make a true sports watch as that is the true equal to Patek, of coarse this will become a true classic in time.

Robert Sullivan says:

I really can’t get into reviews like this when the watch is so wildly expensive.

Jasan Dhakan says:

Can you review the Hamilton Khakhi x-wind, also is this a collectors watch

Robert Tanaka says:

Who is the narrator? I sleep to his voice and I’d like to know his name

O Bud says:

VC Overseas chronograph is a better option!

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