This IS a $50,000 watch: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 Review

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 Review | Horology House

We have reviewed and dissected some of the best watches from some of the worlds biggest watch brands, pieces from Rolex, Tudor, Grand Seiko, Omega, Seiko, and Moser are amongst some of the wonderful pieces we have featured.
The watch we are taking a look at today though is in a different league, today we are taking a look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus, reference 5726, its a sports watch from the brand that I think sits at the very pinnacle of modern watchmaking.

I also think that you will find the differences between a watch from this brand, and say a Rolex, or even some of the brands previously mentioned, quite interesting. Especially at a macro level.

More details at Patek Philippe:

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Joseph Stuart says:

Fuck I love this watch! Though I’ll probably never own one it is still hard not to be thoroughly impressed with this work of art!

Víctor Pacheco Latoja says:

Nice grail watch! For now my grail is the Omega Railmaster!

scott storkamp says:

The only mechanical watch that Jony Ive, designer of the Apple Watch, owns and admits he likes better is his Nautilus

CrimFerret says:

You have got to be kidding! The finish on that movement is horrible for the price point this watch is at. There are machining marks all over the place. This is a low end watch for Patek and they don’t put nearly the effort into them that they do for their high end pieces. They really should follow Rolex and use solid case backs on these. I guess as long as people are snapping up pre-owned at twice retail, they don’t have to. Still, get any watch from A. Lange & Sohne, Jaeger LeCoute, or even Glashutte Original and compare and then tell me how well finished you think that Nautilus is. Oh and at that price point you’ll get precious metal and a nice strap instead of that crap integrated bracelet. Patek should really contract those out to Rolex or Grand Seiko or something. Their bracelets are embarassments. It’s probably a cheap dig to mention this doesn’t even have hacking seconds, but I’ll take it anyway.

andrewst12 says:

Amazing macros Chris, love the music too, you have come a long way since your first video hah

crybabyteamo says:

I dunno man. Enjoyed the great video with all the magnificent shots as usual, but I just can’t get myself to like the Nautilus lineup. As much hype as there is about the watch, I just can’t see how the watch is attractive. I mean…it’s a Patek, of course the craftsmanship in itself is worth admiring, but looking at the amazing historical references, the 530 & 5070, the 2499, and many more , I really can’t see how this is “up there” with them in terms of the generally agreed popularity. That said, everyone I know and talked to have been mesmerized by the watch, and I just can’t share that enthusiasm.

8rick1ane says:

i still prefer the industrial look of an AP royak oak

Balkan88 says:

just pure class

Matthew Moore says:

My grail; ALS 1815!

jason starek says:

The content and quality just keep getting better. You have a fan.

jyz008 says:

Where do we post the questions for the Q&A?

Johnny Guitare says:

Absolutely awesome watch, amazing macro shots. If it’s yours, you’ve done extremely well. I am a big fan of the 324 annual calendar movement, particularly in the 5396R Calatrava with Breguet numerals. In the Nautilus, it just makes the watch so much more interesting than a 5711, which I find a bit boring in addition to currently being substantially over-valued. The 5712 and 5726 are the best iterations of the Nautilus in my book, the former being a bit dressier while the latter is sportier. As compared to GS, I don’t know if PP is substantially better in case / dial / hands finishing. Where it would be superior is the movement, which has a higher degree of intricate hand finishing and decoration. Not sure, though, that it beats A.L&S in that department. Now, A.L&S does not offer any model resembling a 5726, so it’s truly in a class of its own.
Grail watch: you might have guessed from the above that I am partial to A.L&S over PP, so my grail would be either the 1815 Chronograph in rose gold / black dial, or the Lange 1 Moonphase Day / Night in rose gold / silver dial.

Matthew Moore says:

You have been doing this for what, 5 months?? You’re already the best, you better slow down.

L B says:

Amazing time piece! Definitely a grail and I prefer 5726 over the 5711. The 5726 on the bracelet is the way to go!

JP Melbs says:

Another cracking Video, Chris. Those macros are incredible! Certainly an icon, the Nautilus. I personally much prefer a Royal Oak or if it has to be Patek, an Aquanaut. The hype around the 5711 is insane and I’d never pay that much for a stainless steel watch. Would love to see a review of the AP 15400 or VC Overseas 4500v.

james lovie says:

Tremendous intro. Cheers.


Absolutely love this watch. Certainly a grail for me. Love the content you have on this channel. Keep up the good work ✅

Michael Sutejo says:

Man what a review and watch, thanks for such an awesome vid yet again m8.

J. Baumgardner says:

10/10 review and video keep up the good work!

TheFizzy08 says:

Hey chris, great video, new follower and really impressed by your content. You should collaborate up with Urban Gentry.

Azza K says:

The video was great mate. well done & keep up the excellent work. just pan those macro shots a little slower please…

Keegan McGlynn says:

Congratulations on easily the best filming on a watch video that I have ever seen.

bagus prasetio says:

Wow you’ve really stepped up the detail of your video

Amintas Neto says:

Couldn’t agree more the 5726 is probably the most balanced Nautilus

André says:

“For all about the watches, I salute you!”
 “For all about the watches, I salute you!”
 “FIRE”: PUM!”
 “I salute you AUSTRALIA!!”

Heru Hou says:

I really loathe to say this but Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211 and SBGH267 do gleam more than it. GS polishing, hands and indices looks noticeably superior to it. Its hand seems hollow and lacking substance. Its indices also aren’t finished to GS level. How come this Nautilus looks this dull..?

Erfan A says:

Mate that is my Grail right there! I think they’ve nailed the colour of the dial and those angled indexes are just to die for! One thing I didn’t know but really appreciated was the little fold over clasp integrated into the deployant! Excellent video btw!

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