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A few years back, Patek Philippe introduced a watch from which the world’s press collectively recoiled: the Calatrava Travel Time 5524G. At 42mm and in white gold, it’s a big, heavy brute of a watch, a far cry from the elegance and reserve we’ve come to know of Switzerland’s most prestigious watchmaker. It’s safe to say that no one really gets why Patek Philippe made it, but I can tell you that the brand itself does, and here’s just the thing to prove it: the Patek Philippe Aquanaut.

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Brian Lloyd says:

Great video, beautiful watch!

John Solo says:

Will you guys please review more Sinn watches?

Randal Ford says:

This guy could sell ice to an Eskimo… love these videos, keep it up!

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Patek Philippe strategy is to be innovative, inventive and inspiring, that’s why they are always one step ahead

MrJKL Foams says:

This guy could sell scrambled egg triple the price and people would still buy with a smile.

Steve chernick says:

I was fortunate enough to try one of these on as a good friend is a collector and owns one. It wears so sublimely on the wrist. Understated by todays standards for sure.

Johnny Guitare says:

For me, the Nautilus is a dress watch on a metal strap, but I struggle to understand what the Aquanaut is trying to be. Neither qualify as real sports watches given they pack a relatively fragile movement also found in basic Calatrava’s. The Aquanaut has, externally, all the attributes of a sports watch, but I feel sorry for those who think they can subject it to the same conditions as, say, a Rolex Explorer.

The other thing that’s shocking is how poor the finish of the dial is:
– the irregularity of the printing at 2:25
– the irregularity of the lume application at 3:55
– dirt under the seconds hand at 4:02

It’s frankly unacceptable at this price point. I’ll take any Grand Seiko over this particular Patek reference any day of the week.

Iluvatar Gott says:

I love the watch

Ahmet Tanriverdi says:

Is this a fake Patek?
2:22 (letters of “patek philippe”) 3:56 (Lume) 4:02 (rusty seconds hand?)

Gerald wood Ny says:

The quality of this channels content is unbelievable…

Mike Hiteshew says:

This is the only PP I actually feel drawn to.


Was ugly back then still ugly now with a rubber strap the looks like a tire

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews says:

*The Old Wealthy Mans Submariner*

Andre 1,000 says:

Another fantastic video. Macro photography was amazing!

As far as the watch, it is the perfect daily watch. It’s hard to believe how good it is until you spend time with it.

Boban Joseph says:

Could you please review the Van Cleef &Arpels lady Arpels Planetarium

xX Xx says:

Bring back the Piano opening!!!

Stefan Kalchev says:

Sorry, what did you just say ..

Al N says:

Thank you very much for the video. You’re absolutely talented.
On top of a wonderful video – reference to “goes to eleven” was particularly fascinating given a context of a more informal culture of kids listening to Nirvana. The phrase itself comes from an mockumentary (one of the first in its kind) – This is Spinal Tap.

Alan1234x says:

The watch has the name but this watch does nothing for me.

mzamroni says:

AP Royal oak and VC Overseas looks much better

miguel angel de la fuente says:

Adoro la marca Patek ,pero este modelo está muy insípido.

Andrew Hughes says:

Kate wins let wouldn’t share? Haha ha

Frantisek Kurcik says:

The 90’s were pretty relaxed? Maybe, you missed the Yugoslav wars and 140000 dead while you enjoyed the safety of UK. Sorry for being this negative, but your comment started me up. The Aquanaut is my favourite watch btw.

afarhan21 says:

Rubber strap on a Patek. Wonder if its synthetic or natural rubber.

ArmArmy88 says:

Ugly watch no matter how this guy with a British accent says

JayeBird says:

This would be my go-to watch, if I could afford it. Another great review, thanks!

Maz fosters says:

I am sure if he reviewed a Swatch we would be just as amazed. A gift in convincing

Terry Whitworth says:

Great video, educational and entertaining.

amyloidse fibrose says:

I love this watch

chikpom says:

this guy can sell me a tattoo on my wrist over a watch

trumpicus maximus says:

3:58 50k and they cant even get the lume on right. Then again look at the apple cult, those people will buy anything with apple on it.

Slapshot 007 says:

Enjoy all these videos but have just one (genuine) question for you, watch finder. . . Does the voice actually belong to the hands in the video? Or,is it a hand model and a separate voice over person? It’s been bugging me!

Rich Lizan says:

Keep it up, absolute best watch reviews on YT.

Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin says:

It still… isn’t my cup of tea…

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