The Watch Insider | Patek Philippe, F.P. Journe, Audemars Piguet, and More Fine Watches!

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Brian Govberg is back (with a live studio audience) this week! Tune in as he and Tim discuss some brands such as F.P. Journe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and Patek Philippe. With Brian’s watch trading know-how and Tim’s in-depth knowledge of the mechanics, you won’t want to miss all the watch talk that’s going down!




Don Rogan says:

Think I finally understand this show.
Brian wants to get a new watch but can’t decide what to get. Goes to vault, picks out some pieces he likes. Brings them to the set and spends the next 30 minutes listening to Tim listing the pros and cons. Show ends. Brian takes home new watch.

The Gorn says:

Great show gents

Amintas Neto says:

Great watch talks guys.
That Neptune is really cool at the end of the day!!


sean justice says:

Does it blow anyone else’s mind how Tim (watch god) Mosso can remember all the references and the details of watches

City of Gentlemen says:

On older RO’s, why does the linear brushing on the bezel always seem like it gets smudged and loses it’s brushing? It’s not scratches but rather looks like blotches that loses the linear brushing. This was true on my 14790 that was never refinished.

jayceh says:

Hey guys, great content as usual. Just want to let you know currently your app is unusable.
Judging by the reviews recently I’m not the only one.
You search a watch to see the price trend and it crashes – not occasionally, but rather every time.
Hope you get it fixed soon, it’s a great idea of a product.

jishnu renugopal says:

I’m with you guys regarding AP RO sizes. The 41 is far too large. I’d go so far as to say that AP should really be focussing on the 37mm variant.

bg18871 says:

I like how Tim keeps plugging watches that govberg doesn’t carry! I hope Rob sent him something nice for Christmas.

p n says:

I hope baselworld 2019 the make a dd37 or 38mm the dd40 is to big.

christoffer pedersen says:

goodmornings …..nice to wake up to a morning coffee talk …..
would it be possible for you guys to start a bit earlier …..?? like 11 am or 1 pm east coast time ?

Un-Named Trucker says:


Petar Babac says:

so what exactly is Brian’s Job? Is he just the owners kid or…

six and a third inches sixteen centimeters says:

Thanks Tim and Brian, always glad I logged on. Brian’s FPJ Resonance and AP 39mm chrono, nice all in two watch collection right there.

JM Sullivan says:

Great vid. The rootbeer rolex is a knockout.

John Jennings says:

Only Tim can come up with this – “thrusting lugs” on the Zenith.

Bart Kluczkowski says:


David Datura says:

It seems that Patek, Rolex and maybe Omega are the only brands that still have yellow gold variations in their ranges?

Duncan Keable says:

another fascinating show, well done guys

Jari Norvanto says:

I always thought of two-tone as a pretentious compromise. Today it may be a style instead. But transforming the pretentious compromise into a style may actually be pretension…

A- Wall says:

Great show guys!

Jake Roth says:

Get ready for four thousand UHHHHHMS

Mathew Bennett says:

Small suggestion. When showing a watch always show it right side up. That would mean you will need to put in on backwards for you so we can see it appropriately. Other than that love the show.

Joe Cuce says:

I was thinking that the new 321 movements would devalue the vintage Omega offerings too but you bring up a very good point about replica vs original. Very cool perspective

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