The Iconic Patek Philippe Calatrava – A Perfect Gentleman’s Dress Watch – Review Of Ref. 3919

In today’s watch review we take our first in a series of videos for 2017 looking at the legendary Swiss brand Patek Philippe. I thought the best place to start would be with their best selling flagship model, the Calatrava. This thin, minimalist iconic manual wind dress watch (ref. 3919) personifies many aspects of the haute horology watchmaker and has an equally interesting story of how it came to be. This understated luxury watch could very well be one of the most perfect dress watches for the modern gentlemen.

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Herman Ingram says:

Conservative is a good thing.

MrZlooze says:

Great show! Informative and entertaining, as always!

Svetoslav Popov says:

looks like a kickstarter 100$ watch 🙂

Simon Fan says:

Wow… why are there so much hate towards this watch?
I’m just baffled the amount of people are comparing this watch to Orient, Seikos, et cetera.
It’s a completely different league, materials used, and history.

Pannonian Fit says:

you said it best……to younger generations raised on smartphones and LCD screens this type of dress watch no matter how complex it is, just boring

Divyansh Mishra says:


Do you have a Vaccheron in your collection?!

Michele Calò says:

WOW! things are getting pretty serious, eh?
Well deserved, my friend. Fantastic review for one of the most “pure class” watch out there! Hope you can still get your hands on the other models you mentioned!

Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Greg Sherlock says:

What a beautiful watch, not for me though. Like many high end dress watches, I can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship and the history. But I can’t help it wouldn’t last too long at the beach!

Tommyturtle1961 says:

Nice review. I have one, I bought it new just after they brought it out. I have a big wrist, but this still looks gorgeous. I like the fact it is so understated. For very formal wear its perfect. One of my ‘keep forever’ watches.

redcapote says:

Thank you so much for the history of the Calatrava. I’m Spaniard and had no idea that this payed homage to Calatrava, Spain. It’s beautiful.

Danny McCann says:

Coming from a guy who follows penny bids on ebay lol

Kitchen Trout says:

One of the few Patek watches within reach of mere mortals.

Darren Cain says:

lovely watch. It would look perfect on a burgundy lizard strap.

Bochie Cimos says:

what is the name of the song on the intro?

ThuleFilm says:

Calatrava is a real aristocrat among wrist watches, price tag keeps plebs away ;)) Next do a vid about railroad inspired watches!

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa says:

Amazing, but the kind of watch you’d only wear with formal wear, for maybe even a with a suit (modern made/post1950s style), it’d look too formal. That’s why I wear a Rolex DateJust most of the time, for it matches all my clothing except work out wear (although I wear mine with track suits for that mobster look hahaha). I’m a Rolex guy, but if I ever get a Patek, a Nautilus it shall be.

93Gloriam says:

Really nice review of this iconic watch.
Liked and subscribed your channel immediately after watching this.
Very well done, greetings from Germany and thanks for your videos. 🙂

Mike Nguyen says:

What a beautiful watch but I hit the same problem – for the price, I could get my grail and at least one more watch.
Still stunning

Mcmüller Müller says:

Could you take a look at the cartier drive? Greetings from Germany!

James Buckingham says:

I love ya man, but I hate that damn squale! But I love that you love it, that’s what it’s all about. Just bought myself a Bulova moon watch – should check it out. JB. SE LDN UK

Michael Bolton says:

Lovely to see such a high end watch. For the money no chance, to minimalist and no hacking, come on such pedigree deserves the basics .
Thanks TGV great video

Lloyd Garth says:

Too pricey, mate. A watch for old befuddled wannabe aristos. But it had to be reviewed and I think you were too polite or diplomatic about it. The intro however was well-done.

Бесей Нургалиев says:

Tristanoo! I would really like to see a video further on the Patek 🙂

Craig r says:

new spaceview

João says:

Was In Genéve last week. Sadly the Patek Phillippe Museum was closed for maintenance. Hope I get another chance to visit it! Lovely city by the way, and, of course, trully the horology aficcionado dreamland.

Keep up with the excellent work TGV.
Best Regards,

Anthony SJB says:

not quite a world time is it though!

pim1234 says:

You can buy this one, second hand, for 7000,- eur

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