The Cheapest Cartier Tank & The BEST Patek Philippe World Time Watch

Answering your questions LIVE!
Patek Philippe World Time vs. Nomos Zurich?
Best Womens Watches?
Why don’t our watches come on our custom straps?
What would we do differently if T&H restarted this year?

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Today, Christian takes some of your questions LIVE via our Instagram (@theoandharris). Our first question regards what some of the best women’s watches are, and the easy answer is Cartier Tank Solo because of just how refined it is and how iconic the Cartier brand has become, without diving into the world of solid gold Tank Louis models that can be upwards of $10k more. Next, we address what we believe to be the best world timer, and the Patek Worldtimer is definitely an option, especially the previous generation models that seem to be decreasing in value as time goes on. Lower down the pipeline, you’ve got options like the Nomos Zurich Worldtime which, technically, is a GMT, but it still offers a lot of the same visual presence.

Someone asks why we don’t sell our watches on our T&H x Jean Rousseau straps and the answer is simply cost, and the way that cost would impact the pricing of the watches and, by extension, the consumer experience. If Christian were to start T&H over again today? Mostly just doing things quicker, such as getting a studio together sooner and planning videos quicker. Still, given how things have gone overall, it’s hard to say we’d actually do them any other way.


Ben Jager says:

Please do a video: OFF TOPIC – wardrobe tour!!

Luciole Dizerot says:

I don’t like the idea that a watch is good value only because it is less expensive than another watch that is not at all related or similar. The value of the Patek should be judged based on the watch itself and comparable watches from competitors, not based on the fact that Daytonas are overpriced

Kurtis Swaine says:

I’ve recently subscribed here channel and really enjoy it. I love all your opinions about vintage watches rolex Cartier and all the other brands. I’d really like to know what you think about Bulova.

Oğuz Han says:

I won a Tshirt too. I can confirm that they are one of the highest quality Tshirts in my closet. So they are worth buying them, provided that you like T&H.

MrJeronimo94 says:

Where is the jacket from ? 🙂

pilotstyle123 says:

Im close to buying a rootbeer 126711 CHNR but I have a little voice in the back that is whispering “Its not the most elegant twotoner of all time, it is a show-off bling fest. Can I get some second opinions on that please?

Garrett Janssen says:

My coworker has the Nomos Zurich Worldtimer. Super distinctive in an advertising office filled with Apple Watches. Also our sister agency is called Zenith which is just begging for a collab.

Hector Rios says:

The watch straps are nice! I picked up 2 of them. Good quality for the price. Would I recommend them? yes 100%


How bout a video doing a close look at your straps, explaining exactly how it’s special compared to other straps. In my mind, it’s just a very simple watch strap – two pieces of leather sewn together. How could there be that big of a disparity between it and cheaper straps?

WhatHappendNext says:

Ok advance apologies for being a faceless internet troll but does anyone else feel like he comes across as a douche bag?

BK H says:

Do your tee run true to size?

Luke Watson says:

Shirt should say “Wanna shuck?”

Joey Fadel says:

The only Cartier Tank that does not look like it was made for a chav.
Chav is a Britsih slang, you can look up the meaning.
Christian, you know how I feel but this is the ONLY tank worth buying .
The gold versions are also great.

kongmw says:

That oyster date insiders joke is legit funny on a T-shirt.

ElimRem says:

Cool Taxi Driver outfit.

Maurie Barnes says:

Love the energy and passion for what you guys do.

Buwsur says:


C. W. says:

Does anyone agree that WED 20 looks great on a day date complication?

Venus Dee says:

Just to comment on you mentioning you would have gotten a studio much quicker. Though the quality is much better, I enjoyed videos made in the car. It made me feel like we the viewers are just hanging out with you.

mrg1911 says:

Phirst….I’d prefer a simple Calatrava….white gold….

NikkenMagboyGAMING says:

I do believe that the Tank Solo, even the entry level model, is one of the classiest timepieces available at the moment and a watch that dresses up its wearer exceedingly well.

lucarsmyself says:

“Wanna bone?” I laughed really hard right now, my boss noticed it and got curious… and now we’re talking watches. Thanks, T&H!

Steve Fournier says:

Problem with Patek is that they don’t sell at pre-owned wish prices. They ask, but no one buys them. I’ve seen Patek watches in windows for months, and the one I want has been there for over 2 years now. I made an offer, but of course 50% knock down is not good. So he can keep it for another year or more. Good luck.

mrg1911 says:

I find it interesting that folks think the bezel on the new Steel BLRO is pastel or faded….
YET….people trade the old aluminum beezals. (Yes I said beezal)….like they are desirable.

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