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In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into a $35,000 Patek Philippe that is worth every. Single. Penny. (Photo of it’s – in our opinion – more cluttered newer sibling, here )

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*** Patek Philippe 3940; The $35k Watch That’s Worth Every Penny | RANT&H ***

In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into a $35,000 Patek Philippe that is not only worth every penny, but is also his grail.

The piece in question is the Patek 3940, a 36mm yellow gold perpetual calendar that is, by all accounts, a work of art. It was produced starting in 1986 and ran until 2006, giving the reference a 20 year, uninterrupted production run, and it came dead in the middle of the quartz crisis. Instead of selling off or selling out like so many other brands did, Patek doubled down and produced this – an ultra complicated, ultra slim (9mm thick!!!) watch with no semblance of letting the rest of the industry knock it down. We at T&H love an underdog, and perhaps this is one of the best.

Then there’s the dial, which is so absurdly simple that it almost makes the complication look less, well, complicated. Depending on the metal of the case, it can appear everything from pearl white to cream colored, but whichever the color may be, it still maintains a very discrete font and super clean layout, all of which help to make it the most classic, unassuming calendar watch Patek has made in the “modern” era, if you ask me.

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Ian Long says:

I’m not a fan of that Patek dial at all, to me the indices are completely unbalanced top to bottom

Jason Chan says:

I just bought a 3940R in Hong Kong and it cost me 420K which is around 53K USD and I couldn’t find any cheaper ones. Remember I said Rose gold not yellow gold good day

Dan Jackson says:

Love the video… I’ve noticed in the last couple like this that you have been looking off camera a lot… I’m guessing it’s because you’re connecting with whoever is behind the camera but I think its a bit distracting in the video. I hope you don’t take this as being a “hater” I just thought a bit of constructive criticism might help.

Thanks for the great videos and keep up the good work.

Watch Destroyer says:

But it doesn’t have a seconds hand.

Tim Schubardt says:

I know it sounds weird, but I personally prefer the 5035, altough its only an anual calender.:)

Mel Reacher says:

so stupid

Kieren Moore says:

First. 😛

דן שלמה says:


Bob Wilson says:

So many good things about this video: great new t-shirt design, absolutely beautiful watch, and the pinnacle of wealth references: “Scrooge McDuck money”. Actually laughed at that one. Great video Christian and team.

gamebred26 says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t like it? Way overcomplicated ..too busy…not balanced dial. Idk.

William Tracy says:

I might trade all of my watches for that Patek. Probably not though I’d lose out on gold lol. That’s def nicer than any watch I have but I have at least 10 gold watches. Hmmm, still might trade but there is some vintage watches I’d miss for sure.

Redbirdsfan1970 says:

The cyclops is one of the reasons I am not a Rolex fan. 🙁

senfnas says:

Video starts at 1:35

highnrising says:

What’s the warranty on these perp calendar watches? Seriously–For how long do these things keep running before they need to be fixed or overhauled?

Matt McLoughlin says:

Great review! Does the Cyclops shirt have the T&H logo on back, centered? If not, it should! Would be siiiiiiick.

Daniel Katz says:

Dont you knooooooooowwww its family day? In Toronto….oh wait a minute yrrr in the Us of Jersy

Roberto Sánchez says:

Theo, your assistant included the wrong picture of the 5140, is was a Celestial with a diamond bezel…

Jonathan Fong says:

Good look Christian with all the new merch!

casualsuede says:

1986 Patek Phillipe or a 2014 porsche boxster…..I’d know what I’d buy…..oh yeah I already did.

Nick Beard says:

Hey what size tee are you wearing in this?

Stewart Novinger says:

I am surprised that watch only costs $35000. I would think a Patek perpetual calendar would be at a much higher price considering what their watches typically go for at auction.

Ignasi says:

glycine airman…

Alex Wasielewski says:

This watch is amazing! I do love my 5327, though 😉

lagus76 says:

Open nine T-Shirt! 🙂

Hype Fitz says:

Is this video a precursor to that Instagram story a while ago about that 30,000 dollar plus pay pal transfer

Calo Q. says:

Glicine Airman, the first GMT. The watch of the vietnam pilots had a 24 hr dial.

Neil Shah says:

I was really hoping he would say 35 dollar watch worth every penny but nooo he just had to throw the “k” at the end of it. Should have known better

Daniel Katz says:

Correction U.S of Jersey

Colin Chan says:

Great vid. You might want to look for the first series of a PP 3940. It’s really perfect

Peruvian drummer says:

this oldly looks like TGV new AP

Venus Dee says:

Hey Christian. Must ask a question for some insight. Just like you, I love Rolex (specifically the Datejust). Owning a Datejust myself as my grail, would you ever trade your first Datejust to aid in the cost for a different style DJ (or in your case because you like the DD) or a DD? Or is the sentimental value of “The first” mean too much to you? My issue is in 2016 I bought my grail, 116234 silver dial jubilee. All my life I knew I wanted the current reference to that version with a champagne dial (similar to my dad’s DJ) but the closest theh had was silver dial. Maybe a year to 6 months before me making the purchase, my interest started to lean towards the TT 116233 with champagne dial because it just seems like the ultimate DJ to me but I liked both references equally and the 116234 cost less so I went with it (would have had to wait a bit more for the TT). I like both equally and the 116234 goes with my normal wear better (WG wedding band, Silver wrist bracelet on right arm, silver neck chain) but the 116233 screams top of the top to me. What do you think?

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