Rolex & Patek Philippe Waits: Richard Mille On Trial; Swimmable Dress Watches From Omega, Sinn Rolex

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Watches Tonight with Tim Mosso is YouTube’s top luxury watch livestream for watch buyers, watch collectors, and watch enthusiasts. Tonight, we tackle few but pointed topics including Rolex watch waitlists, the same for Patek Philippe, and – more broadly – when to wait for a watch and when to indulge. Tim offers a few points of advice concerning dress watches that can be used for swimming, and we tackle a one-man forensic firefight in the “Trial of Richard Mille.”

Authorized dealers of Rolex and Patek Philippe watches are meeting client requests with tales of months long or years long waits. Popular models like the Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT Master II, and Rolex Submariner are scarce in boutique showrooms. Dealers can only promise a place in the queue for watch buyers seeking satisfaction; the situation only deteriorates if watch collectors are seeking stainless steel versions of Rolex sports watches.

It’s the same situation at the Patek Philippe dealer. Requests for popular models such as the Nautilus 5711/1A, Aquanaut 5167A, and Nautilus 5712A result in promises of a phone call six, twelve, or even eighteen months later. It goes without saying that nobody gets a discount.

What is a watch collector to do? Tim suggests that a few moments of self-reflection can assist watch buyers trying to decide between a disciplined wait and instant gratification. Have you saved cash for the watch? Are you interested in a style, a brand, or a specific model? Have you thoroughly investigated alternatives from other watch brands and model lines? Is the value of a surrogate watch plus the time saved more compelling than the eventual purchase of a delayed Rolec or Patek Philippe?

A viewer queries Tim regarding water resistant dress watches, and Tim offers examples from several of his favorite brands. The Sinn 910 Anniversary rattrapante chronograph is a complicated watch with simple appeal and 100-meter water resistance. A Rolex Day Date easily withstands common water sports, and its rugged base caliber shares architecture with Rolex’s sports watches. Omega offers compelling options from the De Ville collection. Tim reviews his favorites in the course of the discussion.

Finally, our main feature includes a trial of Richard Mille watches. Tim plays both prosecution and defense in a spirited review of the virtues and sins of modern horology’s most controversial watch brand. From the RM011 to Rafael Nadal’s RM027 to Pablo MacDonough’s RM053, we review the watches, warts, and winning formula of Richard Mille all in a one-man Lincoln Douglas forensic spectacular worthy of Perry Mason. If he collected watches.




Light 15 says:

Tim. Couldn’t believe it, you featured my grail watch, the Omega DeVille with annual calendar, copper/brown dial and Roman numerals. Put it on my wrist and almost tempted to pay list!

uclanaldo says:

RM? No thank you. No disrespect to those who love them, but in my opinion, no class. Give me a Lange Datograph, a VC Traditionnelle, or a Breguet Classique any day of the week. Now that is class and style.

WatchBox Reviews says:

Thank you to everyone who watched live and recorded! Remember, there is a link above to win a free vintage Omega Moonwatch, so be sure to enter if you’re in the U.S. For our international viewers, we’re working on a solution for a giveaway watch that doesn’t get us stuck in customs or you stuck with an import duty… to be continued.

John Doe says:

MORE info on that maurice lacroix flyback chronograph and ANY ML with that movement!!!! Thank you

Chris McMillen says:

Would you ever swim in a leather band? If so what would you recommend after care when your done swimming?
Thanks Chris

Alvin Aw says:

Hi guys from Singapore…..

Ian Gault says:

Excellent video as always. My take (for what it’s worth) – ALL mechanical watches are frivolous ways to expend money and are merely items of jewellery in the modern age. The fact that we all have an interest in them (or at least I guess those who take the time to watch these videos and thereafter comment) shows that there are sufficient of us to ensure a whole, largely needless (and I am using the word in its truest meaning) industry can survive and thrive on what we enjoy. The only real question is the extent of each individuals’ extravagance and capacity for expenditure to indulge the passion. This is answered by different manufacturers at different levels of technical and artistic sophistication, price point and desire, none of which are actually interdependent necessarily on any of the others. The main defining differences between individuals are what is considered desirable and what is financially achievable to each one. For some the equation may resolve with Seiko; for some Longines; for some Rolex, or Patek , or FPJ. But for some, it will be RM. All these watchmaking companies exist only to satisfy the desire that has been created and thereafter appeal to those with the financial ability who can indulge it. RM exists because it is successfully answering the needs of its customers and has created the desire amongst others to be part of the RM experience. It is no different for Rolex or any other ‘luxury’ product company. Create desire and answer it with product and service that is expected. The watch world is a better place for the presence of RM in it. In my humble opinion of course.

Zach Blass says:

The cartier santos new release is 100m wr no? Thats a great dress wr piece

Manuel Miguel says:

wtf do u wear glasses like that

Judo Kinkali says:

“In this past-time for the quiet camaraderie and the romance of pre-modern craft tradition.” I love that Marvelous Mosso can so perfectly describe what this hobby means to me. Can’t wait for a Tim Mosso authored book on horology. I’ll be first in line to get it!

r x says:

You only need one watch for life. Buy a rolex president and call it a day.

Juan Moreno says:

I don’t believe Richard Mille is worth the asking prices.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Hi Tim, Thank you for the great show, I was trying to survive till the midnight, but slept on the couch waiting for the show to start (Around Midnight here in Germany). I think my favorite swimmable dress watch has to be the Nomos Club Campus Neomatik, and the Sinn 356 II both with 200m WR. I think RM is so overhyped and overrated, but I think the trend will continue until a more hyped watch comes around, if I had the money for an RM watch, I would get a Greubel Forsey or a Voutilainen or MB&F or even Urwerk for the same money. I hope to see you in Basel World 2019, i will be going as well. Thanks again for the wrist shot mention.
Catch you later on Instagram. Best , Abdul

Juan Luis González B. says:

Hi Tim, I always think of a “dress watch” on a leather strap. Especially wearing a tux. But, to be fair, the Rolex Day-Date can look great and dressy, on a leather strap.

Jay Remi says:

Tim, if ever you go to Basel this year, please do shoot your videos there with something else than an IPhone and with good sound. I know it’s awfully noisy in this type of places but the quality of your videos (especially the sound) suffers a great deal as a result (like it did during your SIHH coverage)

Barts 27 says:

Richard Mille is ugly and a rich boy hype to show off that they can afford it imho. I don’t understand RM at all.

citygreek1 says:

RM is a snake oil salesman,

Slawek M says:

Hi Tim,
Could you tell me or anyone else please about your experience with Eterna in house movements?

David Elliott says:

Good perspective on RM, Tim. Not my cup of tea, but they are distinctive. RM the man has done a great job building and marketing his brand.

Andrew Kendall says:

Thanks for showing my wrist shot. I’ll see you guys in Philadelphia in the summer. Rocky Steps and your fine establishment are on our itinerary.

Airbag1010674 says:

Richard Mille are exorbitantly overpriced.

Adam Ernster says:

Thanks Tim! As always a concise and educational video, particularly the RM segment.

Jack Black says:

I wear richard mille as a cock ring when i bang ladyboys in bangcock. i gotta tell ya – i gotta tell ya, the watch keep on ticking

Noah B says:

Without comparison this is the best watch podcast, thanks Tim!

Louis Padnos says:

Thanks as always, Tim and team.

steven uk1 says:

RM is too expensive yes… The RM005 when it was launched in 2004 was £20K. Today RM is what AP, Hublot want to be and every other brand has tried to copy in particular Hublot. RM design is modern and people like it, the bon bon collection is genius! BUT yes that are too expensive, but doesn’t change they are the best in the world… and G-Shock!

Judo Kinkali says:

Tim is really selling me on getting a Sinn.

Donald Evans says:

Fantastic show thanks for the video.

Un-Named Trucker says:

Woot! Made the wrist shot! Thanks, Tim! – Chaz M.

CK ROY says:

Tim Mosso the grandmaster of horology has spoken, end of……debate. Epic vid.

Double H H says:

The Mickey Mouse wrist shot put a smile on my face. Before I had to hear about RM watch posers.

Jack Black says:


Gioel Molinari says:

The best value in watches bar none is RM004 … same price as the new RM11 junk but APRP … #oldrmsquad

City of Gentlemen says:

Love it or hate it, at least RM is what it is. They don’t hide the fact that their watches are a club and lifestyle. The Wei Koh Hodinkee talking watches episode summed up RM quite well. They are the opposite of CODE 11.59. Whereas 11.59 was all technique and no heart, RM plays on clients emotions. In the world of mechanical art, we more often buy what we love and less on the technical stats of a watch.

While they aren’t my style, I understand what they market and why people love them.

Blair Calvin says:

Great video. Very interesting segment on RM.
As we say in Australia “that bloke is a fair dinkum rip off artist”

pilotstyle123 says:

Dear Tim, I would be interested in when a caliber turns from modified to a new caliber. How far does it have to be modified, can an in-house caliber contain third party materials at all? Some clarification of the borders here would be great.

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