Rolex & Patek Philippe Market Bubbles: Watches To Buy Instead: Vacheron; Rolex GMT; Omega Moonwatch

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Watch buyers, watch sellers, and watch collectors know that Watches Tonight with Tim Mosso is fast-paced fun for fans of the luxury watch lifestyle.

Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and the Rolex Daytona are two of the hottest luxury watches to buy as of fall 2018. Tim discusses why collectors conscious of value or cautious about the future should consider alternatives from Vacheron Constantin (Overseas), the Rolex GMT Master BLNR “Batman” rather than “Pepsi” BLRO, and Omega’s still-accessible vintage Speedmaster Professional 105.012. If shopping for a current generation Rolex Daytona with Cerachrom ceramic bezel, collectors should consider the appealing alternative of a 1990s Rolex Cosmograph Datyona with Zenith El Primeo caliber.

Tim fields questions about bad watch listings and discusses one particularly awful Rolex Day Date listing from the neither regions of the watch sales Internet. Sometimes, a counterfeit watch advertisement can be both awful and hilariously so.

The Titanic is melting away on the Atlantic floor, but long time “Titanic DNA” salvage steel watch proponent RJ Romain Jerome has options in the event that the wreck of RMS Titanic becomes scarce. Tim surveys the wrecks of the RMS Lusitania, SS Andrea Doria, and RNHS Britannic, the Titanic’s obscure sister ship.

Finally, Tim discusses trends in luxury watch collecting that need to end. Trends that need to end include the habit of keeping Rolex caseback stickers and holograms intact against all logic and tents of hygiene; the sensationally awful claims made by watch sellers on eBay and Chrono24; the shameful practice of offering 24-month warranties on luxury watches designed to last 300 years; the deceptive and disrespectful habit of branding customer (i.e., third party supplier) mechanical watch movements with in-house or brand-specific caliber names.

Watch buyers, watch sellers, watch enthusiasts, and watch collectors can look forward to an evening of discussion, zero pretense, and humor on Watches Tonight with Tim Mosso!




Steve Jukic says:

GMT Rolex all overpriced on Crono.

Matt Mitchell says:

I’m possibly buying a sub tomorrow. Should I not be buying one if a redesign is coming?

Jonathan Frost says:

just bought a hulk at list price. I also got the AD to remove the sales tax!

Andreas Larsson says:

Tim i have great respect for your knowledge!I would want to hear your thoughts on the Christopher ward movement called sh21!

Parag Patel says:

Tim you mentioned how a 40-50% price increase in around 2 years or so qualifies as a bubble. By that same measure would you consider the rolex 16710 gmt master market in a super bubble considering they have probably doubled in price (100% increase) over that timeframe?

Cedar Canoe says:

Time Out. Tim Out. You ‘re the best in the business, Tim !

Rico Suave says:

Lots of drug info thanks

Jean Raspail says:

18 to 24 months wait to get a new ceramic Daytona from an authorised dealer?! I wish! Where is that dealer, Tim? Get me on that list!

jaemis boker says:

Can a viewer and fan of your educational shows, who left minimum to none comments, win November 2018 give away watch ? Thank you all great shows.

jumboJetPilot says:

I definitely agree with your sentiment on the JLC Reserve de Marche. JLC’s blue dials are amazing. I’d love to see them venture off into equally as deep variants of green and red dials as well.

Amintas Neto says:

Great show Tim.
Fully agree the in-house mania should end or at least change at a certain extent.
From one hand we see brands lying about their movement origins.
On the other hand most manufactures have been taking the opportunity to inflate their product prices big time just because of that.
In my humble opinion, collectors should care more about the overall quality, provenance and reliability of their timepieces other than just technical details.
Patek, Rolex among others used to have third party movements within their pieces and no one used to care about that.
They even used to (and still) get additional value just because of that.
PPs with Lemania chrono modules, Rolex with El Primeiro movements are good examples.
My 0.05 cents. 😉


Watch Looker Watch says:


The Old Stables says:

Excelent channel

Al Moscola says:

Couldn’t wait to get home a check in, thanks for another great segment. Now like everyone else how do I get my hands on a Pepsi :0)

F Poynton says:

Tim fantastic program. I really enjoyed the wrist shots tonight. The blue denim dial Rolex – so cool so interesting, the UN blue dial just pops with those white indices and red accents and the JLC Polaris – so crisp and highly precise, the 5035 – wow – all just so special. Amazing subscribers.

steven uk1 says:

very good and honest content Tim, why WatchBox is one of the best!

Alfredo Ketterer says:

Tim Mosso, The Man, The Legend

Brian B says:

Great episode, Tim! Especially loved the “trends that need to end” discussion. Couldn’t agree more.

mountainhobo says:

Outstanding episode. You should prepend video title with “Tim Mosso: ” — that would act like a flag to watch it.

Alvin Aw says:

Easily the best watches review program on YouTube….. appricated what Tim & his team is doing. Enlightening watch lover here & far with much knowledge on vast watch maker brands. Thanks u…..

jason starek says:

Loved the segment on secondary markets. And I’ve given a lot of thought to the VC OS Chrono. I was lucky enough to get my BLNR a couple years ago at list from AD.

Brendan Long says:

The daytona is the daytona though.

Khalid Akkad says:

I didn’t want the video to end 🙂

Andrew Steel says:

Disclaimer: adult rating. Rolex mold horror…
Question does your wife, girlfriend or escort hate the smell of your wrist.
Good episode as per usual…..

Luciole Dizerot says:

Those stickers are nasty indeed 😉

Bobby Smith says:

Great video Tim not sure the salvage watch thing is my cup of tea. As far as the Rolex Milgauss i am a fan I reached out to you guys about the black dial one you guys have for sale its on my hit list. Again thanks for the chance to win a Tudor Black Bay.

Jeff Greening says:

Fun while informative!

The Gorn says:

Good to see Clyvers watch/ minataur wrangler back again

Tony Hill says:

Excellent, thanks. All the best channels are run by watch sellers. We know what they and you are about.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Hi Tim , I totally agree on the preowned rolex and patek watches bubble, but i would have had several of them if i sold my bitcoin in time :D. My favorite has to be the VC overseas chrono, awesome underrated watch. Thanks Tim for the wrist shot share, hope you liked my shots :). I laughed so hard on the green sticker on the back of rolexes :D. I hate watch manufactures that use ETA or SW movement and renaming it to another name just to give them a “in-house” naming that might affect uninformed buyers. The warrenty problem is on point, watch makers should improve their services section, while increasing the benefit for the customers. I think the vintage market will boom in the next years, especially for the small sizes 34-39mm, and i think that the fashion inclination is also going this way. Best, Abdul

Burning MrB says:

The blue on the Bat, ain’t the same as the blue on the Pepsi, that’s for sure

Jari Norvanto says:

Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you … (snare drum) … Rolex Gag! Limited to 1 million copies.

jeff mendelson says:

Tim Andrea Doria is under 300 feet down

gmshadowtraders says:

“They employ me, which is a good thing” Lol, Tim the joker!

CrimFerret says:

Great show. I just about fell out of my chair lauighing at Ronald Reagan on the velociraptor. Those watches made with some amount of steel from the Titanic are in bad taste as well as being ugly as hell. I think you’re on the ball with those bubble watches. Wait to buy close to retail or buy something else and trade after the bubble bursts. Finally, JLC really does need to do something. At their upper end they are easily a match for Patek if not better overall. At the same time they have some gorgeous watches at reasonably attainable price points. No offense to Rolex fans, but for what a GMT Master retails at, I’d rather buy a gold Reverso Day/Night.

Watch Aficionado says:

The batman also looks better than the Pepsi…There is a nicer blue with the batman…

dufferjuice says:

I love this show!


Is there a show email for questions and content?

Duncan Leckie says:

Scary got Batman for exact dollar value you threw out there recently Tim ! .. Great advice as always

Kate Mosso says:

lol Tim this show was a hoot. very entertaining! thanks

Brendan Long says:

I really do feel like if migos made a song about the overseas, VC would jump up like crazy. Lol, or maybe whoever is the next Migos. My point is that the horological pedigree and brand cache is there. How long will they be undervalued? You can ask Tim about the quality.

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