Rolex , Patek Philippe – How Grey Market Dealers Get Rare Watches

Rolex , Patek Philippe – How Grey Market Dealers Get Rare Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I am joined by my partner from Delray Watch Supply, John. We discuss how non-authorized dealers get rare watches. Watches like the Rolex Hulk, Rolex Batman, Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus amongst others. Rare watches by Rolex and Patek Philippe that have very very long waiting lists but seemingly can be obtained by other non-authorized dealers. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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Barry island says:

Ad’s could sell every steel sports that arrives without any problems..the issue is all the others in the range..they are the dogs…my local AD gets 75 calls a week from customers wanting the ceramic Daytona and the Sub no date..he gets 3 maybe 4 a year….why would they sell a customer the Daytona at list when they can sell to their Grey Market buddy at 20% over list something he obviously cannot do with his customers as long as he takes a few dogs…AD’s simply cannot survive on the stock they receive on these wanted pieces…

Tony Hill says:

It must be great to have $10K to spend on a Rolex and in return be treated like a puppet. 🙂

highnrising says:

What has the introduction of the 70-hour Pepsi GMT at Basel done to demand for the Batman? Is the price dropping. Is Rolex going to start putting the new, 70-hr movement in the Batman or will they keep the old movement?

Richard K says:

Great video Fed! Very informative!

Mark Playford says:

Interesting stuff guys thanks. Just glad I’m not an AD especially high end! Ha

binkymagnus says:

I’m curious what you think about the companies that sell direct over the internet or through brand boutiques.

OLMEC says:

Great vid….t shirt sux.

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

Fed, this was the best no nonsense description of how the grey market works I’ve come across. I’ve asked dealers, fellow hobbyists, etc. This was the first time I could conceptualize the end to end process. Great content as always.

Paul Hurst says:

Thanks Federico. It sounds like the market is saturated, like cars. If tastes are changing, towards iWatch, etc., the luxury watch market may hit the wall again, like when quartz first came out. It also seems like Rolex operates like DeBeers, creating a marketing image combined with an artificial shortage, to keep prices afloat.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Hey Federico! A question not related to the topic of today’s video:
Can you explain the meaning of your tattoos? or at least tell us what they are? Because I never get to see them well.

brysoga says:

Would it not be win win for everyone if the manufacturers just made the watches that punters want!

Blue Buff Please says:

This was a really good video man. Keep it up 😀

Manama Maaan says:

This is the case for most businesses. When you have more money to spend you can demand/expect more discount

ripperx444 says:

Great video.

maestropogo says:

Great Video, that explain everything. Thank you!

Ruvim stoyan says:

Such a great video. Must be tough for some ADs to survive. Federico, I dare you to make video and tell us what you think it costs Rolex to manufacture a Submariner and what they sell it to the AD for. I am always wondering.


Interesting… It’s helpful to know the background and business.

Balt Whitfield says:

There are two kinds of FTW videos I love. The ones with ridiculous thumbnails where Fed looks like Mole Man having a stroke, and the ones with industry insights like this. Excellent content!

Ben Sona says:

Is it just me or is the volume bad on this video?

Daniel Katz says:

Eye opener, thx guys

ROLEX DJ41 says:

Patek make 50.000 watches not 100k

Ryan Banks says:

Very true statement about being a Rolex client. Rolex itself deals ONLY with ADs. They give no fucks about who buys the watches

Bi0runner says:

Ok I get it, but I have to ask the obvious, Why don’t they make more steel sports models and less Date Justs? Every AD I go into is flooded with 50 DJ’s and nothing else.

American Jedi says:

So is Rolex just pumping out Date justs as a sick joke? Sounds like the demand is shit.

Charles Field says:

Always looking forward to your posts. Never disappoints

Han Thomas says:

I feel I little deflated after watching this and I don’t even know why. Maybe because the realization that to be successful in that business you don’t need to love horology, you just need to be a tough as nails sales guy.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

I would recommend travelling to other countries, for example, i was in Sofia, and in Rolex AD, they had all the sports models, including a GMT II white gold, Daytona Ceramic, Platin and gold, and several submariners. So if you search eastern European ADs, or airport AD

Ahmed Helmi says:

So my question is why brands keep making unpopular models? Why rolex keep making lot of date justs and patek keep making lot of Calatravas?

Frantisek Kurcik says:

Green color on a Rolex watch looks strange. I’m not sure why it’s suddenly so popular.

John Templeton says:

30 seconds into talking of Patek I got an advertisement for there new watch

Bruce Williams says:

Such a great video, well done!

steven uk1 says:

good video… and Rolex do supply the grey-market directly! shameless!

fredo1070 says:

Fascinating, more talk about the business side of watches please.

Mahmoud Ghoneim says:

Sorry Federico but when does consumers stop appreciating a brand that keeps a business model that only cares about AD’s and to hell their end users , personally i have taken a clear decision to pay only what i believe is a fair value , There are 10’s of new great launches every year that are better in every term than Rolex so who cares .
Thanks for sharing this subject openly .

rrp925 says:

Awesome video!!

Gerold At Large says:

Who knows what gets hot when. 2 to 3 years ago one could get a batman without much hassle. It caught on and now is the cool rage. Such is the watch game. Right time, right place, and a good eye before the trend starts.

The Emperor says:

grossly overrated sick and tired of Rolex there is far better out their with out the stupid prices how do i know i own them !!
A great watch gets its value from the workmanship and the various complications, not a bunch of blingy novelty to make them attractive to tasteless rappers, sports personalities et,c. A watch is not meant to be ostentatious, they are meant to be cherished by ladies and gentlemen of good taste. They are not billboards for screaming “LOOK AT ME !”

MashAllahKali says:

If I negotiate with my breitling AD, what the most I could get off list. I’m looking to add the super ocean 2 to my collection

Caseback Watches says:

Thanks, very good explanation. I recently wondered about listings on chrono24 with only one image and the red light on.

Useful Reviews says:

can you guys do more of these types of videos (educational, inside the watch industry type stuff).

they are very helpful. it sets you apart from the thousands of regular watch reviewer dolting on about the newest rolex.

this is very unique and could be your thing. thanks

Jeremy Flynn says:

Hey Federico, Patek is only making 55,000 watches a year currently. Just thought you should know the real number!

aaron schen says:

They really do have to play games to keep a perception of scarcity and exclusiveness. People want some of these watches simply because they are hard to get and Rolex keeps them hard to get to maintain the perceived scarcity. I’m sure Rolex would happily make 100k green subs a year if they could sell them all AND maintain the desirability. It must be a delicate balancing act for them. What do you think their cost of goods sold is on a sub? $1000? I personally would rather have a DJ than any sub and am waiting for these drawer fulls of DJ to flood the market. I 50% admire Rolex for great marketing and branding and am 50% disgusted by it. Porsche are the other masters at this. They do nearly the exact same thing. Want to get a GT3RS allocation? You better sell a shit ton of Panameras first, preferably ones with the 30k worth of near zero cost options.

David Kelly says:

You know they’re in Florida because of the jorts. John looks like he just beamed in from 1996.

Bartosz B says:

Thumb up for SKX009

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