Reference Points: Perpetual Calendar Chronographs From Patek Philippe

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series we’re calling “Reference Points”. In this series, we will be working backwards in a way, to tell all of you newer lovers of horology about some important watches that we feel make up the foundation of modern wristwatches. We’ve tried to give you tidbits of historical knowledge in several of our articles over the years – in particular those from the “Historical Perspectives” category – but now we’re going even further. Today, in our first “Reference Points” feature, we’re starting at the top and explaining to you the entire line of arguably the most important line of a single complication there is – perpetual calendar chronographs by Patek Philippe, from the very beginning. Read the whole story here:


Michael L. says:

I want to say a Jew joke so bad O_O

TheEnigmaticHermit says:

As far as I have seen these are some of the best watches that exist.

El istmo es una porqueria que no deberia existir. says:

Malditos judíos ladrones

Shafir Iqbal says:

Jews not allowed to wear gold! not good.

Fernando Melgar says:

there very nice watches, but not many people can afford this:/

Jezy Jean says:

how many people are subscribed to Hodinkee?

BENEDICT yarahmadi says:


likeris subruknem says:

5165, 5146, 5396, 5070, 5074.

theRealAV8r says:

patek rolex patek patek rolex patek patek patek rolex patek….

…what about TIMEX?????!!!

logwind says:

Enjoyed this very much.

kenektik says:

Why do I need the month on my watch?

wysiwyg248 says:

What happened at 2:07?  The seconds hand stopped at 59?

Duke Wheeler says:

To have a 5970 with the pushers of a 2499 would be a dream come true

pogi migmig says:

Sieg Heil! Casio F91W rocks!

Rashad says:

Arabic numerals are actually Hindu-Arabic numerals. It urks me every time someone calls them arabic numerals.

jdsgfser says:

nice vid. looking forward to more in this series!

Richard Stevens says:

Could we have Omega, Longines, Vacheron, JLC, Oris

Matthäus Kubitza says:

Thank you so much for this! For someone who is just getting the hang of the watch-world this is pure gold. Might I ask how often you plan on releasing these? Amazing work.

Satan's Trilogy says:


Vernon estes says:

Another great video series, keep up the good work. I learn something new with every video.

Mike Brown says:

It’s about time you all posted another vid…nice video!

SR says:

Best watch videos on Youtube. Love those Patek’s.

Luke S says:


avalonmed11 says:

Excellent video as always from Hodinkee.

PandaPower3195 says:

Can someone explain to me why the 5970 is so iconic? I understand that its gorgeous but whats more to it? Im very curious!!!

Madmax88 says:

I have a casio XD

Notorious Nate says:

Yep, that’s the best watches allright. I will collect them once I hit 50s

ditbot says:

5270 is the best IMO (not in this video)

Joe Tseng says:

when watch collectors chatting about those “REF” 546878512197943249798435497844976846549461322127842

nim nim parvin says:

It’s not about telling time you wanna tell time use you Cellphone. its heck of a lot cheaper then your 8K rolex. its about workmanship, Art, Complications.

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