Quick Shoot: My Patek Philippe Collection

Having now worn my first for almost 3-years, I talk about my Patek pieces.


BeautyofScent says:

what do you do for a living?

siddi73 says:

Hi mike, thanks for showing your fantastic collection and keep up the great work. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on a Patek Phillipe watch that I am thinking to buy. I want to buy a PP watch that has a really nice complication, and I would like it to be under 30,000 Australian dollars. I really love the Annual Calendar, like the one you have. The only thing is that I cannot wear gold due to religious reasons. I am aware that there are platinum versions of PP complications, but they all go over my budget( as far as I have found). Do you know of any models that are within my budget and suffices my tastes; or of any dealers that have great prices for their wristwatches? Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Once again, keep up the fabulous work.


Hey Mike. Let me know about that D8T

Chinaman Champ says:

hey, like your pieces, but I think they are too similar. You should get a WG or Plat piece 🙂

Midas Rashid says:

Beautiful watches, I really like the Calatrava. What do you think of F.P Journe?

m4mario says:

Hi, can u please do a feedback video on AP service and how often the royal oak needs service (compared to other watches)? I read bad things about AP durability and service costs.

amana kodum says:

nice love the patek with the simple dial looks so sophisticated

Reinhard Blade says:

Fantastic duo there mike!

Erik Ternsjö says:

Beautiful collection!


A stunning collection. 🙂

Ky Le says:

Your Patek annual calendar is absolutely stunning, you have taken great care of it. Still looks mint even after two years. Great taste in watches BTW..

Alastair White says:

Another fantastic video keep it up I really enjoy watching them. Also from your experience how dose gold fair under daily use compared to other precious metals such as platinum?

Christiaan van Deur says:

Still look amazing. When do you expect first service for either piece?
Keep them both on a winder?

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