Probably my favourite watch brand – Patek Philippe

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Hi Guys,

I didn’t know much about the backstory or history of Patek Philippe, so I thought I’d find out.

Patek Philippe might be my new favourite watch brand. A lot of that feeling is because of the great customer service.

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Tan Trung Nguyen Quoc says:

More walk and talk please. You make me miss London so much

Ishmael Bulbulia says:

If I could kindly have the book.

Grfy Ddgf says:

reference number of the watch in thumbnail??

André Berger says:

I want the book. And my fav would be the Complications Annual Calender Moon Phases. Great channel, btw!

Peter Olsson says:

Patek just leaves me cold. Can’t tell you why. I recognise the effort that goes into making them but I would take a Rolex explorer I over a Nautilus any day…

paul jones says:

book would be lovely…Calatrava white face plain….and I have another question not related to watches or indeed….if you did drop lucky on the lottery…..and not necessarily a big number…..what would be your top three cars to go for…you always comment on nice cars you see in london and always have little snapshots of both classic and sports cars…but what are your favourites you would like to own?

ZawiMC says:

I love the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar ref 3940J 18K Yellow Gold

G. Blackie Blackwell says:

Yes. I would love the book.
My favorite Patek Philippe is the Model 5320G-001 PERPETUAL CALENDAR in White Gold.
Great Channel. Keep up the good work.

larry Simon says:

Interesting vid …………. true horology ? would like to find out more.

Bark and Jack says:

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Robert Hall says:

Book Please and a Nautilus 🙂 You are a legend.

Peter Campanella says:

Would like the book. Currently, aspire to the 5160/500G. The hand engraving is AMAZING!

llanelli311 says:

Was so lucky to be at the Preston’s event last week in Wilmslow.

Paul Silesius says:

Great video, that 5146 looks really good on you 😉

Terry Brigden says:

Overpriced …..

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

I love the PP 5107 in white gold. So classic, so understated. One of my three grail watches. I’d love the book, I live in Montana and nowhere near a PP AD. 🙂

Rohan Jangam says:

Can I please have the Patek book? :3

My favourites from PP are the dress watches which have so much class and then some. Probably one with an enamel dial and a perpetual calendar

Roger Wills says:

Nautilus, hands down

Stu says:

Adrian you should make some videos in/of London in the lead up to Christmas.

Ishmael Bulbulia says:

5960. is amazing.

LionHEart 5 says:

Polish watchmaker love it.

Simon Y says:

Great video Adrian.

Am I the only one who thinks the Nautilus is ugly?

Manuel Gonzalez-Rey says:

Great video. Patek is one of the best. Would love to buy someday the Nautilus with moonphase

Canon Yeo says:

Seen any Patek with a stop second hand?

paul jones says:

great great video….love that Calatrava with plane white face…but 21 grand….yikes…..

Explorer Culture says:

Hi Adrian, I have always been a great fan of Oris pointer date watches. When I recently saw a pointer date in the Patek Calatrava line, I first couldn’t believe it. It surely is my favourite PP model for now. Would love to learn much more through the book… Thanks for your videos!

Sam Grant says:

Glad to hear a change of tune. Now, move away from the fabulous but virtually unobtainable PP, and look at IWC or JLC perhaps – great movements and watches, not finished to the Patek ultra-high standards, but great horology and value particularly secondhand. About £5k gets you the iconic IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Chronograph pre-programmed through to 2499, but you’ll need to adjust the moonphase in about a hundred year’s time. Then we need to get you on to Omega and the George Daniels Co-axial escapement for some truly special British designed cutting edge horology.

Farshad Ghafourpour says:

Love the video! I was lucky enough to get my Patek 5712 earlier this year and I can confirm that the team in the salon on Bond Street are amazing, they can’t do enough for you and nothings is a problem. To answer your question on the service and after sale, if you buy from the salon the first service on your Patek is free. Any other AD will charge you for the first service.

cardigan 32 says:

Simple rugged elegance, it has to be the 5167A – AQUANAUT but I don’t think I’ll live long enough to save up for it! Great channel, by the way, keep it up!

Paul B says:

This is a great video. I recently went to the Patek boutique in Place Vendome, Paris with my 5 year old son. Candidly, I wasn’t really “dressed to impress” but legitimately wanted to learn about particular PP models and see them live. Staff and service couldn’t have been better. They were welcoming and generous and eager to assist. Had a great experience…

fanter trecontatori says:

I really appreciate your contents and your approach behind them. they’re also perfect for keep exercising and improving my english after my work experience in Edinburg!
Oh, yes I would like to have the book and my favorite Patek definitly is the ref. 5270p.
an italian watchguy

Robert Kjellström says:

Great show as always. Have not been looking at Patek that much but i’ll have to say 5711. Never going to get one but like you said, if i win the lottery.

SB SB says:

Rolex is for Plebs and Peasants with a little bit of money, so they can feel a bit better about themselves,Patek if for people who made it .

Pete S says:

Great video about an amazing brand. 100% need a history of Gerald Genta and his impact on watch design. My fav PP is the 5053 officer’s back Calatrava. Timeless design, simple, elegant, and nearly affordable. It’s the kind of watch you could work out some sort of trade for several others in the collection and still be happy you did so.

Carlos Neves says:

Superb video, you touch every point that i feel about the calatrava, and there is one that if i recieve the lotery i will buy it and it is the 5296r-001, and yes i would love to receive your book, superb video!

Eric Pignatore says:

I love their moon phase watches but I have to be honest, I wouldn’t wear that Nautilus if you paid me. I just do not get the appeal of that watch. It looks like a bad prop from some “B” rated 70’s space movie. Just my opinion. That and 5 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

Jim Davis says:

I would love to win that book! I really like that Moonphase/Master Calendar you had tried on. That one would be my choice. I would settle for a Nautilus, though =)

Alison Smith says:

Have absolutely no emotional connection with Patek, but love Jaeger LeCoultre especially Reverso duo night & day.

Jeffrey Wood says:

Patek is an amazing watch brand, so classic and beautiful. I do not like the Nautilus though. The love the complications they put in their watches. My favourite is the 5204R – and an 80’s version of this is what got me interested in watches when I was a kid (having no idea how expensive they were). The books looks really cool and I would love to own it. Thank you for another very interesting video Adrian 🙂

Oli Greenaway says:

I would really love the book. I’m trying to build a collection of nice watch books, however they are really expensive, costing over £100 in a lot of cases. This is the exact kind of book I am looking for. My favourite model of Patek is the REF.2499 as it was worn by my favourite musical artist of all time; John Lennon. It was actually given to him for his 40th birthday, tragically he was shot just two months later. There are pictures of him receiving the watch online, you can tell just how happy he was with it.

Clive Delgado says:

Iam really interested by Patek Philippe and it would be great of i won the book. I live in a small province in the Philippines. All i can do is watch some videos about it. I wish i can win the book and my favorite patek watch is patek philippe ellipsis ref. 3760 it look so gorgeous.

yetidh9 says:

I am totally with you on the 5146 in white gold. It’s my dream watch too. The bracelet is fantastic, but £25k for a used example on leather isn’t unacheivable. What did Michelangelo say about aiming high and missing the target?

Personally I think the Nautilus is massively over valued at this time. I mean £45k on the grey market for 5711/1A is just insane for a steel watch. My friend has one. I’ve tried it, it’s very comfortable, light and slim, but I just don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Maybe if I win your catalogue I can learn more about it.

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