Perfectly Balanced Watch Collection – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, IWC and Jaeger LeCoultre

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In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I review a viewers (Ruk) collection. This gentleman has impeccable taste and a very balance watch collection. With a Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster, Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, IWC Portuguese and a Patek Philippe Nautilus he has almost all the bases covered. Just a gold watch and a complication to add. Maybe another Patek or a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony.


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MrJamescord says:

Hi Federico , new subscriber here, great video. I just got my first watch, a Rolex Daytona in stainless a year ago. My older brother purchased one in stainless in a jewelry store in Texas back in 1977 for $650 dollars. So I wanted one since seeing his. I want to start a collection, so what would you buy if you were a new collector. I am fine with used or vintage. I like going to estate sales and looking in auctions.

Rupert the purple block says:

This video has more views than Federico has subs…that’s so unfair…help the push to 5K and beyond everyone 🙂

Tyler Peacock says:

Will you ever wear a nonwatch

Tizoc Sagoyewatha says:

No such thing as a “perfect collection.” And you do sound like a watch snob. Hhahahahaha! Love your delivery.

император Сэм says:

For the complication you really should go with an independent watch brand like Christiaan Van der Klaauw. They make really interesting complications like the Planetarium, Orion or Hypernova.

Garry Perkins says:

Why not suggest the Jaeger-LeCoultre day-date moon phase as a complication? If not that, the Mont Blanc day-date moonphase? Both are beautiful watches, and frankly, why not a gold Jaeger-LeCoultre day-date moon phase? The one linked below has a power reserve as well (I know ebay, but first link in google machine).

krazer808 says:

Seiko,citizens, casio….built like tanks…..swoooooop

Matthew Maltzoff says:

Rolex Sub, Omega Speed, AP RO, Patek Nautius and Jaeger Coultre is the perfect collection imo

Brian Mcginlay says:

Personally I think it’s really is..Would not sell reverso brings something different to the party ..

Mike W says:

Thanks for the vid Frederico. Nice collection Rock but wouldn’t swap any of those for a good watch, all five are very good and far better than anything in gold, and why limit it to just five pieces, the more the better! Mike

golfbuddy1969 says:

Sell the sub, and get an Overseas!

martin schultz says:

my advice: sell rolex (to ordinary) and sell IWC (its not an in house movement and its so over rated) You need to get a complication in there. Buy JLC master calendar which also secures you a date watch (which you dont have). Also I think you are missing a GMT watch. Bue a rolex GMT master nipple dial solid gold brown leather strap.

Horology Blog says:

Just an update. I sold the IWC and bought an AP 15300! still no gold watch or complication. Will keep the Reverso for now and see what other options come up 🙂
Really enjoying the comments.Thanks again to Federico

johnnypenisburg says:

Sell the JLC, sell the IWC, get an AP 15300 RG with strap.

Peter L says:

Nice collection but I would look to consolidate. Keep the Sub and 5711 and move the rest for a Royal Oak or FPJ.

Lycosa says:

Love this collection, epic!!! :O :p!

PATEK PHILIPPE NAUGHTYLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂

Its just very black and white collection. no colour. conservative msotly. I like the watches all of them I like actually. and thats rare. Oh is the nautilus blue dial? thats good. its just dark blue or so

Fierce Krypton says:

10:30 it annoys me when you talk about watches and dont show images of them.

John Salevurakis says:

I would sell the IWC (already have a nice Chrono) and the Sub (Why not when you have the Patek) and use the funds to buy a pre-owned Pepsi or Coke GMT and, if I really wanted a gold piece, a pre-owned patrimony or (perhaps even better) the new 37mm Lange. Done.

Robbie O says:

Fully agree with the assessment. For complication, I would urge something personal and possibly independent. Ochs and Junior, Sarpaneva, Moser, Schaumburg. Let it be your art piece. Dress watch, Patek is the obvious choice. But JLC might be better if you don’t wear it often and don’t want to invest so much in something that won’t get much wrist time.

Ken Deng says:

as soon as you read his description, I went “man, sell the iwc and go get breguet gold moonphase!” (fist pump)

Agentxphile says:

Tip! Trade the IWC and steel JLC for a Pink Gold Grand reverso, might even be able to get the calendar version. You will wear it tons! Especially if it fills that gold watch category you desire. Trust me 🙂

RaiderInNY says:

A Patek in white gold… 5170g. The breguet numerals and grey deployment clasp/strap it comes with is classy!!!

Hongyi Qian says:

Game of thrones? Frank is the character in the house of cards I believe

oliverarado says:


What do you recommend as a homage piece to the JLC Reverso?

Karson Barnes says:

I’d get rid of the IWC and get a yellow gold high complication watch. I’d say…A. Lange Sohne Datograph, or perpetual calendar…or a minute repeater. Or if you really want something different, I’d get an F.P Journe (one of my favorite brands)…maybe a centigraph or another complication piece.
overall very nice collection

Emil Praetzel says:

what do you think about the black iwc portofino ?

alter3go says:

steel Royal Oak

Ryan Manak says:

I think a blancpain fifty fathoms would be a good replacement for the Rolex. It’s unique and not too common.

Bernardo Courrege says:

Great collection and great channel! Keep up the good work Federico!

Daveyboyz says:

I like the collection as it stands and couldn’t lose the reverso so would end up with 6 watches.   For the complication I would go for a Vacheron Oversea’s Chrono, which I think is a fantastic watch.   For the gold I like the Cartier Pasha (might not be highball enough for you, but on a black strap its a good looking dress watch) or perhaps a Royal Oak Audermars if you want a bracelet watch.   In any case I think you would have a balanced collection, something for every occasion.

Stranded Alien says:

Rolex is always a weak point.

George Grasser says:

One needs a watch for all conditions. I bought a Tissot PRS516 so I can drive carefree into bad neighborhoods or not have to worry if I spend the night with a Woman I just met. Charlie Sheen has his Patek stolen by a Prostitute.

Nick J says:

Great collection. Get rid of the IWC

Kelechi Kalu says:

hi federico i love your videos,thank you and keep em coming,what do you think about the brand Armand Nicollet?

James West says:

Patek 5960 P has it all, very undervalued right now too ($50K).

luke tomaszewski says:

You could sell the IWC, and get a JLC Geophysic True Second in white or yellow gold. Would fulfil the complication and dress watch requirement? But amazing collection

carlos002nz says:

A great video, Federico. Keep on with your channel. Best wishes from Salamanca, SPAIN!. Buonasera, buenas noches, good night.

Tamim Rezwani says:

Man Ruck has a brilliant collection! Great review! I would personally not sell any and expand to a 6 even 7.

mark says:

Lovely collection. I’d add a PP Calatrava as a dress watch

Matt Adam says:

The IWC is my favorite of this collection.

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