Patek Phillipe Service and Maintenance (Long English version)


Eero Varkki says:

Just amazing! Can’t do anything else than admire the unbelieveable skillness.

Олег Петров says:

Тестируют на водозащиту в стакане с водой, а как проверяют 10 bar ?

Space Jesus Dogstar says:

I’ll stick with Casio

Ray Tillman says:

Just the servicing and maintenance procedure cost is way beyond the average watch enthusiasts budget, basically Patek Phillipe is a toy for well off people, If i was fortunate enough to obtain one i could not afford its five yearly MOT and i don’t think you could get away with taking it to your local jewelers/watch repairers so i would sell it(regrettably) to someone who could afford to take care of it properly.

Nikola Genchev says:

Or if we lack some spear parts, we just as our ETA friends…

jas kay says:

this service takes a team of top level experts around a week to complete and only costs 1-2k, it cost more to brakes installed on a car.

James Richard says:


Orlando Vena says:


Yuel oohNk says:

soundtrack ?

Joe Chandler says:

I think the automatic watch, and particularly in the skill displayed with PP, is the ultimate expression of human ingenuity. Moreso than the atomic bomb.

warren lancaster says:

Ok that looked expensive

Astrafalustre says:

Not the best, but certainly very smart to promote their brand.

godhatesfigs says:

Incredible, who would dislike this video?

Barking Spider says:

5 years? C’mon now.

Daniel Burnette says:

Incredible skills and craftsmanship

chronok says:

Long hair around rotating shafts/objects (like lathe, polishers) is a recipe for disaster.. yes I know of a female worker who had a big bunch of hair torn out and face slammed against the casting of the machine. She looked like she had been beaten.

7071t6 says:

What the hell is this OCD Cyclop people with a passion for making the best wrist watches for man, yet they dont really look that good and cost an arm and a leg to buy, + servicing costs every 5 years ?

Mayorb says:

High end watches have little to do with what time it is. That’s just an added bonus. These things are wearable art in motion, and are amazing creations in precision, style and engineering.

live1thedon says:

dam that black dude took way way too much gold off that never trusting patek to polish my watch fuck that he just destroyed a customers watch

Fabian Honor says:

How can people say rolex is the rolls of watchmakers? PP is the one that holds the title.

Lucky Goose says:

To get the Patek back from service, the owner brings with him his first born and one of his kidneys.

John E says:

2:11 Did he really say “Be ready for another 5 years”? 5 freaking years?! For a watch that costs 40.000dollars +… I expected them to last way longer.

Praveen C J says:

This is our unequal planet were on one side a 3 year old waited a whole day to get one apple which the child has cherished only once in life while on the other hand people doesn’t have enough opportunities to spend their fortune. This world is for the winner who was able to defeat the have-nots through wars selling arms selling religion selling businesses selling any thing for profit. Successful means what? Mahatma Gandhi was successful to stop British and European exploitation of Asia through which Europeans strived amassed all the fortunes. For him successful means equality not exploitation. How can a person make such a wealth without exploiting and fooling fellow human being?

Victor S says:

Patek only has one watchmaker capable of making a balance staff?

Porash S says:


Juan Endrizzi says:

Siempre lo vi a mi abuelo hacer estos trabajos y nunca le preste la suficiente atencion. Una paciencia terrible se ve que hay que tener

Andrew Savv says:

Okay folks. I don’t know where I’m going to finance this new hobby. But it’s happening

Eric says:

That guy with the bow…nice

the1beard says:

expensive business

MeSaDrums says:

They make old parts for you if they need too…. And people wonder why they’re so expensive. Quality over quantity.

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