Patek Philippe’s New $752,000 Masterpiece

Barron’s Penta watch columnist Paul Boutros gets a look at one of Patek’s latest models, the Tourbillion, plus a tour of the watchmaker’s U.S. headquarters at Rockefeller Center.

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Christopher Le says:

The amount of people suffering in the making of this watch is zero.
Because only a fraction of the world will ever see a watch.

The Veggie Cyclist says:

Is this a joke?

Shepha372 says:

Those rich people who can afford this watch are probably thinking, “Screw feeding thousand of hungry people, I need this watch to show people just how rich I am!”

Qwerty Man says:

What a bunch of snooty gasheads. You can shove your watches up some place where the sun don’t shine. Thanks, I will keep my Rolex Datejust.

Alistair Kendall says:

If you are stupid enough to spend $750,000.00 on a watch then you have more money than sense and should seek the help of a medical professional

Impeach Trump says:

Bla Bla Bla suck my dick !!!

Danny McCann says:

What a piece of shit. PP is a perfect Symbol of elitist-rape-the-rest-of-the-world view

Pavel D1 says:

Ok somebody please tell me how did they come with that price, and why anybody pays that much money for watch? I know it takes time and skills but 750k???I can buy Bentley and house for that much money!

alwin bajaj says:

its true that most swiss luxury brands use parts made in china and some are even made in chinese facilities but for fucks sake dont make it obvious ,,atleast on a 752000 dollar watch!!

Martin Reyes says:

Patek, prestige brand association who else produces a watch brand sporting the symbol of a 900 year old Catholic order.

gurinder kular says:

but why?

Володимир Когут says:

My Seiko 5, SNK809, runs +2 sec a day for $60. For 750K I`d expect a watch to be not just a second a day more accurate.

Γιώργος Τυμπανίδης says:

This watch is an astonishing piece of engineering, encompassing the tradition of one country in general, and one company in specific, inside it. Would I buy such a watch? Difficult question since I would never afford it. It is very difficult to decide and choose a side on this battle, the battle of life as happening and the life that should be happening (this is also arguable). Would I regret it if I had bought it and I was at the bed of a hospital living the last days of my life? Would it pass from my mind that I had the chance to use that money more wise and help other people? Probably yes. I would be more proud to be able to design and manufacture a watch by myself than to own a very expensive watch. However some people have money and it is their money that help science and engineering develop in some fields. Also, we must understand that such a watch is an investment of money, either we like it or not. I think noone can argue that it is a wonderful watch to look at and even watch it…

Jay Stanley says:

Never heard so much bullshit in my life. At some point, human beings in general have to recalculate what is important in life. $750k for a watch is beyond greed and insanity.

That said, I wouldn’t mind having one 🙂

WC HEAD. says:

i bet the person who fitted the wonky seconds finger got a ticking off.

shimy333 says:

all this bs to sell you a watch for 750k? what fuckery….and about the air filtration against dust particles that might stop the watch..ok so it’s not like im going to wear it outside right 😉

Ahmed Alian says:

Americans are much better selling automobiles. This man is not the perfect choice for such a sophisticated watchmaker to represent.

James Martin says:

Hmmmm. 750k.? no thanks. I’ll get a porsche gt3 (200k well optioned), a Nice solid gold Breitling or Audemars (50k). some nice hand made suits, shoes etc. (20k). plus 480k bank for travel meals etc. I mean if I wanted to blow my life’s savings.

Marked Man says:


Mark Linn* says:

That is a beautiful timepiece at just $752,000.00!:)

Christopher Le says:

How can you cancel out the “fuck” winkwink* value of your watches and watch brand?

How am I going to “love” this?

MrDaggu says:

No Thank You!

Andrew Villanueva says:

beautiful watch

izzul ixxo says:

Its about time

Haka Lau says:

Not impressed

Someone Random says:

Bro my phone is more accurate when it comes to telling time

Robert Pellegrino says:

So, he said the movement is very accurate and would,only lose 1-2 seconds a day, so let’s use 1.5 seconds a day as an average – 1.5 X 365 days a year = 547.5 seconds per year divided
by 60 seconds per minute = 9.125 Minutes per year! So, for $752,000.00 you get a watch that is off by almost 10 Minutes a year!!!! If you buy a $9.95 Casio watch, it will be off less than 2
seconds per year. Only a complete asshole would buy this watch.

Frank V says:

All this bullshit foh I bought a Patek Phelippe for $5 dollar of from Hustle Man

theking zhimomi says:

this is too much 4 a watch…

Sills71 says:

imagine if all the resources used for this stupid watch were used to actually help humanity

chikpom says:

this watch better let me travel through time

adsf says:

I don’t get it man. All this work, all these moving parts, and still not as accurate as a cheap Casio you can buy at walmart. LITERALLY not as accurate. If the watch was beautiful then I guess you could argue the case for aesthetics, but the watch isn’t even beautiful, actually kind of plain looking. Ah well, to each his own.

Christopher Le says:

Uniform like a fucking school cafeteria.

PEN15 says:

I rather spend money on hooker everyday for the rest of my life on demand to suck my cock anytime I want or let me assfuck them holes

Thomas Tessier says:

I had a $20 Timex that worked perfectly for 10-years and was still working when I replaced it with a Tag Heuer that does not keep as good of time.

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