Patek Philippe’s $2.6 Million Watch: How You Can Own It

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) — Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, discusses the company’s exclusive Grandmaster Chime timepiece with Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns on “Money Clip.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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YPO6 says:

translated: 0:46 “I want to see who is that stupid idiot”.

Tech / Watch / And Everything Else says:

4:01 if she drop the watch . then she have to drop her ………

Dan Cen says:

Does Floyd Mayweather own this yet?

Captain Noah says:

Beautiful watch

NewPlay says:

omg it does ding ding dong ding like wow thats so epic !

Master Wong says:

2,6 USD and u choose the buyer ? wtf….. I paid 50 USD for made in china

John Edgard says:

Apple watch? Does the dumb blonde realise that a fraction of the leather strap alone would alone buy thousands of Apple watches?

mt89 says:

Wow this woman is making comparisons with PP and apple??? PP is for real watch-lovers and apple is for losers with 20 years of student loans to pay.

///ALEX C says:

she wasnt the right interviewer for this..

DroidSage says:


baguazhang2 says:

“Are you worried about Apple watch?” Seriously? It’s an entirely different market.

Jordan Robertson says:

Awful interview, poor communication, over emphasis on “non-christian watches”, and apparently not in any way a life long client… I never want to see this woman do another broadcast. The mute button was helpful for this video. Great Watch, Terrible Interview.

Darrel Cheong says:

just say it, I won’t want some spoilt main-lander to get their hands on a watch like that either.

G dash says:

sometimes no people understand between hand made and computer made

raroshraj says:

too much sauce

Sills71 says:

How big a douche bag yo have to be to own a 2.6M watch?

Defrim Suljejmani says:

“are you making any money off this watch? or is it more of a marketing tool?”
“it’s more of a marketing tool” lol

Coffee Jack says:

What a vapid cunt, she talks in a demeaning manner during the interview.
Who does she think she is? regarding her looks she is a 2 on the dice, besides.
She needs to learn her place and show some respect and humbleness when she is presented with one of the most beautiful objects ever created.
Women have no eye for craftsmanship, only the societal status it gives them.

Laraib Younas says:

with that price it better be able to time travel.

Toni Memetaj says:

my dream watch

MegaVector2011 says:


Sills71 says:

It wont keep time as well as a $20 watch from Walmart…

Emanuel La Van says:

I got too much sauce.

123hiroya says:

Nice, at least not some fucking arab will buy it as a toy…. good to know, they also totally rape the most beautiful cars

Monsieur Café says:

Frankly I prefer Ref. 5237R, 5175 is much too complicate for PP’s style… not that I could afford either lol

TinnInches says:

…that and you hate white christian males, so….they’re likely not going to give you a chance at doing business with them anyway.

BIackIist says:

DO YOU THINK YOU”LL MAKE A NON CHRISTIAN WATCH???!!?!?! holy shit cunt shut up

Deavon Manson says:

Why is everyone in the comments being a pretentious asshole about interviewer

Stun Gun Stunna says:

Ill take the nice house over a watch any day. Oh but what if you already have a nice house you may ask? Simple ill buy a house next to my house just to have a place to store my shoes. it will still be more useful than a watch.

YPO6 says:

LOL, they just pull those ridiculous prices from their culos and laugh when gullible rich idiots spend their money on these overpriced watches that usually are very fragile, purposely of course.

Ororo Monroe says:

The comments on this video are so disgusting? She’s just doing her job and these men are everywhere calling her a bitch …..

jed villanueva says:

Plain platek philipe thats too much sauce

Conan Byrne says:

I love how they talk about the young generation wearing apple watches and maybe when they are 30 or forty, they will want a mechanical watch. I’m 17 at the moment and I am completely in love with mechanical and automatic watches. I intend to buy a Tudor black bay for my 18th birthday. I’ve been saving up since I was 16 and for me, it is a symbol that is you work hard you can get anything.

Andrei-Nicolae Ene says:

That watch is so meticulously crafted to be beautiful in so many ways and they use the uglyest leather strap they could find?Rly?

Cringe Cinema™ says:

Heres $2,600,000 cash Gimme the watch, No sir we need to interview you first. Ok, Bye will buy a Chopard lets see if they interview me with my $2,600,000 Suitcase.

Pacific Northwest says:

Gives me my precious !

Crow Bar says:

A non christian watch -_- Yes the Calendar that most of the developed world and even 3rd world countries use. FUCK people in the middle east who can afford a watch like this probably don’t even believe in their own religion “Islam” and use the regular Christian calendar because they are too busy driving their sports cars in Europe.

murphygp says:

100,000 hours to make? Sounds like bullshit…

bogoljub djordjevic says:

I come in my panths

John Moore says:


patdel12 says:

100,000 hours to build. So if a worker was to work all those hours and get paid 26 dollars an hour, the price of the watch would only cover the workers cost..?..that makes no sense to me?..literally i dont have a clue about what i’ve just written

JULIUS K says:

So… if you need a watch that tells time, day, month and moon face and you also get interviewed by their CEO, pay whooping $2.6million dollars, then you must pay $200 to your psychiatrist and get checked. Insanity has a limit, but this? This is beyond insanity. Do these people even realize how many kids sleep at night with anything to eat everyday? Sad and disturbing.

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