Patek Philippe Watches: How Diamonds Are Set On A Watch Case | aBlogtoWatch

Patek Philippe Watches: How Diamonds Are Set On A Watch Case | aBlogtoWatch

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Official Video from Patek Philippe watches demonstrating their “Flamme” diamond setting technique which is used on watches such as the Patek Philippe 7200/200R.

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Dark Helmet says:

I hate the foley.

NANDO R/T says:

The art of making things gorgeous is something to behold.

ABT says:

incredible the technique they use to keep them in place.

Anthony’s Movement says:


TeddyTeargas says:


J says:

Ah this is on the more affordable end of their collection at a mere $45,000 USD

jalen saunders says:

How do the diamonds stay ?

Gustavo Braz says:

A real artist working.

NeoInGame says:

So beautiful, thanks for sharing

ajtronic says:



What kinda water is that

Kenneth Chen says:

The thumbnail gives me the creeps

SkyBooFast says:

But that brush look dirty as fuck!
i wont buy it!

Joshua Duff says:


The Remnant 1611 says:

I am willing to spend $50 for this

mark contreras says:

More beautiful then watching my first borns birth

danang pamungkas says:

It cost a soul and a kidney

Spazik86 says:

Apparently there is no glue to keep them in place… 🙂

ESSNCE says:

bust down

Truth and Downfall says:

Imagine you mess ONE up :O

Tr360 Tv says:


wazrasta says:

hop in the frog and leap

DanielWhaaaa says:

Ha gay!

DonGizzle615 says:

stunning !
perfect craftsmanship

Monaco Super says:

What’s the background music?

manduheavy vazquez says:


Peter Lejon says:

I so do not have the patience for this job

Kien Tang says:

I’m dying looking at it .. it’s just so beautiful !

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