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LA90004 says:

Archie would cut off a finger to get a new Nautilus, but would he cut off his head pushers for a Patek Nautilus?

David Xu says:

The annual calendar watches have less than 2 days power reserve and when it runs flat, it won’t be funny to reset the complications, will it? Which means you got to keep it running on watch winders all the time and accelerate the wear and tear. Isn’t it? Also no power reserve indicator.

Hl A says:

Saw you paul pluta on 7 news about queensland rail. You’re not only conning youtube, but 7 news as well. Keep it up. Hahaha

hasse77 says:

Archie, I would love to see some new reviews of cars from some test drives. New models from Volvo, Audi, Merc, BMW and Lexus. The interior in Volvo and Mercedes has stepped up quite a bit last couple of years.

Tora Riders says:

disgusting fucking swine talking shit about NZ on your “business trip” when all you do is run this pathetic excuse of a youtube channel and then take the video down because you are a gutless fat piece of shit.

BellaBehindACancer says:

I think you will fuck a man for much less than a 5726…

JDave Foster says:

Nice one Archie – great review!

On the wrist says:

i cant stand you!!!!

QNE SHQT says:

you look like a child molester

lvmusicman says:

When it comes to the nautilus 5711/A-010 the guy just doesn’t get it. It’s not being bought because it’s cheaper, it’s the history of the watch, plus it sells for a tin load more money than the RRP on the secondhand market.

Trailblazerking MILLGAUSS ALFA ROMEO 4C says:


Luxcey mitch says:

How dare you rude bastard if I saw you in Auckland city talking shit I actually would of knocked you the f**k
out you should just really care about your size mate your penis is probably the size of my pinky I hope you read this and realize how much of disrespectful prick you are
You look like some sort of pedophile

PJ R says:

Nice one PHAT BOY

Nathan K says:

5980 all day!

Steve Ward says:

Bravo. The most unpopular man in NZ right now! That’s saying something, considering how morbidly thick Donald Trump is.

Fuck You says:

Fuck this fat mf calling NZ woman ugly talkin’ like he’s some kinda Channing Tatum lookin’ mf lol, he takes the trophy from Kodak Black for the ugliest guy in the world.

pgvienna says:

It is a fact that Patek Philippe as a honorable company does not want to be associated in any way with Paul Pauper the cheap cheat. (like Rolex SA distanced itself before)

Steve Camasso says:

and I gotta tell ya! (that’s what I could feel him saying in this title video frame)

Alexandre Besson says:

AC3 ratings will go to the roof with all the comments from offended Nzealander lol provocation for monetisation !! It seems to work lol

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

I am a huge Nautilus fan, but the 5712 is my least favorite model; I would probably prefer to just have a nice clean dial with date only if given the choice. Love the look of the Patek 5980 Chronograph in Rose Gold with black dial and subdial as well as the 5990 travel time. I’m not saying the 5712 is ugly but it is the least attractive of the bunch and kind of a dog all things considered.

Oli Coburn says:

Paul why do birds fly upside down across you burning Country
Your answer is because the sky is more fucking interesting you fat Aussie redneck
You don’t no anything about New Zealand and your utube channel should be shut down
Archieluxury the worst channel on the internet
Once a convict always a convict

TheSlim says:

“I would fuck a bloke for a 5726” hahahah classic

al capone says:

Change your name to paul PUTA

LongFinger says:

great vid enjoyed

Robert Ellis says:

Came on here to say you are a fucking reject from the gene pool. Remarks about NZ is full of shit. Hope you choke on a fucking watch you ugly sack of jizz dribble. Do the world and favour and stop reproducing, don’t need more fucktards like yourself.

Mr. Bass says:

CRUDE Arch , Im ashamed for You  🙁

Hettie Alexis says:

You ass omg

tom magnum says:

New Zeeland is a nice place if you like sheep. Basically it is pretty but boring.

Seth Greenhill says:

Strange that you upload this one right now mate.
I am looking at getting the 5276 white dial Annual Calendar Nautilus and this has given me the push I think.
Having owned a 5711 and 5980R, this is such a well balanced dial and just that bit different, I am drawn to it more and more.
Keep up the great work bud.
You look well.

Marc Michael says:

You have no business wearing a patek Rolex ok no patek even weird ones you should stick to omega that is the watch you belong to

Ted dibiasi says:

archie….homme internationale de mystere et de sex tourisme

perry belmont says:

fuck off you fat ugly mutt cunt..4 kids to what 3 ugly fucking pigs or to your mother and 2 sisters oh I had it right the first time fucking pigs. You know fucken shit about NZ cunt.

Keith Ambrose says:

Brown vinyl shitters, really… Ah ok…

Apollo Prospector says:

You forgot Hunter’s prototype

On the wrist says:

god your obnoxious

QNE SHQT says:

fat ugly cunt you look like you smell like incest

Big_A says:

quality content big boi !!!!!!

Greg Mieg says:

Annual calender is fine if you wear it everday, you dont want to be resetting it evertime you want to wear it between winds

Terry Rouru says:

Go choke on a fat cock you fat fuck! You shouldn’t be allowed back in to NZ ugly fuck

phootluke1 says:

Say what you like about Paul Plutor aka the bumbling idiot aka the Pontiff but this is Patek Philippe knowledge at its best, nice one Oracle

David Willey says:

ok did stephen king donate money for the i love bangor maine sign?

Uncle Mase says:

do some sit ups you fat prick

DLH says:

Have an industrial accident on those horns!

mikey dempsey says:

1 Hundred yeah..

DLH says:

When you said the nautilus walked over the Royal Oak I realised you had terminal brain damage

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