Patek Philippe Nautilus – Extreme Wealth Luxury Sports Watch

Patek Philippe Nautilus – Extreme Wealth Luxury Sports Watch


yermanoh says:

the big thre have been fucked since gerald genta stopped designing for them and that was 30-40 years ago

set2374 says:

Wow, lots of negative comments! I am fortunate to own a 5711/1A like the one pictured in the video. It is a truly magnificent watch. It’s not a solid gold rolex that people ooh and ahh over. This is a watch for those that appreciate fine, discreet luxury. If I want to blow people’s minds, I wear a solid everrose gold daytona. This is a watch that tells other watch lovers that you care about quality and don’t need to prove a anything.

emacro65 says:

Patek Philippe has two market segments, 1 People who are truly rich 2 Those like Paul Puke(r) who is not rich but wannabe rich (or look to be rich)

tony55359 says:

Sounds like the bad audio basement show

Shaf Serious says:

NEED to get this!

Rob Fowler says:

That’s what I am talking about. Photos don’t do these watches justice. The white one is amazing.

James West says:

I own 3-Pateks and 2 are of the Nautilus species, the absolute best luxury sports watch for the sophisticated buyer. Period.

MagnUm says:

a calatrava thats been redisigned? how’d you come to that?

danijelsan81 says:

WOW, surprised at all the negative views on this watch. Nautilus Chrono or Nautilus Annual Calendar would be my dream watch. I love that classy retro look.

mrpicky510 says:

This watch doesn’t do it for me. If it wasn’t a patek, you would call it a piece of shit

dime monhat says:

is good watch 

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